Man with Leg Cut Off by Train Brought to Hospital

Man with Leg Cut Off by Train Brought to Hospital

No backinfo. The video shows a man apparently brought to a hospital after having had his leg cut off by a train.

The vertical filming and mandatory selfie suggest this could be from India. The stump looks messed up. The guy feels like he needs to hold it up, possibly because he was told to since nobody applied a tourniquet to his leg.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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45 thoughts on “Man with Leg Cut Off by Train Brought to Hospital”

    1. Hahaha… Good call @kingmoestew
      Maggots may bring him as close to being new again with his half leg.
      You always know when a 3rd world country is involved when you don’t see use of a tourniquet and in particularly India when it comes to love affairs with trains.
      And people dare to wonder why stereotypes exist. Stereotype is just a more complicated/more technical word for the word Truth.

  1. Lucky him……..he could have lost both legs……
    Hey…..!!!!!……do you know where you can find a lil indian Kamikaze train soul searcher with no more legs at all…??????
    Right where you left him……!!!!!

  2. Jeeze… God Bless to that man. And, thank God he will live! Now, he just needs to look at the glass as half full and be thankful that he will live, and not dwell on the fact that he wont walk correctly, if at all ever again.

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