Man Slashed Across Face with Knives by Rival Gang Members in Dublin, Ireland

Man Slashed Across Face with Machete by Rival Gang Members in Dublin, Ireland

Man Slashed Across Face with Knives by Rival Gang Members in Dublin, Ireland

Best Gore member @trey99 has the backstory:

Martin Cunningham was charged with assault causing harm to Kenneth Fitzsimons, an Irish man who was visiting a friend in Finglas Garda station to drop off clothes to him as he was awaiting trial for the shooting of Mr. Cunningham’s friend the previous week.

Kenneth was innocent and had no role with the previous shooting but as such he was still attacked with a knife and slashed as he was labelled a “rat” after leaving the Garda station.

Martin was arrested and as he took to the dock to answer for his crimes the only thing he said was “you are all rats” before being escorted to the holding cell.

It is understood that the current feud taking place is due to an old notorious gang ‘The Westies’ from West Dublin and a gang from North Dublin known locally as the Filthy 50. The feud is over drug territory and neither side is backing down.

Last week one of the Westies was shot in the legs and the week before that another shooting took place outside a children’s primary school in Dublin. Each attack is retaliation for the previous attack.

Back in the late 90s the Filthy 50 was disbanded due to efforts of the terrorist group known as the IRA as locals had constantly complained about them to a local Sinn Fein TD aka politician. Sinn Fein are a government party known for their support and leadership of the IRA. Gerry Adams the party’s main leader was known to be an IRA shot caller, however, after the IRA disbanded in 98 it is understood that a new wave of this gang has become active again with the old members recruiting younger people.

The results are what you see here, which is minor to what has happened previously, but images and videos are not available currently, only this I’m afraid.

Thanks a lot for the pic and the backinfo, @trey99. There is only one pic.

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136 thoughts on “Man Slashed Across Face with Knives by Rival Gang Members in Dublin, Ireland”

  1. I’m of Irish decent. I have never been there. Many family members have been there multiple times. I love all of the romanticized ideas of Ireland and its people, their cute little barely intelligible brogues with their tales and their friendly alcoholism. Then I see shit like this. Granted it’s gang members on gang members, just like the niggers and Spics here in this imploding once great nation, but it also spills over onto the tourists. Ireland is just like any other country with its criminal vermin running free, barely prosecuted and committing crimes against the civilized. I have less and less desire to visit anywhere else on this failing planet, least of all London and Dublin, where these pukes roam freely. Socialist and Liberal policies are destroying what is left of civilized society giving the upper hand and the benefit of the doubt to the detritus and parasites of the world.

    It is said that the meek will inherit the world? Well, it doesn’t say what they’re gonna do with it. I think we’ve been seeing it for a long time now.

    1. I am not Irish myself, however, I visit Dublin and London a lot for professionals reasons and I know both cities very well.

      I will leave London for another day, because it is a different kettle of fish. Astronomical compared to Dublin, where London’s population rivals the whole of Ireland’s.

      Dublin is still a relatively small place and it’s generally very safe. Much safer than most US cities. They have a small criminal class who control the drug trade. Most bad crime stays inside these groups and only occasionally spills to the rest of society there.

      The real impact on general Irish society usually occurs when junkies from the lower socioeconomic group engage in house break-ins and petty crime. Nobody gets mugged at gun point and even knife point muggings are relatively rare. Dirty needle attacks were a problem in the 90’s but are only occasionally reported now.

      The Biggest impediment to the removal of all these problems carried out by the low scum in Irish society, is the higher order scum, namely the legal profession and the establishment. Both run hand in hand and are exclusively responsible for everything that is wrong in Dublin and Irish society in general.

      The Dublin drug problem could be cleaned up within two years, if Irish law enforcement had half the tool of an average police precinct in Chicago. The laws simply need to be drastically altered and the Irish legal profession and their government cronies will not act to upset the financial food chain that feeds all of them as they cream off the state and look after their politician buddies.

      This is rife in Ireland, for many decades, where at any opportunity the establishment will set up tribunals to investigate the latest scandal and thus filter tens of millions into the pockets of a whole whole host of bottom feeders topped by the Solicitors, legal pros, Accountants and Politicians.

      It’s ironic, because the sons and daughters of the immoral frenzy feeders are major recreational users of mainly C, etc that the hapless underclass peddle.

