Man with Pants Too Darn Low Stabbed in Hackney Wick, South London

Man with Pants Too Darn Low Stabbed in in Hackney Wick, South London

Man with Pants Too Darn Low Stabbed in in Hackney Wick, South London

A man was left in a serious condition after he was stabbed in the back in broad daylight. The incident happened in Hackney Wick, South London, England – a country which has seen a spike in knife related attacks, many resulting in deaths.

The victim wore his pants really darn low, and probably should #MeToo that bitch who kept feeling his ass the whole time under the pretense of assisting him. Can you imagine the NPC trigger if the roles were reversed?

Props to Best Gore member @mujula for the video:

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149 thoughts on “Man with Pants Too Darn Low Stabbed in Hackney Wick, South London”

        1. I wonder when the british will fivure out that violence and criminality is a matter of people and their education and wealth. People will start to stab themselves with pens and sticks, imagine that.

          I’m glad I’m not living in this third world shithole…

          1. Third world? People are trying to save the guys life here, they are all probably trained in first aid as it’s in the UK, the ambulance arrived in under 5 mins and you’re calling the UK third world? Get a grip!!

          2. Yes
            I noticed that too.
            Bystanders giving aide, professional EMT’s, modern, well equipped ambulance, definitely 1st world!
            Kronger 11 needs to stick around BG a little longer and see some real 3rd world action!

        1. @bloodybreakfast ,Irony you say that, who do you think enslaved the niggers, put them into a constant state of destabilization and poverty, stealing their lands / resources, shipping them across the world from one shit hole to the next then decide to blame them for being brainless savages? oh man in eed some irony guard asap!

          1. @sandalsniffer why would i care for being racist? those dumb niggers in america & england take it lying down, its not somthing i can find any respect in, they get promptly executed by police state in complete and utter cowardly subservience like their forefathers did, without even attempting to dish out any form of retribution, at most they play the victim card as much as the lying juden do, the only difference is its non effective.

            “brainless savages” seems like an appropriate title to me, instead of uniting against true enemy and squashing their own ignorance they instead choose to rape murder and steal from eachother.

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          4. @dmzabo by the way, i just couldnt not mention it, but that “blah blah blah” shit is downright pathetic, it makes it hard for me to take you seriously as an adult with intellect or a man for that matter, speaking like a little bitch, its hard to find any form of respect in that ^^

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          2. @Fuckyournameislongasfuck

            Because I can hahaha. Best part of being here on BG is I don’t have to be PC and can care less which nig or niglover I offend. Hahaha

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            please tell me your profile picture isnt you? its filthy

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            I’m not sure what your correlation of pc was but yea sure.
            Best part of BG is that we have the luxury of anonymity, that doesnt mean you should suddenly halt all sense of awareness or knowledge base to give into inferiority complex.
            I really do wish you and a few others here on BG that asert themselves very much like yourself would actually provide us some entertaining videos of your modern day interactions with niggers in public places, i’de find it valueable psychology material!

    1. London is slowly becoming third world at this rate, you aren’t wrong. I live down in Hampshire and everybody from London is trying to migrate down here due to the excessive rise in crime.

      At least the police in London are finally doing something about those middle-eastern immigrant moped thiefs

      1. @nou But the mayor of Lodon is a middle eastern shit eater?
        go figure tho, Londons always been a third world shithole, not sure why you think its slowly becoming one when it already is one. Ya kno what, how do you think those people from downunder are feeling with all these scummy british migrants running away from their own lands and flooding places like new zealand / australia with their filth to only then hear those same migrants complain about migrants..

        1. @fuckamericafuckisraelfuckignorance

          “Ya kno what, how do you think those people from downunder are feeling with all these scummy british migrants running away from their own lands and flooding places like new zealand / australia with their filth to only then hear those same migrants complain about migrants”.

          You’re obviously not Australian, British or white for that matter.

          The Australians and the British are basically one and the same people.

          We share and have more in common than any other two countries on the planet. Both ethically and socially.

          We also have an equal dislike for niggers and Muslims.

          I lived in Australia for a while and have a number of Australian friends so I speak from experience here.

          The Australians and British are fellow cunts then with a shared dislike for golliwogs and Mussies.

          Nice try though.

          1. @empty-soul
            So you believe that Aussies enjoy having a mass of british flood into their country like a migrant caravan, stealing all of their higher paying jobs?

            I think you might be giving yourself too much credit if all you think it takes for them to like you is to both equally hate niggers as much as eachother hahaha.

