Man Shot in the Groin on a Bus in Columbus, Ohio

Man Shot in the Groin on a Bus in Columbus, Ohio

I really need to thank all Responsible Gun Owners in the USA for staying adamant about their “right to bear arms” cause it keeps supplying Best Gore with new content like there’s no tomorrow. Flip Flops wearing Da Silvas have nothing on you. Keep carrying those guns everywhere you go so you can resort to shooting someone each time you feel upset so I don’t find myself with nothing new to post.

My favorite moment happens at the 0:50 minute mark when the big bottom girl tries to hide behind the bus seat. It’s pretty obvious from the video that the poor fellow who took the shot in the groin dove to shield her cause she was having hard time squeezing her booty behind a cover. It was a very heroic dive, luckily for the victim, this act of valor may not have been his last.

The video is from Columbus, Ohio. It was filmed by an onboard camera on a COTA bus on Wednesday, August 8, 2012. The bus was in the area of Columbus’ Cleveland and Myrtle avenues when the incident took place. A group of 4 males was exiting the bus when one of them struck 18 year old passenger identified as Jamar Brantly with an open hand in the face. Jamar Brantly made an attempt to go after the attackers who fired a shot at him, hitting him in the groin.

With a bullet in his gonads, Jamar Brantly stood in the bus with pants slid half way down his legs while typing on the cell phone to the sound of his own moans. Moar guns = moar gore.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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207 thoughts on “Man Shot in the Groin on a Bus in Columbus, Ohio”

    1. Exactly Tulio.

      The thing is… We get these nasty bastards in THIS country. They still carry firearms… Despite the fact that pistols are illegal over here.

      So I don’t know what Mark would do to stop these ‘brothas’ from carrying illegal handguns…

      I am lucky enough to NOT live in a Hellhole/ City.

      If I lived in a ‘Ghettoised’ area with all these nasty wogs… I would invest in a handgun.. Legal or not.

        1. “We get these nasty bastards in THIS country. They still carry firearms? Despite the fact that pistols are illegal over here.”

          “If I lived in a ?Ghettoised? area with all these nasty wogs? I would invest in a handgun.. Legal or not.”

          How would you be different then dumbass?

          1. @Echthros, because it would be to defend himself from “thugs”, not to terrorize innocent people. You can disagree with members on here without calling them names.

          2. For exactly the same reason as my good friend and compatriot Sharon/ It Was Me, pointed out.

            Let me guess… You wouldn’t carry a firearm because it interferes with your ‘principles’…

            Well, let me tell you buddy. You can have your principles. Tell me how useful they are when you have the same physical properties as Gorgonzola fuckin Cheese after ‘disrespectin’ some Nigger.

          3. @Itwasme
            Please…name calling…the fuck is this? Not 3rd grade.

            Anyways seeing as the fine gentleman who I “disagree” with has repeatedly spoken positively about Anders Breivik here, I have to take his “defense” angle with a grain of salt. People with fucked up, violent views tend to be the ones who do fucked up, violent things…

            I hope to see you on the news some day claiming you shot the immigrant kids in self defense…

          4. Ecthros.

            Interesting. You reply to my comment without actually adressing what I have to say.

            You attempt to defame me by bringing up something I said on previous posts.

            What is wrong with having violent views?

            You are a MASSIVE hypocrite (a feature of all LEFTISTS).

            I accept my views are exceptionally violent as we live in exceptionally violent times…

            Yet you rebuke my violent gospel but then go on to say that you wish I murder some children… Just so you can prove a point.

            At least when I advocate the deaths of people… I advocate it for a just cause. The establishment of the traditional boundaries of our races.

            You advocate the deaths of people to satisfy your own conscience… To be proven right over some petty personal dispute.

            Mark should do a poll to see who is the greatest WANKER.

          5. @Echthros, no, this isn’t third grade. I was trying to politely say theres no need to call a fellow member a “dumbass” because you don’t agree with their views. I don’t agree with everyone on Best Gore, but I respect other people and realize they are entitled to their opinions.

          6. Now first of all trooper, you are a talking money on a rock in the middle of fucking nowhere…like every other ape on this planet.

            Don’t kid yourself with the pathetic “my race is better” bullshit to soothe the pain of being just as worthless as all the niggers and muslims you hate.

