Man Shot in the Knee by Vigilantes for Trying to Rob a Pregnant Woman

Man Shot in the Knee by Vigilantes for Trying to Rob a Pregnant Woman

If I understood it correctly, some lowly dude in Costa Rica tried to rob a pregnant woman at knife point. You can see a close up of his monster knife at 0:25.

A group of skateboarders turned vigilantes gave chase after him and shot him in the knee with a 9mm handgun.

The shooting took place next to a building called Sión de la Asamblea Legislativa, which translates into Zion of the Legislative Assembly. Looks like Costa Rica has been gotten too.

Props to Best Gore member ladohierro for the video:

48 thoughts on “Man Shot in the Knee by Vigilantes for Trying to Rob a Pregnant Woman”

  1. It ain’t pretty but this scumbag won’t pull such a stunt again anytime soon. Talk about hitting on the defenseless – I’m going to say this was the right thing to do but I’m not going to lose any sleep over this pos walking with a cane for the rest of his life, either.

    1. It’s costa rica….I bet you anything the doctor will just cut his leg off….I never saw so many people with missing limbs….it’s like the docs say we have to cut it off….oh ok…..ticos are the biggest sheep…

      1. I am with you. I’ve lived here for a year (moving back to the states this Tuesday) and I noticed so many limbless people. “Paper cut? Cut off his hand!!” Still, the women are beautiful here.

  2. Nothing better than seeing a lowlife doing the roll of shame into the back of an ambulance with bystanders there to flash cameras in his face. Losing that leg would be fair play, maybe they can amputate it with his pocket knife.

  3. The info provided on the video is different, it says, an Asian man shot a home invader in the knee and butt after the invader was caught inside his home’s garage, then they describe the wounds, and at the end they add “the Asian home owner says that this man always comes to steal property from his home”

  4. What is really sad about this is that the United States doesn’t have these type of vigilantes around for the heinous crimes on innocent victims here. If it did, one might think twice before acting on theiranimalistic instincts!

  5. I actually laughed out loud, and I rarely do this, but when you said “monster knife” I was expect something spectacular. I’ve been held up with little knives like this before, and I just looked at the guy like “are you kidding”. But I was just down the road from my house, my redneck family was getting gasoline just around the corner of the building and I wasn’t pregnant, and while people are uninsane, my would be robber bought druggs off my uncle so I knew him. I really was expecting a monster knife though…you got me.

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