Man with Huge Knife Wedged in His Neck

Man with Huge Knife Wedged in His Neck

Duuude, that’s some huge ass blade to have in the neck. It’s amazing how he can be still alive and conscious with a knife of that size wedged in his neck. It looks like the stab may have missed his spine and probably also major veins. Esophagus was likely ruptured by the blade, though. Pulling that thing out without killing the patient must have been quite the task for Arab surgeons. That’s where the video is from – United Arab Emirates.

My guess is the guy didn’t see the stab coming. The knife is huge, but it looks like kitchen knife so it may have been his wife that stabbed him. Whoever did it, they sneaked up behind him and put the knife through the back of his neck when he the least expected it. No messing around. The attacker definitely wanted him dead and probably thought this would do it. Backstabbing is a real pain in the neck.

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20 thoughts on “Man with Huge Knife Wedged in His Neck”

  1. Judging by the angle the knife is, I can tell that there is a high possibility he was with both of his knees on the ground and a little bit inclined to his left. There is also a very high possibility that the attacker was in the victims observation range, The attacker was standing to his right (This is at the time of the brutal stab that went through his neck).

    There “blood-spots” the victim has on his back are probably injuries, since at the beginning of a surgery the doctors should wash off the blood so they can see what they are working with. That would mean that the stab that went through his neck wasn’t the first attack.

  2. first off this person is very lucky, looks like he still has head control and respiration given that he can support his head and he is only wearing a face mask for oxygen (not intubated) spinal cord since to have come through mostly intact. My curiosity is more of what are they doing on his chest/abdomen? Another injury perhaps? It actually appears as if they are suturing something. Not sure why people are allowed to take footage of this on their cellphone. Most hospitals only allow pictures for medical purposes.

    Anyway this looks like the initial triage of the patient when he arrived. Note that blood stains need not be cleaned immediately particularly stains that are in this close proximity to a spinal cord injury so blood on the skin doesn’t automatically mean a wound. Im guessing that the knife is lodged between the cervical vertebral bodies C5-C7.

    This is going to be a difficult open cord neck surgery ideally with a halo. With an injury that high up, prognosis is not good.

  3. Ohhh thats totally fucked up and gotta hurt !!! I cant believe the dude is still alive !! I gotta say I enjoy CYRUS and TRAUMA postings eplaining the tech side of the injuries,.. Totally awesome ,..

  4. I agree that this young man has a long road of recovery ahead of him. That is if he makes it thru the surgery. Could it have been a domestic dispute? This is very up close and personal. Hope he makes it.

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