Man Savagely Axed During Scuffle on Street in Bolintin Vale, Romania

Deep Lower Arm and Elbow Slash Caused by Axe Attack

Man Savagely Axed During Scuffle on Street in Bolintin Vale, Romania

According to the information I got, there was a fight between two clans on the street in Bolintin Vale, Romania. When two alleged “clans” fight in Romania, it generally means “gypsies”, ie the Roma invaders.

The fight was reportedly started over a girl, which comes to prove there are simps and manginas in all ethnic backgrounds.

As the video shows, the police tried to intervene when one man attacked the other with an axe, but their presence and orders had little effect on the involved. If my assumption that the involved were gypsies is correct, then that’s no surprise, as gypsies get preferential treatment all across Europe for not being white and that extends to preferential treatment before the law.

At one point it sounds like a gunshot is discharged, and the axe attack concludes with one man face down on the ground. I don’t know whether he died or not. The victim of the axe attack survived with rather savage wounds on arms and legs.

Props to Best Gore member @adrianix52 for the pics and video (includes two different view angles):

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52 thoughts on “Man Savagely Axed During Scuffle on Street in Bolintin Vale, Romania”

      1. Do you have any grasp on the meaning of the word ‘hypocrite’?

        I’m sorry I called you out dildo, it wasn’t a personal attack on you, more on your witless and life draining “joke” (can it even be classed as such?) Try harder in future and who knows, we may even become friends

  1. Fights over women and especially suicide over some cunt is never the answer! Who the fuck kills themselves over a cunt? Who the fuck cares? So she dumped you and won’t talk to you. Do you think she’s gonna give two fucks that you’re dead? Even if you do it right in front of her all you’re gonna get is a minute or two of “oh my gaaawwwd, oh my gaaawwwd” and then she’s gonna move on with her life.

    Best to just move on yourself, lick your wounded ego and find another one. Better yet, stay the fuck away from them altogether!!

  2. dafuq is this ?

    i thougth they were like russian… as the cops would probably already have shot dead the guy with the axe.

    i dont know who the fuck is involved with who in this shit, its a big mess lol

  3. I think the Roma tend to have feelings for their women more than Irish travellers do. I only say this because I see them wearing skinny jeans and preening more than travellers, and their darker skin generally signifies greater bonds between mind and emotion (which has its pros and cons).
    But isn’t it manly to defend your property !

  4. Fighting to kill and beating while opponent is defenseless(admitting that he loses), shows how pathological relations are now. The guy is not satisfied until he actually kill the other one. Just like wild animals.
    -When being asked about what empathy is, i bet that those gypsies would ask if that is something for eating maybe?
    What a hell happened to good old one on one fighting…

  5. Ooops ! This dude hasn’t got much of a choice as he’ll have to do away from shagging as his gnarly times have just rolled in over beside when the sutures are on and the gash remains unhealed ; someone else will have to help him jerk off.

    1. Relax, no one’s gonna hurt you while you’re in Romania. At least no romanians gonna hurt you if you’re not looking for trouble.
      Gypsies are gypsies.. that’s another point of view. Don’t put wrong with real gypsies, with real clans. They can t be scared. Only killed.

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