Man Jumped by Robbers Slashed Across Face in Rochester, NY

Man Jumped by Robbers Slashed Across Face in Rochester, NY

Man Jumped by Robbers Slashed Across Face in Rochester, NY

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @reverendkilljoy, who says he got slashed across face while jumped by robbers:

This is exclusive content.

This happened in 2012. I was walking to the the store in Rochester, NY. Three guys tried jumping and robbing me. I was fighting two of them with my skateboard while the third came from behind. He cut me once and I turned to face him and then he cut me again (two slashes across the face).

I didn’t feel it at first so I kept fighting. They eventually ran off and that’s when I realized I was bleeding a lot. I tried waving cars down to call me an ambulance. Got hit by two cars trying to do so. Finally an old man stopped and called.

This photo was in the hospital. I was awake I just had my eyes closed for the picture. I was 22 at the time.

Thanks a lot for the pic, @reverendkilljoy. You got to have an epic scar on your face from this encounter. Maybe you could update the post with a later date pic?


OP delivered:

Man Jumped by Robbers Slashed Across Face in Rochester, NY - UPDATE

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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167 thoughts on “Man Jumped by Robbers Slashed Across Face in Rochester, NY”

      1. Yeah, I was curious if they did WB. I was also curious, as to why he posted this pick now, from 8 years ago?

        I’ve seen similar posts in the past, and that always has sparked my curiosity.

        Is it because the crime rate is so high, that posting a pic of yourself shortly after the crime, could get you killed. Perhaps these bastards indeed, have been apprehended and doing some serious time.

        I was just curious, as to why he never mentioned it…

        1. I mean, it is not a secret niggers are opportunistic immorals ! Everyone knows the niggerbeast by nature is prone to criminal behavior or sports far way more than other superior races. They are the less evolved they say.

          1. It was a pair of ugly niggers I tell ya! Can’t you see how they tried to disfigured the white dude just for being white and better looking than their ugly nigger faccezaa?? I vote it was niggers.

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          Pop goes the Weazel

      1. Maybe you’re doing it wrong. Gotta look like some dude who got it in a knife fight or on a battlefield or something. Or installing an air conditioning unit by yourself. You can’t look like some millennial with gauges and a vape pen who got it from playing the wrong way with a tiny dog or getting stabbed by some bitch you were trying to rape.

        1. A few years ago I was involved in a very nasty fidget spinning accident that left me in a coma and covered in scars, and can confirm that chicks can become very sexually aggressive when they realise the scars resulted from a very rough testosterone filled high contact sport……..

  2. I dunno what this guy is complaining about .. I mean ..
    He’s now got a nice little ‘smiley mouth’ next to his left eye
    It’s sort of pursed lips ..
    Like McEnroe just before a serve
    ” …You cannot be fucking serious, man ..
    .. I just did a line .. I mean, the ball was on the line …
    Chalk dust fuckin’ flew up ….”

        1. @Zebool
          The Coonan is a rarely referenced gun. I like your style. Handled one at a gunshow about 15 years ago. Just not my thing, many drawbacks of firing a revolver cartridge out of a semi-auto pistol, but still very cool. I might own one someday. I prefer the older ones.

          1. It’s true, it’s like White people that get busted for hating niggers, then they have to overcompensate to pretend half of their friends are niggers and that niggers can do no wrong. The mental illness of these types never fails.

        1. That was 8 years ago Broke. They could be pros now!

          About as sharp, as you assuming that I didn’t read the whole post. Just because the incident happened 8 years ago, doesn’t necessarily mean that these bastards were apprehended.


        1. @coffindodger

          It is quite a simple deduction really. You see, he has white skin and white skin automatically provides one with white privilege and anyone in receipt of white privilege is automatically a racist. Unconsciously or otherwise.

          As for the attackers they were just lashing out at the nearest physical personification of the very system that keeps them down and poor, white supremacist first world society.

          The wound and blood patterns on his face resembling that of a swastika only served to further prove his innate white supremacist conditioning and tendencies. That his blood coagulated into such a form tells you a lot about the racist poison that resides deep within him. A stigmata of hate if you will. Born from the sin of whiteness held deep within his whitest of white heart.

          There is just no defending the above coffindodger. @reverendkilljoy is guilty as hell.

