Man Sets Up Camera and Stabs Person on Motorcycle in Taiwan

Man Sets Up Camera and Stabs Person on Motorcycle in Taiwan

Man Sets Up Camera and Stabs Person on Motorcycle in Taiwan

This was filmed in Taiwan and apparently it was a random act of violence, according to the backinfo I got.

The video, which seems to have been recorded on the camera set up by the perpetrator, shows the man carrying a knife approach from behind a person on a motorcycle. Without any warning, he stabs them hard in the back, and casually walks away with some white shit dangling out of his mouth (not sure if a cigarette or a lollipop).

Imagine one moment you’re sitting on your scooter, planning your next hop on the cock carouse, and the next all blood comes rushing into your brain as out of nowhere piercing pain overwhelms your senses.

Props to Best Gore member @dc940126 for the video:

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75 thoughts on “Man Sets Up Camera and Stabs Person on Motorcycle in Taiwan”

      1. that pretty much the goal to stab someone in the back….

        overwise, how would you stab someone in the back if that person can defend himself ? and who the fuck would stab someone in the back if the person is facing you lol, better stab in the front directly.

    1. Definitely road rage. I’ve been to Taiwan 5 times and scooters riders there are like flies. If that guy he stabbed dies the stabber guy will get the death penalty. They don’t fuck around with murder over there.

      1. Man..That stab was pure hate.
        It is hard to believe he is stabbed over nothing but nonetheless, this was really а dishonorable move.
        -Man lost his honor here, doesn’t matter what reason he had to do it, it is lame.

  1. its a lollipop. definitly.

    that some serious stab tho… also the knife look like a asian knife (front is broked at 45° and not in pike)

    that look like some reveange, maybe that guy cheated on the wife of the otehr one (scooter one fucking other guy wife).
    clearly like a “take this shitbag !” and move away all calm and relax.

    pretty sure the stabbed guy survive. clearly was just a reveange or kind of “you fuck my wife ? you take the stab.”

    definitly not wanted to kill him .

    1. Hey man, Taiwan and China are different countries, just as you wouldn’t say that Americans belong to Britain.As Trump said the virus came from Wuhan, China.

      Second, the victim was just waiting for his sister to leave work, the murderer because he and his wife about where to eat dinner and conflict, and then random murder want to show his courage, Taiwan’s annual murder case is probably as few as the Chinese media to tell the truth

      If I don’t express smoothly please forgive me for my English is not good

          1. Good tune and a very clever play on words on your part. And since you claim you are into voyeurism and we live pretty close I do have a harmless proposition for u @janiel

          2. I have a wild crazy gal friend I’ve been friends with (sometimes fuckbuddies) for 30 years. She’s the wildest craziest uninhibited woman I’ve ever known and she and I over the years have done it all. We both love being watched and even taken video of. Her and I will go nuts and you can direct and use my cell to film. Absolutely serious here, no joke. We’re both very down to earth and you’ll have a great time. She’s a tad bi too so she might hit on you a bit lol…. well have to exchange numbers or email so we can maybe set something up i promise you’ll have a blast 🙂

          3. Lol this is no episode of Criminal Minds I promise you. You can even hold my 9mm while we’re going at it the last thing we are is violent. We’re in our 50s we are no threat believe me…

          4. No harm no foul if you’re not into the idea …maybe if we met up and had a cigar and a beer out in public I’d be able to convince you you’re safe kiddo

          5. Yes , hon, I live literally 5 minutes from the outlets and the power plant. My “buddy ” lives about 25 minutes away incidentally.

          6. I’m 15 minutes from the KOP mall anytime you want to hang out let me know I can meet you anywhere you want it’s cool

      1. Oh, to suburbians it’s FILTHYDELPHIA. For good reason. Just go to an Eagles game and that epitomizes that shithole. Just accept that we’ll harshly disagree.

          1. Some parts of Philly are really nice, I can’t argue with that. And with every nice part of town, you get a not so nice part of town. Happens everywhere.

            Also, go to 69th for fentanyl.

  2. The suspected man named Wang (33 years old) drove his wife to Xindian District in New Taipei City, Taiwan last night and parked the car beside the road where the crime scene was found. The couple suspected that they had a quarrel in the car about “buying dinner”. Wang was out of control for a moment, got out of the car and held a sashimi knife, and randomly stabbed at the rider ( 33 years old) in front of the car.

    The injured was seriously injured due to a large amount of bleeding, and was pronounced dead in the middle of the night.

    The deceased is the only child in the family. He wait to take his sister off work home.

  3. Firstly the victim had to face quite an ordeal to get that weighty scooty off his legs ;Secondly , the finger combing part where he tries flipping them off his forehead to look neat and thirdly that finger crawl for a search to see if his backpack with the tiffin inside is still intact.

    That’s Taiwanese way of bringing some semblance of order even when the chaos are insurmountable.

  4. Stabbing someone in the back. Literally. What a coward. In my world, we will stand in front of the motherfucker and we will give him chance to have a fair fight. Win or lose, at least you know how to walk the walk. That punk is a fucking coward. Stabbing someone in the back. If I had my way, I would cutoff that motherfucker penis and force him to chew.

  5. Wow that is not only cruel but also heartless. Guy must have had some serious rage issues. Mind you I would be pissed off too if I lived there. Taiwan is about to get pwned by mainland china. He should have stabbed a main lander instead!

  6. That was a belated squeak I couldn’t make out what sheman meant but again I don’t understand Taiwanese not sure how they understand each other to be honest don’t sound like much of a language am sure they struggle to understand one another

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