Man Has Throat Slashed and Guts Ripped Out

Man Has Throat Slashed and Guts Ripped Out

The only info I have on this video is that it happened during some type of riot. I guess this a case of wrong place at the wrong time.

When we see the victim he is already in hospital on oxygen. We see the deep cut through his throat made all the more disturbing when you see him swallowing and the blood pooling from it.

As if that weren’t bad enough, the doctors uncover his abdomen to reveal the man’s intestines and other organs (I spy a kidney) simply sliding out of him like Sloppy Joe’s.

One of these savage injuries carries life threatening implications so I would be surprised if the man survives this experience.

Props to @MrsPink for the vid.

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  1. Where do you even start to try to fix this guy up? I mean seriously what is even the point of giving him oxygen? To prolong his life for another half hour? I can understand sympathy if this was a tragic accident, but I doubt he earned these wounds while doing something nice for his community. Of course maybe he is a perfectly upstanding citizen and I’m just a heartless biatch.

  2. Well the doctors sure seemed concerned about him. And who was recording that? Can you imagine if you were split open and your organs were falling out and as you’re dying you notice a guy recording everything… vertically… that’s a bad way to go.

  3. UPDATE.
    This incident happened in Malaysia during the last week of Ramadhan this year where some Chinese merchants in one Low Yatt Plaza, Kuala Lumpur got beat up by hundreds of angry mob that waited for hours outside the premises. This incident almost spark a nationwide civil war between the Chinese and Malay people in Malaysia. All because a CCTV video made viral days earlier shown that a couple of Malay youngsters got beaten by some Chinese merchants. One of the source said that these Malay youngsters were caught red handed trying to steal mobile phones on display, while others said the Chinese merchants forcefully insist on the kids to buy it,(I have experienced this myself as most of Chinese merchants doing business in some part of KL are indeed triad gang members) but then escalated to a beatdown.

  4. Why put an oxygen mask on him when he has a large hole in his trachea? The O2 is just going out the hole in his neck.

    Gad dang. You have to wonder on how they treated this guy. Barium enema? Two aspirins? Or did they bump it up to extra strength tylenol?

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