            Now, I wasn’t advocating anyone’s death with my last comment. I was just hoping you’d use the tired old “self defense” bullshit to justify the murder that you seem so likely to commit.

            It’s just hilarious that the “responsible gun owner/ self defense” shit you spew is coming from a violent, extremist fuck. Every other fucking right-wing extremist cunt likes to babble on about responsible gun ownership and self defense, but of course, are the exact fucks who go shoot up children’s camps, and temples.

          7. Bollocks does he Tulio.

            The most ideological of people strive to make things better for the people they love most.

            You usually find it is the quiet people that ‘snap’ and murder a roomful of random people.

            It is those people that are the scum of the earth.

          8. Ecthros…

            Your Leftist sentiments… However lovely they look when you type them onto a clinical screen… Sadly, don’t reflect the life on the streets.

            Spare me your Psychological evaluation please.

            It is a common consensus in this country that Immigrants and coloureds are responsible for the majority of crime in this nation.

            You merely have to pay a visit to your local City… Walk a couple of miles from the Touristy city centre… And you shall find yourself in ‘da ghetto’.

            View the population… Report back here and give us a one word answer to this simple question:

            What is the primary skin colour in a ‘Ghetto’?

            When you come back and give us the answer… View the Government crime statistics on that area and compare them with an overwhelmingly White neighbourhood.

            And then compare:

            How many people are killed by White extremists each year.


            How many people are murdered through association of the drug trade.

            Go on… Do it.

          9. Trooper, your simple question has a complex answer. No matter how hard you want to, it’s just intellectually lazy to blame a “race” for the things you mentioned. By your own logic, we should fear/hate all whites as they are far more likely to be pedophiles, and serial killers.

            Regarding the drug trade, that’s an entirely different matter, which has nothing to do with race, and more to do with right wing policies made by old white fascist fucks…

          1. because the DEMON SEED is a evil thing and i want to make sure the members understand this. it compells men to IMPREGNATE the female and thus the evil of man fv is passed on thru generations. there is no escaping the evil of the DEMON SEED. it seems to have caught on because now everyone is doing it.

        1. hahahahahahaha, no, there’s plenty of DEMON SEEDABLE niger, white and even some asian bitches around here, but i am still not confident enough for starting trying to pick up things, especially after the last 2 or 3 years of celibacy and dedication to study. Today I entered a pub full of “party party” youngsters and they were closing at 10:12pm on thursday. What the fuck, in BRs Buenos Aires, pubs are opening at that hour.
          Anyway, mark my words: I will adapt to the times of America trying to mantain my celibacy and complete dedication to study, but I don’t know how much time I would be able to master the SEED’s urges….

        1. really, america, really? this it the most stupid video i’ve ever seen, with the most stupids comments i’ve ever fucking seen…. and then after, you wonder why all the rest of the world fucking hate you?

          1. I don’t hate America itself… I like to pick’n’hate.

            As for you. It has already been established that you are a Dickhead.

            Why don’t you go play with penis on your forehead? Go on dickhead… Leave the comments to the adults..

            Bye bye dickhead.

          2. Just to prevent confusion… I was talking to the Whinemaster.

            I hold no ill feeling towards Mouse. He is a good mouse, I like his YT videos.

            If I was a RAT BITCH… I would have his PINKIES.

        2. here are some good replies from intelligent people. I am a ”dickhead” and I have a dick on my forehead … all right these are some good arguments that tells me americans are not that stupid . go on like this trooper.

          and sure everyone hate the usa because of ” inferiority complex ”. you really think because a country is different from yours that it means it is inferior? your comment explain well why we hate america. you take every other country as ”inferior”.

  1. It looked like the woman in red was trying to climb inside big bottom girls ass butt for cover. I love the way not a single person gives the slightest of fucks that theres a dude running around with his fuckin balls blown off

      1. Now all we need is for you to mention the Banana Republic for some reason, and this post will be complete.

        I’m trying to lay off using nigger, but videos like this just bring it out of me. I can’t help it.

      2. no, we also need Baked commenting something about florida nig nogs he meet at the MALL.
        Anyway, in BR we call “negro” just about anyone with slightly dark skin tone. I was already warned not to use the word, even without pejorative intent in AMERICA.