      With the exception of the poorest sectors of Irish society, who suffer the absolute brunt of the pain and fall out from all this. The rest of Irish society go about their hard working business, read the headlines and shake their heads and say, “what’s the world coming to” because they have zero control since it matters not which political group they vote for because they are all part of the buggar you, I’m bulletproof establishment.

      Meanwhile, the Dublin establishment, which has always has a “small pond mentality”, are delighted to turn a blind eye because within the pale the fall out does not impact the ordinary Irish citizen that much, with the hidden exception of the missing billions that are constantly leached from Irish society.

      Outside of Dublin and a handful of small cities the drug problem is relatively tiny by European standards and the rest of the country is still surprisingly rural and mostly unaffected.

      Nothing will alter in Ireland because the same old families and associated types perpetuate the status quo, and thus the cycle of legal assistance to the scum who carry out the dirty work and the liberal laws that tie the hands of law enforcement are kept firmly in place by the legal parasites and weak colluding politicians.

      They don’t have a Trump or tough NYC mayor to reform everything and bring in hard hitting laws, because the establishment will not allow the feeding frenzy to be interrupted in any way, shape or form.

      So, if you want to visit your ancestors in Ireland, you can visit Dublin and notice little much of anything and go forth, north, South, East or West and meet lovely good humoured people who are very talkative and easy going in a country that has surprisingly very clean towns and villages and is beautiful in many ways, despite the Atlantic Ocean constantly pissing down on them.

      1. You know, I’m an ex junkie from Dublin, and in my experience the “junkies” these days tend to keep to themselves, as I did when I was in such a position, however, the help that is offered for such people is horrible, the stigma is what kills most people because society looks down on you instead if listening and knowing why you have a drug problem. I went on a harsh treatment if methadone, I went originally from coedine over the counter straight to methadone as that was the help I was offered, I took it and I regret that decision to this day. Why? Because methadone is the reason I even considered or touched heroin, and to be honest, heroin was much better and less of a painful drug to deal with when coming down with withdrawals. Methadone is lethal and it’s come down is the most excruciating pain you will ever have with any drug issue or withdrawal. When it came to coming off it they recommended that I stay on it, for how long? Years, and I mean years, people here are on it 10-20 years and can never get off it, can’t have a job because you need to attend a clinic during business hours, can’t drive because the police can do you for driving under the influence of drugs, so it is a hell you go to and rarely come back from. Liquid handcuffs they call it. However, I went cold turkey, 16 weeks of agony, a full year of insomnia. However, I never once witnessed any drug user ribbing people or houses, not in my experience, but if I was to point the finger, I blame the government for it’s lack of care for these people and how they just throw an even harder drug at them and say there you go now do what you want but don’t expect to live a normal life for the next 10 years or more unless you want to go back to drugs. You have no idea the mental stress it causes and the strain it has on your life. I’m not afraid to admit I was a junkie but I will not admit that the government helped me in dealing with this problem, they made it worse and made me worse, they looked down on me and all because I wanted to be free if drugs and live a normal life, after all, if the government done their job then there would be no drugs to take because they would be off the streets or seized before they got here. I’ll admit the 90s were bad but now it is a case of people like that keeping to themselves mostly and just asking for the odd bit of change. Since my addiction I have opened up a new centre for people with addiction and so far my success rate is 96%. Anybody that walks in my door is treated with respect and they are shown that they are real as you and me and could be just as successful in their life and have good jobs and be happy. I also run a residential treatment program for 16 weeks and it to has proven successful. So if the drug problem in Ireland is bad it is down to the governments lack of care and consideration for these people.. after all they are people to.

        1. You’re obviously an intelligent educated person, but I’m afraid to say that many junkies in Dublin are uneducated and rob/steal daily to feed their habit. House breaking being the top hit, followed by opportunistic thrift. A buddy of mine who sometimes lives in Dublin, Swords, as he needs to be near the airport. Had rented a house in a very quite area with a busy through road. He was only back, Unpacked and out of the house 20 mins when the next door neighbour called him to say a break in was in progress. He was stuck in traffic, so it took another 25 to get back. When he arrived the police were already there and they had nabbed the robbers nearby as they took a wrong turn. The police has been called by next door and got all three of them. They were all junkies. On whatever, and all desperate for stuff to sell for drugs. He actually got to meet them in the squad car outside and they apologised to him. Lucky the cops turned up because they had got his passport, iPad and work laptop, plus newly bought cloths and keys to property elsewhere.

