Man Hacked Multiple Times in the Head with a Machete

Man Hacked Multiple Times in the Head with a Machete

Not just in the head, he’s got defensive wounds on arms too – which is to be expected.

35 year old farmer João Correia da Silva from Alagoa Nova in Paraíba, Brazil was riding on a horse through a field about 5km from the town when he was attacked by three men armed with machetes.

The attackers hacked the farmed in the head multiple times and left him on the dirt road believing he was dead. Although close to it, Da Silva survived and was found by people from nearby community who took him to a hospital.

The police said the victim was well known to them for often getting into fights with others. They believe the attack on him may have been a retaliation for one of his.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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54 thoughts on “Man Hacked Multiple Times in the Head with a Machete”

  1. Damn! Maybe he deserved it. I don’t know. But what a fucking badass. The three amigos will soon become the headless horsemen once this dasilva gets outta the hospital.
    Imagine the look on their face when he walks into the bar alive and starts putting rounds in the backs of their heads:P priceless.

  2. Need some advice BG members! Love this site but when i view on my phone i am unable to watch the videos, phone is an android global, 2.3 I think. Anyone know what type of flash playr I can download to enable me to watch thevideos?? I have adobe flash 11 but it doesnt work for this site. Any suggestions?

    1. Uninstall Flashplayer, and reinstall, worked for my Ipod touch, also if this doesn’t work, try maybe a different browser, that fixed my issue when my pc with FP11 didnt show youtube vids, kept telling me i needed flashplayer, whilst i already had it, so i used the Opera browser, worked fine.

    2. @K, same with my Blackberry and I tried with an IPhone as well. I think we are both out of luck as far as watching videos go. I use my phone for the most part too so it really does suck.
      BTW, is it me or are your boobs getting bigger?

  3. If any of you are bummed out about not winning that Powerball last night, just move down to Brazil, and become a blacksmith. You’ll make a killing (or save a killing…?) selling suits of armor to the locals. You’ll be saying Powerball shmowerball!!! in no time.

    1. I know right? I’ve been enjoying all this Brazilian machete violence as well. This guy’s got such a sizable chunk of his face hacked off that I’m surprised I can’t see bone! And he’s probably gonna look even more fucked up after it heals! What a country. It’s like God gave Brazil a limitless supply of Da Silvas, machetes, flip flops and cameras, and said “Have fun!”

  4. looks like the machete was nice in sharp.
    Can’t believe how many fuckers are just standing around in the hospital, must be like 20 people. YA got one nursy with a rag wiping wounds and 20 watchen the freak show!!

  5. The guy jumped off his horse not knowing this was gonna happen?…..I had video playing problems with my droid global. Nothing worked and nothing will work. Google not using adobe flash anymore. Iphone 5. Overpriced apple product. Works.

  6. I can’t wait to see the video’s of the three guys that did this when he get his revenge. It’s gonna be awesome. Maybe he will be well enough in time for Christmas, what a present that would be, three new chop, chop vids while the boy opens his presents. Please Santa/Mark.

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