Man Randomly Hit on Head While Having Coffee in Tunisia

Man Randomly Hit on Head While Having Coffee in Tunisia

A man enjoying a cup of coffee in a cafe was randomly hit on the head and ended up having blood running down his face when a group of rowdy vandals of sorts entered the establishment and began to smash the interior.

The incident happened in the city of Nabeul on the coast of Tunisia. I wonder if that was some sort of extortion/racketeering warning to the business?

Props to Best Gore member @faresdesigner for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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39 thoughts on “Man Randomly Hit on Head While Having Coffee in Tunisia”

    1. I went there when I was 10 with my grandparents. It was a good holiday, I went for a ride on a cammel, parasailing along the coast, did some archery, bartered for hand made wooden toys and leather wallets, witnessed one of their thunderstorms and by the end of the holiday we all had the shits. The locals we met were really nice, one of the hotel staff, Mohammed wasnt allowed any of the hotel food which was free for us so we helped him out with a couple of steaks each evening.
      Fond memories of this great holiday

      But sadly alot changes in 20 years 🙁

  1. I wish mark would just close best gore and go completely over to miscopy, it’s like living in two houses, i’m getting dizzy like this cunt in the video with his cracked head, wait till a few years pass and his brain damage sets in and he wonders why he keeps forgetting things, this happened to me years ago and now forget everything

    1. In medieval days – you’d get a bucket of piss & shit thrown over you as you walked along the street. That was just some random householder throwing out the day’s ‘business’ Then things got really interesting down in the dungeon lol

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