Man with Pants Too Darn Low Stabbed in Hackney Wick, South London

Man with Pants Too Darn Low Stabbed in in Hackney Wick, South London

Man with Pants Too Darn Low Stabbed in in Hackney Wick, South London

A man was left in a serious condition after he was stabbed in the back in broad daylight. The incident happened in Hackney Wick, South London, England – a country which has seen a spike in knife related attacks, many resulting in deaths.

The victim wore his pants really darn low, and probably should #MeToo that bitch who kept feeling his ass the whole time under the pretense of assisting him. Can you imagine the NPC trigger if the roles were reversed?

Props to Best Gore member @mujula for the video:

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149 thoughts on “Man with Pants Too Darn Low Stabbed in Hackney Wick, South London”

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  1. i dont trust the police with my life, why would you?

    arm yourself.

    its your life, you have every right to defend yourself. no one is gonna defend it as much as you are. so many naive folk. and there are ways around it but not everyone is safe, even educated people are in danger, cos you got hooded n9s in gangs and they surround your lil educated young teen ass and theyre gonna knock your teeth out and stab you….. for your jacket or whatever, i know what the hell is going on in london, so many naive folk think theyre safe…. when i grew up no black ever fucked with me but i knew a lot of friends who got mugged, this has been going on for decades and the media always paint the picture like “this will be the last time, and it wont happen again” fucking royals cunting up their lives just to avoid it, fake bitches can fuck off….

  2. England has a MASSIVE fucking history of war and violence and it remains in the air and in the surroundings, theres no extinguishing of it.

    it will always be like this, the future is not rosy. you think police are gonna risk their pussy grilled bacon smelling arses for your life? course theyre not theyll mop up afterwards and arrest people AFTER it has happened, so be aware life is too short for you bitches, fucking wake the fuck up, the media send you to sleep with this shit…

  3. First of all they should have put some pressure on the wound instead of putting him in a headlock. Second they put him on the wrongside. Keep the wound higher than the heart to make it harder to pump blood out of the wound. Often it’s not the injury that kills people it’s the bystanders inaction and stupidity.

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