        1. Negro, colored (I always thought this one was stupid, anyway.), even just calling them “blacks” is starting to get weird looks from them. I guess I can understand that, because their skin isn’t black. It’s brown, but my skin isn’t white, really, but let’s not complicate things. Blacks, whites… Who gives a shit? (I don’t want to hear from anybody who does.)

        2. Funny facts. According to BR writer and scholar Jorge Luis Borges, the word BLACK has the same root that the spanish word BLANCO (white). Both make reference to “lack or ausence of color” (dont remember if in latin or whatever barbarian language).
          Well enough culture for this post, im taking a shot of jim beam and head to the swimming pool.

          1. A nigger can be anyone, black, white, brown, pink, yellow, orange, blue, green…um….Nigger means ‘ignorant person’ in the Websters dictionary. Only call a black person a nigger if you really want to piss him off.

        1. @nt_1973

          This from Urban Dictionary:

          Nigga is a word which evolved from the derogative term “nigger”. Tupac best defined the distinction between the two.

          NIGGER- a black man with a slavery chain around his neck.

          NIGGA- a black man with a gold chain on his neck.

  2. This is why I got off my ass, and got a car. Riding the bus sucks. Luckily, I never had to deal with this kind of bullshit, but the other horrors that come with public transportation like body odor, and sticky god-knows-what crap on the seat, is enough to keep me in bondage to the car companies, and Oil Cartels. Some slavery isn’t so bad.

    1. spanish right wing military looneys had a thing about being shot in the groin while fighting akburs in Morocco. Former Franco’s commander Millan de Astray (aka the most wounded man in military history) also lost a ball fighting there, and an eye, an arm, and a couple bullets more. I was thinking about sending mark a pic of the guy, since he was literally a walking GORE

      1. hey tulio did you send me a fb friend thingie?? im never on fb anymore and i remember seeing sumpin and i thought it was you but i wasnt certain…at any rate i didnt get a chance to add you if it was…resend and i shall 🙂 that is if it was you..hah!

        1. I do not send fb requests. the only person I ever sent a fb friend request was DON ROTTEN STENCH. All the rest sent me a request and I added them, as I will add anyone who is not a banana republic government sock-licker fucktard

          1. hmmm…now who the bejeebers was that then?? lol it shall remain a mystery! thanks tulio…i was worried i had offended thee…lol what i was thinking i dont know…lol

        1. @lunatic, I agree to the utmost. A nigger is a ‘ignorant person,’ so therefore can be any color. I know a few niggers, and they are as white as my sunless ass.

          And when I’m playing Call of Duty, that fuck that camps in the bush and waits for me to run by just to shoot me in the back is a NIGGER!

    1. He screams like a bitch! I was shot before (by accident) and i cried sure but i did not whale. This shows you how fake “gangsters” are fucking pussy ass faggots who could not do shit in the face of danger. Nope instead they get on the floor and waste the air they breath and the blood they spill

  3. All the Idiocrasy of these people. Clearly baggy white shirts are his rival gang. I heard the background story of the fight is that black shirt got angry one day and decided he was gonna shoot up a liquer store well white shirts were at that very store! He opened fire and killed white shirts leader as he dove to save his girlfriend and now ever since they can’t get along.

  4. FUCK DAMMIT MARK you cant honestly believe that they lit people like that carry a gun!!!! there either illegally carrying it stole it made it bought it fom a friend or plenty of other reasons mark fuck man people in america just dont shoot anything it has to move first :3 but seriously mark you seem to crush everything i hold dear but i love you *hugs*. Now would anyone like else like a hug :D?

      1. *hugs* :3 That sweety is me that chick has hot pussy that chick has nice tits but that chick sure has a nice dick doesnt she? <3
        (i'm a hermaphrodite) Dont you still love me? 😀

        1. I don’t see a pussy, but I sure do see a dick!

          Does it mean I’m half gay cause I would buttfuck a ladyboy? I would be fucking the lady part by the way.. Oh geez I backed myself into a corner… Just give me the hug and I will see myself to the door. :p

          1. @ThaDRIP – Your comment reminds me of straight guys who ask “If I let a guy suck my dick, does that mean I’m gay”?

            I think Ego will give you a nice big hug and walk you out that closet.

          2. @nicole i dare you to find this one XD this one is me bitch (i love you but seriously it is me) try to find it my honey you wont win this time!

          3. @ kels @ jiggalo I want you all to try and find it! Its Impossible this is the only fucking one why because i took it go on my eager little whores dance for me!

