Man Nearly Fillets His Own Finger

Stitches Freshly Applied

Man Nearly Fillets His Own Finger

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @crimsoncaller, who sent us pics of a “local idiot” who nearly filleted his own finger:

Pictures of a local idiot in Manchester, NH nearly filleting his own finger. The local idiot is me.

There you have it. Many thanks for the pics, @crimsoncaller. It looks like the bone stopped the knife. Thank God for bones, hehe:

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16 thoughts on “Man Nearly Fillets His Own Finger”

    Monday 2o May 1946:-

    I was David Niven’s wife
    This is true what I state
    I was a confident woman
    No longer jail bait

    On the weekend we found out
    Monday was the date
    Our host: Tyrone Power
    We thought : this is great!

    A Hollywood party
    We can’t hardly wait!
    David said Tyrone
    Was a really good mate

    When he treated his guests
    It is not second rate
    He was known all around
    To have such a good trait

    Me and David got ready
    Didn’t want to be late

    Drove to the suburb
    We drove through his gate
    Started drinking champaigne
    And we drank by the crate

    Grilled Trout and oyster
    Figs, cheese and date
    We drank and we drank
    We burped and we ate

    Drunker and drunker
    My pupils dilate
    Tyrone had the money
    He could afford the freight

    It was six in the evening
    Then it got be eight
    Let’s play hide and seek
    Before it gets late

    It’ll be scary
    Just like Norman Bate
    But I’ll have to be careful
    And watch my gait

    I stepped back through a wardrobe
    But it wasn’t a wardrobe ..
    It was a stone staircase
    I had stepped through Hell’s gate

    Whom tolled the bell?
    Sharon fucking Tate?
    I lost my balance
    On thin air I skate

    I lost my footing
    Gone was my weight
    And what happened next
    I guess it was fate

    I smashed my head up
    Time to clear my slate
    I died the next day
    .. I was only twenty eight

  2. Stuck my finger in a running lawnmower… not for shits and giggles.
    Went to remove grass from the chute but didn’t turn it off.
    They did a good job putting it back together.
    Feel free to ask me for bad advice any time.

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