Man with Knife Through Neck Takes Part in Street Performance

Man with Knife Through Neck Takes Part in Street Performance

I have no backinfo about this video, but it definitely counts as one of the more bizarre things I’ve seen.

It shows a man with a knife in his neck, apparently bleeding all over his torso, participate in some kind of street performance.

Does anybody know more about what the heck is going on?


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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117 thoughts on “Man with Knife Through Neck Takes Part in Street Performance”

        1. u guys know nothing about this shit.. as an asian i dare to say this is 100% real.. it’s a common ritual or somekind of street shows which is legal in indonesia.. but band in malaysia since it was a black magic type of performance.. those type of ritual usually done by the ‘dayak’ clan of borneo headhunter.. they’re well known for black magic..

    1. don’t ever visit asian when you’re not ready to put your life in line.

      well, these kind of performance are common in ASEAN which some people still have their belief in spiritualism or similar like vodoo act. In Indonesia these kind of act called “kuda lumping” or in english (literal) is “mad horse”. Usually they will act (as if) being possessed by spirit, and do some crazy shit like ate glass or ate some hot timber, and lashing/pierce/slice themselves with any sharp tools to prove they’re ‘invincible’.
      I do, few times seen these kind of performance, but I never seen or not yet seen any mishap or failure performance.

      well … truly unfortunate fucker died by his own hands

          1. Lou Pearlman,
            We should feel sorry for those dudes. Any idea of the amount of bacterium in farts and scat? Still, as long as it doesn’t involve minors being abused or non-consenting adults, who are we to judge? 🙂

        1. People actually catch adult male cats, put them in some contraption then stick their face behind the cats arse then piss it off so it sprays it’s stinky marker piss or whatever into the persons face which makes them very high and trippy. It’s actually called Cheesing as it’s fon-to-do…..

          1. Omg I’ve seen that episode again recently, and it’s one where Kenny doesn’t die. He just keeps cheesing ( “his fucking brains out, dude”= fon to due ). Then he’s sick, throws up on Butters and wants to go back where the cheesing takes him: a planet where there’s that girl with huge boobs: “rocking tits” they say. Then, Kyle’s dad joins him into his trip where he finds Kenny, and needs to fight with him in order to get the girl. In nippopolis lol. Then we see them fighting in the sand, almost naked cause they were so high. I just love the music in that episode ( Heavy Metal by Sammy Hagar: amazing song ). But in this one, Kenny doesn’t die. Thanks for the good memories @confusedalot 🙂

  1. I wanna stab the guy doing the crappy video work in the neck with a knife.

    Which brings me to my favorite movie. STEP BROTHERS

    Dont you touch my drum set… Im warning you. If you touch my drum set i will stab you the neck with a knife.



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  2. Hey all BG viewers!

    Isn’t there a BG viewer amongst with that stage name:
    “I’m the guy that stabbed your gran in the neck and fucked tha stabwould hole” ??

    This is a field day for him!
    I hope he makes a comment!

    1. “Paging Mr. Nan-neck stabber, paging Mr. Nan-neck stabber, you have a call on line one…”
      lol Not sure how to direct a comment to a person yet, but it’s this fella: iM ThE GuY Who cut your Nans neck n Fucked Tha Stabwound hole

  3. Looks to me like he’s holding the prop under his chin hence the hunched shoulders all of the time. Pretty cool street theatre. Try that in Covent garden and it might attract more than a few stares from the locals, people would be screaming, kids would be crying and if someone shouted “Allahu ackbar!” there would be fucking pandemonium!

  4. Omg ffs. This is just a street performance. Happens everyday in my town. Fucking foreign fuckers bumming money. We got people levitating, disappearing, balancing in the air etc etc. Don’t give them fuck all. I’m in UK and Brexit means exit so fuck off scamming foreign fuckers. OMG when will society wake up to these fake fucks

    1. True. The best disappearing acts I have ever seen in the UK belonged to those on student visas towards the end of their expiry dates.

      A more right wing approach would suffice, no work permit no work. With work permits only given to proven legal citizens.

      Liberals and SJW’s can go suck a gay but not gay dick. However, they can also suck a lesbian but not lesbian pussy either but instead be gender fluid but also feminist,and lesbian don’t forget lesbian, pansexual as well, and politically correct, also suck a gay, gender fluid pan-sexual black man’s cock as well…………I assume I have met enough liberal needs.

  5. Def from South east Asia. At firs, I thought it was one of those Khmer countries, like Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, but when one of the men, he said “pisau”, meaning knife in Indonesian, or Malay. So most likely, from one of the remote regions of Indonesia. I believe the guy with the feathers on his head is the shaman, or medicine man, and he put a trance on the boy, so that the boy did not feel any pain when he was stabbed in the neck with the knife. It sure looks like some strong magic judging by the wound and blood. Do not try this at home, unless you know black magic, too!

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