        2. @Ego – I honestly don’t care if that’s you in the picture or not. But if you’re that determined to prove it, you could always make a fan sign? Either way, doesn’t phase me!

          1. Ego, how long have you been on here? I think you have been on here long enough to know what a fan sign is?!!

            Look at the top of the site…

          2. @Nicole, think he/she (sorry, don’t know what you prefer to be called) .. will do it?

            Must include BG name and username, your cock and wig..but not your cock wearing your wig. Just enough ‘proof’

          3. @kels Everyone seems to be either hurt injured or self mutilated in those pictures….do i have to be bloody bludgoned or near death to take one?

    1. Looks like you only see that which you want to see and disregard that which you don’t. I hate violent, oppressive, ignorant cunts. Where they are from, what religion they follow, what politics they associate with and what fitness gym they are a pass bearer of makes no difference. If you are a violent, oppressive, ignorant cunt, I’ll point it out. I’m on nobody’s side as nobody is on my side.

      1. @bestgore,
        I get it so it dont matter that USA wants guns or taliban has AK-47s in the street killing kids. You hate them all that are violent and man we can agree on that. I dont want to hurt people either and believe me man I wish everyone could jump on board but reality is they wont. We can never unite in peace i guess because its in our nature. Its being human that drives some to kill. I dunno man but anyway i gotta eat something shit fire

        1. Preach on mark. It is impossible for everyone to agree about everything, but if everyone did then someone is a liar and obviously to ignorant to have their own opinion. That’s one thing that makes this sight so great. We all can agree to disagree. If not this sight would be like church, dull and boring…

          1. OK, Mark well said. But not that I would be offended by you not or completely saying it but, do you hate America, like i said nothing is going to hurt or displease me I just want to know, Your a sexy fellow Mark I would suck your dick.

          2. @Ego

            If I hate America, then I hate Canada too. And Brazil, and Mexico, and the Philippines, and… fill in the blank. As cliche as it sounds, I hate everyone equally. Likewise, everyone has an equal opportunity to stop being a violent, oppressive, ignorant cunt and then sheer magic happens – I will stop pissing on them. I only piss on violent, oppressive, ignorant cunts. I don’t care where they are from because I stand right in the middle. I have no church affiliation, for example hence I do not care whether it’s Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Christians or who-the-fucks who are violent, oppressive, ignorant cunts. I will piss on them just the same. It goes the same with everything else – whether it be territorial affiliations, military affiliations, racial affiliations, etc. A cunt is a cunt is a cunt and I will call them a cunt whether they’re from America, Canada or Reptiliastan. I cannot be bought and will not respond to coercion, though every single day somebody tries…

      2. True. Mark calls it as he sees it. And we respect him for it. Not one Nation/ Ethnic Group/ Ideology is given an easy time.

        Although their is nothing wrong being a violent, oppressive, ignorant cunt… I am one myself. I freely admit it.

        But I am different because I weren’t born that way… I was once an innocent, wooly headed liberal. Then I opened my eyes and thought… Seeing as everybody else is a Twat… I may as well strive to be the biggest Twat of them all!

        As for Gyms… I hate them. Their is nothing you can’t do in a Gym what you can do at home with a pair of trainers and some jogging bottoms. Fact.

        Ooh. It is the DISHONEST, violent, oppressive, ignorant cunts that I despise.

  5. I was cracking up when that fat chick spilled into the aisle since she couldn’t seem to maneuver herself in the space between the seats. The man’s agonizing screams were the icing on the cake, sure hope that bullet shredded his balls to a bloody pulp so that he can’t release his spawn upon the world.

  6. Niggers! That was the only word screaming in my head when I watched this video. Fuckin niggers. They were all over Florida when I lived there, and now theyre all lover North Carolina! These Neanderthals are following me, I swear. I’m thinking about moving to Montana, I heard things aren’t as “dark” over there.

    1. @Numbers: You didn’t think there were black people in North Carolina? Wow, you’re dumb. Racist people are dumb. Scary dumb.

      How about you go to Africa and bitch about all the blacks. It’s literally that stupid.

        1. @Tulio_Hermil – I live in North Carolina and i’m not a nigger, but we sure do have plenty of them around. Meixcans are also in abundance. I know if I ever get married, it wil never be to a nigger or mexican. Sorry if any of you fall into those 2 categories.

