Man with Severed Arm

Man with Severed Arm

Oh man, what the hell happened here? No background info came with the pictures so all I’m left with are speculations. My guess is it’s some kind of workplace accident. This man’s forearm was severed, but one of the pictures shows that he nearly lost his whole arm. I think he was working perhaps on a scaff or otherwise suspended above ground and fell. His hand got jammed somewhere mid air but body kept falling ultimately detaching the forearm and ripping the tissue below the shoulder.

As body landed, the man hit his head against the ground which would explain why there is blood coming out of it too. His coverall may have gotten caught mid air as well and got ripped so the man landed stripped off his clothes, wearing naught but green underwear. I don’t think he survived.

What do you think Best Gore? Am I missing something here?

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25 thoughts on “Man with Severed Arm”

  1. Wounds look somewhat inconsistent with a work place injury or fall.
    1) Why is he wearing green jocks, no shirt or trousers, but has work boots on?
    2) Take a look at his thighs – what are the two circular marks or bruises?
    3) His abdomen has what appears like peri-mortem bruising appearing around the area of the navel. What caused this?

    These specific injuries are not consistent with a fall. I’d expect to see far more blood, multiple compound fractures and generally flattened limbs and torso.

    I’d suggest that there was more going on here that meets the eye

  2. Cell phones w/cameras are one of the best inventions ever for the gore fiend.

    I hope soon all cars have cameras in the front so we can get close ups of hit-and-runs and fresh human roadkill.

    I love technology.

  3. It is common practice for medical personnel to immediately cut as much clothing from a patient as possible in order to administer treatment and make a better assessment of the patient’s condition, but there are no garments or fragments thereof in the pictures.

    It is possible this is a crime scene, so pictures were snapped.

    It appears there is a body bag next to that stretcher. I don’t know why a stretcher is necessary for a dead body, unless the victim died while medical personal were attending to him.

    Me: I think it’s a crime scene. The guy got pushed out a window while having an argument with his bitch and hit a fire escape on his way down, only to die while looking up at EMTs pitying the fool.

          1. Contact button doesn’t work for me. Most buttons say I have no permission to use them. Got the data to Mark though. Thank you for your help.

  4. There was a man from Rio
    who got ran over by a Geo
    he tried to stay calm
    but he had lost an arm

    Bleeding from the amputation
    he asked folks at the station
    “I’m not gonna live no more
    post the pics on Best Gore.”

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