Man Severely Injured by Home Made Pipe Bomb Explosion

Man Severely Injured by Home Made Pipe Bomb Explosion

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member gietlsgirl. A guy she knew made a pipe bomb and it went off while he was capping it. He did survive the explosion, but suffered severe injuries. Here’s what happened in gietlsgirl’s own words

A friend was building a pipe bomb and while he was capping it, it went off. I wish I had my camera with me when it first happened. He was holding everything he owned (guts) in his shirt. His shoulder had ripped open and his left thumb was peeled back like a banana. Needless to say the only thing that saved his face was the fact he was wearing a welder’s mask. He was medivac to the ER and put in a coma for a few days.

Brutal, but he survived so he can count himself lucky. An obvious lesson to learn – homemade explosives should not be a venture undertaken lightly. Props to gietlsgirl for saving these photos exclusively for Best Gore:

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63 thoughts on “Man Severely Injured by Home Made Pipe Bomb Explosion”

  1. I think his story is bull shit…. If you make it properly this CAN’T happen. The only way for the powder to blow is if its packed tight. Had the cap not been on that couldn’t have happened… Unless he was drilling the fuse hole after putting the cap on, In that case he’s a fucking idiot.

    1. @SpankmyMonkey, agree with you that this can’t happen unless the powder is compressed inside the device. In my youth i made pipe bombs and pill bottle bombs using gun powder and found that the gun powder would flash burn when in contact with a flame when not compressed. No explosion. Like you had suggested this guy must have drilled a hole in the end cap after assembly. Bad decision…

      1. @SmankmyMonkey this is FACT, he used smokless black powder and a metal pipe. Hes not the sharpest tool in the shed but maybe he did drill into it or not all I know is I got a call and I had to rush him to meet the paramedics so they could medivac him out. I asked him what happened and all he told me was it went off when he capped love to tell all the dirty details but unfortunately I cant do to certain reasons.

        1. If your going to make that crap use shit more stable than black powder. If your dumb enough to make one with black powder its called put petroleum jelly on the threads . Yes they can go off when you get powder on the threads and friction sets it off.

          1. For the most part smokeless black powder and regular black powder are both pretty stable if they weren’t then they wouldn’t be used for bullets or muzzle loading. VHaving made a more than my share in past I can tell you its not a difficult thing to do and all tho there is a big element of danger if done right things like this shouldn’t happen but then again you are making a bomb and things like this are always a risk, I’m also curious as to which type he was making cause there are more than couple different designs out there but my guess is he was making the most common and simplest of all the “fuse type” which is also suppose to be the he fucked that up only he knows. I do agree with you guys tho that what probably caused it to go off was him either drilling the cap after he had already capped it which would be really retarted of him or that he had excess powder on the pipe threads and as he was screwing the cap closed the friction ignited the powder causing it to go off, either way he fucked up bad and I really doubt he’ll be making more especially now that he has to shit in a bag because of it.

    1. they had to cut away the bad flesh so they could eventually stitch him up..the black stuff is some kinda foam and they put this clear tape over it with a small vaccuum to suck the air out so no bacteria can grow.

    2. That “black tape/patch work is that holding his wounds together” is known as Negative-pressure wound therapy or vacuum assisted closure. It is quite a common procedure performed on large, irregular shaped wounds as seen most often in trauma patients and diabetic ulcers. I could go into more detail, but I’ll leave it at that for now.

  2. Why is this dude building a pipe bomb? Doe’s he have a target in mind he wish’s to blow apart? Unless he plans to destroy something or someone there is no use for a pipe bomb. When i was a young guy and i did dumb shit like build pipe bombs i was lucky not to have blown myself up. I made very deadly pipe bombs and also pill bottle bombs which i used to destroy an abandoned WV beetle and the creek suffered a loss of fish at times. Then one day i blew one of these 5 inch by 1 inch pipe bombs inside a tree stump and scared the piss out of myself and realized i was flirting with disaster. You need to learn as you go thru life, learn from your mistake’s and sometimes you learn the hard way like this guy did. I was fortunate to realize i was going to fuck up sooner or later messing with these little bombs and stopped at that moment i narrowly evaded eating scrap metal.

  3. I know zip about pipe bombs or anything like that, but surlely if he’s going to do something so dumb, he should at least make sure he knows what he is doing first – sorry but he learned a hard lesson but i’m betting he will be back doing the same thing again soon.

  4. These wounds don’t look like no pipe bomb explosion …I mean I’m no expert on idiots getting blown up by pipe bombs but wtf ..if he was capping the bomb wouldn’t a lot of damage be to his hands. and wouldn’t their be spotty burn mark like wounds to his torso? Sounds and looks very suspicious.I’m not saying that this guy wasn’t injured but this looks fake to me sorry.

  5. I’ve always wondered now that he has to shit in a bag can he still shit normally as well? Or how does that work? Can shit both ways or just thru the bag? Does he know when he needs to shit or is he oblivious to it because of the bag?…so many questions.

    1. Hey,@pale, I had a colostomy at age 34 due to diverticulitus with an abcess that broke. Emergency surgery or I wouldv’e died within a couple of hours due to septic shock.To answer your questions, no you can’t shit normally until you get the colostomy reversed, and no, you don’t know when you have to shit, it just happens! Having one of those bags is a living hell,had it for 4 months,if I had to live with it forever I would have, no doubt, killed myself.

  6. I don’t think a person is aware that they need to go. Sometimes colostomy bags are temporary while the persons inuries heal and they can have their colon reatached. What I can tell you is that farts come out through the bag. It’s truly horrible to be in the vicinity as the farts get filtered through the human waste in the bag. The person has no idea one is coming so can’t discreetly excuse themselves before.

  7. it just goes to show that explosives dont fuck around
    i burnt the fuck out of my hand making a sugar/salt peter basic smoke maker but if i had taken better precautions i wouldnt have ended up at the maricopa burn center hahaha …..just use your head like others on here have suggested lining the inside with a ziploc or something and have everything drilled and mounted before u fuck with around the main ingredient

  8. This guy is extremely lucky to be alive. My dad knew someone when he was in high school whose brother was making pipe bombs in his basement. One went off and blew his guts out all over the floor. He crawled up to the basement steps and died there.

    I hope this assbag has learned his lesson.

  9. “A friend was building a pipe bomb and while he was capping it, it went off. I wish I had my camera with me when it first happened.”

    yeah fuck that your so called friend was probably in agony with his guts spilling out, a long as you can get a picture right.

  10. Just a little observation about this situation. Not only did he fail at creating a deadly device but he couldn’t even master the detonation! I hope he realizes that now when he farts his colostomy bag will hit him in the face!

  11. Seems like many know a dumbass who fucked themselves up with a pipebomb. I knew a guy in school blew his hand clean off and shattered his leg and became all scarred up because he banged on his homemade pipebomb. With a hammer. And it went off. He was a couple quarts low though but still, fucking dumbasses everywhere. Darwin should have killed him.

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