Man Loses Tip of Finger After Window Slams Shut on It

Man Loses Tip of Finger After Window Slams Shut on It

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member, @shamrok78, who lost the tip of his finger in an accident around the house. As always, I will let him tell the tale:

I was going around the house opening the storm windows last spring. One of them wasn’t secured properly and the metal frame slammed down on my middle finger. It ripped the nail out when I pulled back it sliced the tip of my finger off. The stitches on my wrist are from the skin graft they took to cover the nub. Needless to say it healed nice.

Some pretty nice shots you got there. Thanks a bunch for sharing.

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          1. Amour. It’s been really bad here in England too. At one point the wind blew my bin onto the pavement – all the neighbour’s are talking about it ha…

          1. @nutsnack, makes perfect sense! Who wants pubes growing out of their fuck finger? Actually, I know a few people who would like it…
            “Here, smell my finger”

  1. Lucky for you that it wasn’t your nose picking appendage. Seeing that it was your “flippen the bird” finger, you could have actually given someone the finger. BWAHAHAHAHA! I kill myself. thanks for sharing.

  2. That won’t do at all, I’m afraid. You’re going to have to make up something better than that. Say you got it stuck in a dyke. She thought she was liking it but she broke it off or something.

    You may even suffer from phantom Fuck You!’s in the future. That ought to be good enough for blue parking.

  3. @shamrok78
    Although the graft job on the nub seems neatly done and gotten itself healed too nicely ; but I think its dexterity must have got lost if not complete , but a little which means the overall sensation. . Are you able to perform like before ?? I mean the simplest of everyday jobs like tying up a shoe lace,ribbon or using the finger to do jobs you’d do so happily before ? Is there numbness to the digit cause people say they feel no sensation when they are trying to feel comfy and put their hands in to their pockets .
    Well thanks for sharing bro…………..and mind ya to be extra careful not to let there be a repeat again.

  4. This evening happened a serious accident. A group of criminals tried to rob a bus and as it didnt stop, they started shotting it. Then the bus lost control and crushed in some eucalipit trees. 10 dead, 20 severely wounded. Many of the survivors will probably die as well.

    1. That’s fucked up. I hate the idea of hard working folks getting targeted by lowlifes. Out of respect to you, I won’t make generalized negative statements about Brazilians here, but I will share my sentiment on how screwed up that is. Last night at my job, I was informed that there was group of people posting up near the restaurants in the shopping center I work in, waiting for the workers when they get off work to rob them in the parking lot. All I know is, they better have guns because us cooks always have sharp knives on hand and available. I find no qualms with the idea of maiming or killing someone who tries to take me for what little I struggled to have.

  5. Good thing it healed up very nice. Sorry to hear about your finger though. Cringe-worthy content. Thanks for letting us see your homemade gore! 😀

    Also, “sanitary pad porn pic.” That is fucked up. I can’t decide which is more fucked up, that search term or this man’s finger but I think you, sir, win today.

          1. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! I agree with @tas-tiger, @illegalsmiles55! Yuck indeed hahahahaha I now picture someone dipping a tampon in hot water and putting milk and sugar cubes in it hahahaha

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            I really wish I could hear Steel Panther do this song..

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        Just being honest.

  7. Years ago when they opened a brand new high school in my city a couple of my son’s friends were helping to move the wood shop machinery from the old school to the new one. Sweeping up one of them found this dried out black thing. One of the shop teachers goes and picks it up and calls a retired shop teacher and says out loud “hey, we found the tip of your finger Joe!” Fucking funny shit!!

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