            Funny thing is your right about one thing, both countries are just as ethically and socially fucked as eachother. Both have near identical cucked gun laws taking away citizens ability to protect themselves, both populaces have the same mass hysteria over Niggers / Fake terrorism and the Russian / Chinese bears coming to get ya!
            Oh i nearly forgot about both of your militarys equally supporting mass faggotry.
            Aussie and british armies have both been caught out a few times having a large amount of their young soldiers being raped by the older men as a initiation, couple that in with both countries having high ranking SAS Transgenders.. Ohh, thats a kicker, i see the british influence big time!

            However, you Brits are allot like the south africans fleeing from their country to aus/new zealand, you fucked up your own countries and now you wanna do the same to theirs like unwanted migrants.
            For the record, Im no Nigger, Wog, or Juden, try again.

          2. @fuckamericafuckisraelfuckignorance

            Australia has a strict immigration points system and a hard border. There are no mass hordes of illiterate unemployable British people over there stealing their jobs so I really don’t know what you are talking about.

            The only Brits who live in Australia permanently are doctors, engineers and such. Oh, what a terror. Unlike Europe and America where mass hordes of illiterate unemployable third world shit came flooding in and stunk the place out with their filth.

            After Brexit we British will also keep the illiterate third world filth out as well.

            Like I said, the British and the Aussies are much alike.

      2. @nou i don’t believe that about the moped thieves being dealt with. it was all a bit too quick. All lies from khan’s propaganda team to save face. They knock a couple of them off their mopeds and start patting themselves on the back and telling everyone how it’s all being sorted.
        khan knows he’s unpopular and crime has sky rocketed under his reign. move to Hampshire? We’ll have to go further than that to escape the nutters.

  1. Dayum, dat ho is sticking them fingers right up his asshole, desperate bitch.

    But indeed, if roles were reversed, they would rather let the lady die then let the pervert off the hook. Life is not important for SJW NPCs as much as attention to their noble persona.

  2. They say all of us with nigger blood are messed up. Yes and no, the only fucked up shit in my mind is gore and death and fantasizing about humanity going extinct by way of nuclear bliss by the self righteous mandated by god US and the Satanic Russians but that’s normal right?

    1. Very clearly not the same guy. If you’r going to try and research knife deaths in London, you have your work cut out for you, this happens on a daily basis. Don’t just post a picture of the first black guy that died of a knife attack that you come across.

  3. @happy

    You need to change your post description from,

    “England – a country which has seen a spike in knife related attacks“.


    “England – a country which has seen a spike in nigger related attacks“.

    It isn’t Pierre the French Chef or Dave the electrician that is going around stabbing people. Nor are the knifes going around stabbing people all by themselves.

    This is niggers full stop and it is an everyday occurrence in London because London is full of them.

    1. @thedre

      This was black on black violence, otherwise known as typical nigger behaviour.

      The early 90’s was the last time a whitey stabbed a nigger in London and it caused shockwaves many times greater than the Rodney King episode of America.

      The dead drug dealing black boy’s mother was even made a Baroness and given a place in the House of Lords as a result.

      The easiest way to tell then if the murderer was black or white is to look at the media. If the murder makes global news and starts riots and looting the murderer was white but if everyone goes ghostly quiet it is safe to assume that the murderer was black.

      1. @empty-soul.

        Thanks For The Answer Bro!

        Worse than The Rodney King episode ?? and then to add insult to injury,,, Mom Becomes A Fucking Black-Baroness for Fuck-Sake’s. Just when I Thought I heard It All, You Gotta Be Fucking kidding me my man, cause that is just Fucking Ridiculous.

        I Wonder what would have happened, if The White Guy in the early 90,s Was A Jew-Pig Instead? They probably would have picked-up A White Bum On The Street, and Put Blood On His Hand, in exchange for A Small Cheap bottle of Rum, lol, yea? 😉

    1. @humblescott 100 years ago ordinary working men in Britain didn’t have the vote let alone a decent home to live in. Slum landlords everywhere. Hiked rents for slum living in diseased holes. The population of Scotland 30 years before that in 1888 was 2.8 Million souls and a total of only 4,500 people had the right to vote. After 1918 things changed a little (with the Representation of The People Act 1918) but little really changed in regard to the medieval serfdom working people lived under. Indeed after tens of thousands of troops returned from the trenches to Glasgow they found their slum landlords had hiked their slum rents back in 1915 while they were away and their families were now in deep debt. After 60, 000 such returning servicemen marched on George Square in January 1919 (just weeks after they got back) the mood was VERY HOT. The government sent in tanks to disperse the protesters..
      Through the 1920s and 30s the growth of representative local government (through the extension of the vote) meant the building of local council built housing at cost (and renting at cost). This meant for the very first time that working people didn’t die of diseases caused by the hovels they were paying to live in. This goodness expanded after WW2 and the growth of excellent council schemes caused a thriving healthy population with a fully functioning NHS to have real optimism for the future. I grew up in such a scheme in a lovely Scottish West Coast town in the 1960s and 1970s and those council schemes were green, had lovely gardens, a car parked at every door, smoke coming outta every chimney, playing fields and working class prosperity.

