Man with Knife Through Neck Takes Part in Street Performance

Man with Knife Through Neck Takes Part in Street Performance

I have no backinfo about this video, but it definitely counts as one of the more bizarre things I’ve seen.

It shows a man with a knife in his neck, apparently bleeding all over his torso, participate in some kind of street performance.

Does anybody know more about what the heck is going on?


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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117 thoughts on “Man with Knife Through Neck Takes Part in Street Performance”

  1. Wow, what the fuck was that? Seriously…
    I mean, It may sound crazy but I wanted the other guy to shove his feathers in the guy’s ass. Since he’s already got the knife, go on and make it fabulous!! Yay!!
    (Honestly I don’t understand what i just saw…). It was just weird…

  2. looks fake, if its real then zombie apocalypse is here, that guy is walking like a zombie with a knife on his neck, fuck run for your lives stupid morons don’t just stand still and enjoy the show, he will bite you all

  3. u guys know nothing about this shit.. as an asian i dare to say this is 100% real.. it’s a comnon ritual or somekind of street shows which is legal in indonesia.. but band in malaysia since it was a black magic.. those type of ritual usually done by the ‘dayak’ clan of borneo headhunter.. they’re well known for black magic..

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