          1. White privilege is a Jewish myth to keep whites down. Out of 19.7% of the population of whites in America are 21.8% in poverty. Whites are the minority in America. Are you a student at Berkeley or something? you sound like your average antifa lemming. How is there white privilege?explain. Your explanation is retarded. @emptysoul, thats a fitting name for people like you by the way.

          2. All whites in America are racist until proven otherwise. Racism is White America culture. This man gets cut never states who cut him and the race assholes can’t talk about anything other than “niggers, niggers and more niggers.” You don’t even have to say anything about race and there they go right to race like a rejected THOT after a man that don’t want her. So sad but true.

        1. Actually i lost my sense of smell from the crash. Pretty crazy and sucky but the docs said I may regain that sense eventually cuz of cell division. Also cuz I can still taste, which is closely related. I sure hope he’s right.

  3. @reverendkilljoy

    I was just curious if these creeps were ever apprehended. The reason why I initially asked, is…

    1) It happened 8 years ago.
    2)You never mentioned if these creeps were ever caught.
    3)You released this photo now.

    If you don’t want to answer that’s fine. However, many crimes never get solved. One possibility, is the victim being too afraid to release any information to authorities.

    …for obvious reasons

    You also mentioned that two motorists hit you, in your effort to get help.

    Were these motorists too afraid to stop, simply because they risk being seen, by the people who attacked you?

    Again, if you don’t want to talk about it, that’s fine. However, these unfortunate incidents do happen.

  4. ” You got to have an epic scar on your face from this encounter. Maybe you could update the post with a later date pic?”

    Translation: You need to upload a current pic of yourself to prove to us you aren’t full of shit!

  5. It’s a Ruthless World. And when your in a fight it’s true ..You don’t actually feel the pain right away(shock? Adrenaline?)
    I used to have a crazy sister in law who stabbed me twice some 15 yrs ago…I didn’t notice right away ‘Till I felt the blood running.

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      1. lmao I actually played that today. well I started to when a detested customer was approaching the door (incidentally I went with scissors) but my coworker at exact same time screamed out “not it!” and I laughed my ass off cause I hadn’t heard that in years so I had to defer and take hit for the team, that was too good

        “not it!” may even beat out ye old pick a number between one and ten lmao classic

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            Even thinking about the commercials pissed me off, knowing some poor sap going to call.

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  8. This is the shit I really fucking hate. This dude’s walking down the street and some piece of shit, probably a fucking drugged out or tweaking shitbag slashes his face and robs him? Not that a gun would have prevented the slashing but man, if only he could have blown the motherfucker away during the robbery.

    When the powers deny us the right and ability to defend ourselves or come down harder on us when we do than they do on the fucking steaming pieces of fecal matter who are nothing but a burden to normal society it only emboldens these fucking vermin. They can be reasonably sure that their target won’t be able to fight back.

  9. Where did this happen???? I’m from the Rochester area and havent heard of this at all and I’ve asked a few people if they remember this and none of us do… Think it would’ve been big news. Granted it was a long time ago but I couldn’t even find a news article about it or anything. where in the city did this happen

  10. well damn. whatta buncha jabronis. i can’t believe those assholes would dare mess with a fellow BG bro. i hope they all get fucked in the shitter by an aids infested hobo.

    sincerely, fuck em.

    also, can we see the scar?

  11. In Maryland, a white piece of shit killed a black male who was an officer in the US Army a few years ago.
    The white trash’s trial just wrapped up; one of the charges was “hate crime”. The judge threw out the charge. The perp was found guilty of murder.
    The incident happened at the University of Maryland at a bus stop. The perp was drunk, on drugs and out of his mind. The victim was in the wrong place, wrong time. Race was not a factor.
    Despite this fact, racist POC legislators and their white enablers in the Maryland legislature are going to pass a “hate crime” law that makes something out of nothing.
    In essence, this law will enable any non-white person to claim any crime committed against them-regardless of intent-is racially motivated and a “hate crime”.

    Whitey will NOT be able to make those same claims-bet your bottom dollar the law will NOT be applied equally. It is applied favoratively and selectively, even though by the logic used by those who support the change in the law means that white people-who are victims of black/brown crime exponentially more than white-on-black/brown crime-should be able to make the same claims.
    What will happen is the number of “hate crimes” in Maryland will skyrocket, because THEY’RE ALL FAKE.
    Then, you’ll hear more about “the rise of white nationalist supremacist racism” based off of FAKE bullshit like this.

    See how things work?

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