          1. @Drip, I call anyone as fucking uselessto society like the people in this video a nigger. Now it so happens that wherever the majority of black people are, the place is shitty, crime is up, and so is unemployment. I didn’t make it this way, it iz wut it iz niqqa. Also, how the fuck am I supposed to know where theres black people or not? They’reeverywhere! Just in NC more so. Plus my parentsmoved me here when I was younger. So suck on my baby nads.
            @Tulio, it might as well be, if you value joy, stay at least 2 states away from here, haha.

  7. Do not, Do not compare these Thugs diddies gun wielder, with the White American gun owners.
    You can take the Negro out of the jungle for 200 years, but the Jungle in his Heart and genetics will take Thousands of years to correct.

  8. LOOOOOOOOOOOL! Make it stop. This is hilarious.

    We need to name these kinds of verbal outcries of audio as a new language. It has few verbs which resembles English, but it’s not quite, so here is an example from the 01:12 mark, when our subject looks down his pants:

    auuuuuuuuuuuuuu fuuyyyyyyck uuuuuuuuuu my diiiiiiiiiiickkkkkkk uuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  9. Don’t we have a black man to take the COLOURED PEOPLE’s cause and respond to all the outrageous racist accusations usually poured by BG regulars? See, we latin (real latin, no what you call “latin” in USA)guys love to squabble and to read people squabbling, with or without arguments

        1. Exactly. With as much as me saying goodnight to everybody now 🙂

          I will probably have wet dreams about that headless doctor, Bianca. Even though someone wrote that rigor mortis pussy is not as good as it looks.

          In my dreams it’s better! And there I have a large cock with no need for a magnifier.

  10. At what point on this site did everyone start going from this is the worst stuff I’ve ever seen I’m never going to be able to sleep again too, hahaha look at that guy? Or hmm beautiful blood splatter on that wall

    1. Thats when too many pretty girl faces avatars appear in the comments, veteran goregians like MOUSE switch to beat off DEMON SEED to nice girl avatars mode. Last time I checked, angry chicken and lascerated were the prime targets

      1. you are warned, by posting your avatar in BG you thereby accept that substantial quantities of DEMON SEED will be spilled because of your tempting external appeareance by male (and ocassionaly female) members. You will also accept that you will not be offended if you recieve offers to host DEMON SEED CREAMPIES by the mouse, or other similarily inmoral proposals commonly seen in the Best Gore Dating Agency Service (BGDAS)

        1. Haha I’ve already been proposed too 🙂 I accept the terms and condiotions that have been brought forth by you @tulio_hermil and will now know what kind of situations I will be dealing with 🙂

  11. and what’s the fucking point of putting a fucking @ in front of every fucking name? is it like the fucking fuck new fuck wave? i just see myself in the street asking to a stranger ” ey @stranger, do you know what time is it?” im so fucking fuck fucking fuck fucking tired of seeing those fucking @ in front of every fucking name.

  12. Notice how his own people don’t offer a kind word, let alone a helping hand. They just wanna get away from him as quickly as possible. For they know, that if you wanna act like a tough-guy gang-banger, and get your cock shot off for talking shit to a nigger with a gun on a city bus, you deserve to get shot in your cock. Dumb fucker. People, even the other negro’s, are sick and tired of these punks. Ship ’em back to the mother-land with a new hoody and a pair of the latest Air Jordon’s.

  13. The way I read it is that this kucklehead is playing with his cock while he talks to his bitch, and then gets bitch slaped and phone taken away with one swipe from the perp, adding insult to injury. Conclusion: he should have left it being treated like a bitch, instead of proving that he is a bitch by going after the gun toting nigga.

  14. Alright! Put the dick down; Put your hands in the air, and spreadem!
    … Oh, is that your dick? That’s why you don’t want to let it go?… Okay then: Put the dick in in your mouth and shut the fuck up!.

  15. lol this shit rarely happen in my contry cause weapon (whitout huntings ones every atomatic or modificated ones are prohibed too also an silencer are NOT ALLOWED)are prohibed and ROUGLHY punished by the law…Maybe and ive tell maybe if ppl who does mass murder would not have an automatic military grade weapon they should be far less victims(Because we cleary know that if they got an 9 minimeter its could be harder to kill alots of ppl in few time than when u got an ak-47 or litteraly an machine gun)

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