Hang Loose T-Shirt Wearer Pours Water on Man Holding Intestine

Hang Loose T-Shirt Wearer Pours Water on Man Holding Intestine

Source says this happens in Salvador, Brazil. The reasons for the mess are not disclosed. I hear someone asking someone else to call the ambulance since the cab driver refuses to take him to hospital. It is unknown if the man got into a fight with a blade or the asphalt.

-“Tell them you work at the Historical Center that they will come.”

Some genius suggests to take him to hospital in a motorbike… and is promptly dismissed.

No bike. We definitely need a car”

– Price of hospital bill [co-pay]: $770.48
– Surrounded by helpful citizens: $3.54 dollars
– Cleaning Charge for messy table: $0 [tip included]
– Water poured on head by a man wearing hang loose T-shirt – PRICELESS

Props to Best Gore member @masterplan for translation and @honkeykong for the video:

Zero-Decibels ®

72 thoughts on “Hang Loose T-Shirt Wearer Pours Water on Man Holding Intestine”

  1. What’s with these fucking cabbies? Setting people on fire, gutting them!
    And I thought NY City cabbies were rough.
    Good work @honkeykong , but I’m starting to get suspicious. Have you been traveling around Central and South America with your camera? Just happening to show up at the right place at the right time?

        1. Sorry,yes….fitting,no
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  2. What’s he reaching out for or gripping on to ? his slimy guts or the wanker . I guess his guts are on exhibition probably because these favela roaches go overboard in trying to show off being over gutsy with a little of alcohol in their innards .
    Of all the things this outardish intestinal roach had only guzzled two cans of Brazilian pee; that’s all .
    Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee
    hic hic hic

  3. Now There Is The Perfect Trio, If I Ever Saw One @Masterplan ,,, @Honkeykong ,,, And Our Awesome Moderator @Seraphimserenata ,,, To Put It All Together, While Never Forgetting To Give Proper Credit To The Great Members Involved In Obtaining great Gore for us all to enjoy! So Kudos-Trios,, Kudos 🙂

          1. @Seraphimserenata

            Nothing Wrong With That New Avatar of yours brother, as you are A Very Good Looking Young Man, as my Wife shakes her head in Agreement with a wide smile.

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          2. @seraphimsernata

            Thanks for the kind words brother as you, & @Honkeykong truly are what i consider you’s *True* Best-Gore Brothers. Because Together “WE” Stand & Divided We Fall.

            My Wife said that what you said was too cute, and if she could kiss you through the screen,,, she would. But a friendly kiss on both cheeks as a sign of friendship, and respect (just so your wife knows) what she means, and does not take-it the wrong way.

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          But today is another day Bro, and a Good One at That Nemes,
          So Cheers B-G Bro!
          Andre 🙂

          1. We all have differences and should embrace them….

            Some of my best debates, have come from people I generally disagree with.

            …but they’ve been debates, and NOT character assassinations

            In addition, I never look at a disagreement as an ugly past, if I understand where the other person is coming from.

            But don’t tell this to our government here in the states…

            They’ll put you on a Terrorist List!

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          2. @Dildoe

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  4. You know what else is hanging loose? AA’s ass and cunt. If she invites you over for a barbecue and asks you to help her marinate the sausages before she eats them, run for the fuckin hills.

  5. “– Cleaning Charge for messy table: $0 [tip included]”

    $0, tip included? That’s some bullshit. Not only does his server deserve a tip, but so does the busboy, not to mention the coroner and undertaker most of all. Hopefully, it was his waitress that freed his guts, so at least she can say she “stiffed” him first.

  6. i would pour maggots on his innards and throw acid on top of that shit. what’s the fucking harm in trying something new. water does fuck all to innards except to stop maggots from going ape shit.

  7. This dirty Spic is always doing this trick to unaware diner’s. He pulls out this “Claymation of Gut’s” hold it to his side, Then when people go to summon help, He’ll Drink your drink, Eat your food, Steal your TIP & disappear. … That Piece of Shit is actually getting better at this. He’s “Dying” for attention, Comes from not getting hugs as a kid & parents that pee’d on him.

  8. Seraph and his fellow Americans, I know nothing about American hospital medical costs. I know you are joking about costs and stuff in your blurb.

    However, I would sincerely like to know about hospital co-pays and stuff in the US. No I don’t want to jewgle it as I want real peoples’ thoughts and experiences.

    Does it really cost somewhere around 700US to just walk into a hospital over there? What about pharmaceuticals /bandages etc needed whilst in there? Do you pay extra for this as well? What about surgery needed whilst in there. Do you have to pay for this as well? What about pharmaceuticals /bandages you need once you leave hospital for the same condition you went in for initially?


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