Man Loses Tip of Thumb While Drunk Without Remembering What Happened

Half the Nail Gone with the Tip of the Thumb

Man Loses Tip of Thumb While Drunk Without Remembering What Happened

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @mrpapagiorgio, whose friend lost the tip of the thumb while drunk to the point of not remembering what even happened:

This is a drunk injury that happened to a friend of mine. He was blacked out drunk and he is not really sure how the hell it happened. As far as I know he was not able to get his finger fixed by the doc. Injury location is from Tuba City, AZ which is located on the Navajo Reservation.

Thanks a lot for sharing the pics with us, @mrpapagiorgio. Hopefully your friend finds a way to enjoy life without the tip:

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63 thoughts on “Man Loses Tip of Thumb While Drunk Without Remembering What Happened”

  1. You’d have to be seriously fucked not to remember how you lost the tip of your finger. And then to be able to pose and keep them still for a photo, that looks like it’s been taken by a sober person? That story seems fishy to me.

    1. Yeah, im still trying to find out what happened to him…he is still drinking and yes…native americans can’t handle the firewater at all. He was assaulted and left in cold weather on the 13th so he has not learned his lesson

  2. Got my ring finger slammed in a door, looked just like that. Gonna suck for a few months, especially on the thumb but should heal ok.

    Must’ve been pretty lit to not remember it though, ‘cuz it must have hurt like a bitch and bled like a stuck pig.

  3. It’s like that old saying:

    “I’ve never fallen asleep behind the wheel. I have WOKEN UP there though.”

    Dude might not remember where he was when it happened, but I’ll bet he’ll never forget where he was when the hooch finally wore off.

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