      Thatcher’s sale of all Council and Housing Association stock and her (and her followers) ideological refusal to build any more council housing for nearly thirty years has meant a return to slum landlordism, a buy-to-rent speculator market and an economy built on an inflationary bubble floating on house prices. Houses barely fit to live in being rented to transient Eastern European migrants doing minimum wage jobs and refugees. No manufacturing or anything else. Just property and mortgage speculation. It’s why the banks keep failing. A programme of proper Council House building, to high standards would solve problems faced by many native Scots, English, Welsh and Northern Irish who are completely unable to afford to get a step on any housing ladder, cannot find any security of tenure and are faced with a lifetime of endlessly paying inflated rents to slum private landlords.
      Let the Chicken Shoppe patrons cut themselves to pieces. I have some spare cutlery they can use.

      1. @lord-wankdust

        Zero hour contracts and Universal Credit are also massive contributors to rent arrears and homelessness nowadays as well.

        In the 60’s and 70’s work used to be a way out of poverty for the poorest in our society but uncontrolled immigration and zero hour contracts have put an end to that for many working class people.

        The building trade amongst other industries nowadays also makes use of “posted workers”, a system to bring in Eastern European workers onto British worksites but at Eastern European wage levels.

        The above should be illegal but it is not and allows employers to get around the wage laws thus destroying the employment opportunities for the indigenous workforce.

        The working class really have been kicked back into the gutter.

        1. I concur completely sir. Semi-skilled workers can no longer work their way out of poverty. The lowest skilled have no hope. I know a woman at the school where I work who works five jobs across nearly 60 hours. Private landlord creaming her rent and he owns over a dozen properties across the small town nearby. It is appalling. Thank you for your thoughtful and accurate input. This is an ideological war being waged. A return to total slavery and serfdom is what is faced by the former working class of Britain. That and suicide booths.

        2. @empty-soul “The building trade amongst other industries nowadays also makes use of “posted workers”, a system to bring in Eastern European workers onto British worksites but at Eastern European wage levels. The above should be illegal but it is not and allows employers to get around the wage laws thus destroying the employment opportunities for the indigenous workforce. The working class really have been kicked back into the gutter.”

          This is precisely what ECOSOC, The Common Markey, The EEC and the EU (note how The Corporation changed its name repeatedly) was ALL ABOUT.
          It was never about rebuilding Europe after WW2. It wasn’t about the redistribution of Cheese Mountains and Wine Lakes. It was never about peace and harmony.

          It was about the enabling and embedding of Multinational Corporations within the structures of the member states, ram-raiding each state’s currency and enslaving the workers under a strict contracting and minimum-wage system which suited the Corporations and needs of Industries rather than to any betterment of indigenous workforces.

          Here in Scotland we have watched our Fishing Industry die (fleets sold off under an EU deregulation of individual boats which must be destroyed and licenses which can be sold on). Manufacturing Industry died… strangled. Even our massive stocks of coal were locked away with all mining shut down (an overnight knight’s move that one!). Too many other examples to describe (our Dairy Industry is almost dead) but the growth of polytunnels means that soft fruit is a four month harvest on Tayside now. This allows Rumanians and Eastern European Students to fly in on cheap flights, live in caravans on-site at the farms and fly back with their student fees for the following year’s study. That is what the Scottish Soft Fruit Industry is based on now.

          1. @lord-wankdust

            I am hoping that after Brexit Scotland and North England can leverage more power for themselves and keep London and Westminster well the fuck away.

            Without the EU and without Westminster perhaps Scotland and North England can finally be run for the people of those areas rather than by and for London and only London.

            Brexit is a bit of a shit storm at the moment though but it does need to happen.

            Uncontrolled immigration coming to an end is the only way for the indigenous working class British to regain the right of work, opportunity and a future within their own country of birth.

            I don’t trust Westminster and politicians in general though so I am half expecting a stitch up of sorts to happen.

            Either way we are going to have to fight hard for our future.

  4. Nice knife, wish we could’ve seen the blade style. Probably a clip point. Just pull the fuckin’ thing out please, and stuff some leeches in there. They can stomp on his head after if they’d like, I just wanna see the blade.

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