          The Garda (cops) told him that 93% of breaking Into private property in Dublin and surrounding areas are done by junkies.

          I’ve been saying for decades that the answer to the drug problem in the US and world wide , are drop in centres on many street corners Everywhere, run exclusively by the government. One side you go in and a get a free fix of whatever you need, supervised by medical staff and you can relax and trip in safety. The other side of the centre is an effective program to get you clean and stay clean. No pressure or arm twisting. Just both options available and psychological help. The government should buy up all the drugs and Manufacture/facilitate drugs in these centres to anybody who needs them that will soon kill the drugs on the streets and all the drug associated crime will disappear. Not to mention the massive saving in Hurt misery and human life , to the victims to Drug violence. Massive savings in law enforcement constantly chasing after the drug lords , pushers, etc etc etc …..

  2. Liam had left Dublin to go up to Belfast for a bit of skydiving, Late Sunday evening he was found in a tree by a farmer, What happened said the farmer, Liam replied, that his parachute failed to open, well said the farmer if you had asked the locals before you jumped, they would have told you nothing opens here on a Sunday.

  3. Here’s an Irish joke for ya:
    One night, Mrs McGillicuddy answers the door to see her husband’s best friend, Paddy, standing on the doorstep.
    “Hello Paddy, but where is my husband? He went with you to the beer factory.”
    Paddy shook his head. “Ah Mrs McGillicuddy, there was a terrible accident at the beer factory, your husband fell into a vat of Guinness Stout and drowned.
    Mrs McGillicuddy starts crying. “Oh don’t tell me that, did he at least go quickly?”
    Paddy shakes his head. “Not really – he got out three times to pee!”

    1. Irish university entrance exam question:

      1: Discuss Einstein’s Special Theory of General Relativity as it relates to quantum flux of sub atomic nucelons in fissile material.
      2: Spell your name Paddy.

      1. Two Irish women are shopping together in the supermarket, and come to the produce section.
        One woman reaches into the bin and pulls out two very large potatoes
        “My goodness, but dese potatoes remind me of me Paddy’s balls!” she exclaims
        “Aye and begorrah, Jesus Mary and Joseph ,your Paddy’s balls, are dey dat big?” her friend asks
        “No she replies” that fucking dirty!”

    2. An Irishman goes into a pub and orders three whiskies.
      After he has put them on the bar, the barman says to him, “That’s not like you, Paddy, you’re normally a Guinness man.”
      Paddy replies, “Well you see, I’ve just had my first ever blowjob!
      “Great! says the barman, have another one on the house!”
      …To which Paddy responds, “No thanks, if three of them don’t work, a fourth one won’t get rid of the taste either.”

  4. Irishman sitting at the bar, blasted. Bartender tells him he’s had enough, he can’t even walk. Paddy says bullshit, hops off the stool, falls on his ass. Paddy says, ‘faith and begorrah, Oi am pretty drunk.’ Crawls over to the barstool, pulls himself up on it, and busts his ass again. ‘Howly Jaysus, Oi’d better just crawl all the home.’ He only lives a few doors from the pub, so he does just that. Next morning he wakes up to the phone ringing. He hears his dear wife answer it, speak for a minute, and hang up. She then stomps into the bedroom, mad as hell, and yells, ‘get out of that bed ye great feckless sot, ye’ve done it again!’ He looks at her meekly and says, ‘whot is it that Oi’ve done again, m’dear?’ Angrier than ever, she shouts, ‘ye’ve left yer bloody wheelchair at the pub again!’

      1. Mad LieBoy mcfibbyTits Don’t even know how u would get hold of that picture but that guy is from Scotland for a start and who knows what shite yer shouting about Irish gangsters lol weird behaviour is all im saying ya wee 9 skinner lie Joint Chuffer

  5. A man who shoots my friend is my enemy.
    A friend of my enemy who brings him clean underwear so he can go to court because he shot my friend is not my friend….he is my enemy.

  6. Pretty fugged but should heal up nicely. The guy got off light all things considered. Pity we didn’t get a video of this one though. Given it’s in the first world it probably would have been HD.

  7. He’s a man with no qualms whatsoever having two sets of lips ,one of which is to munch on sumptuous food lick moist fannies and the one on top ; right below that hokey pokey nose is for gulping quarts of cold and hot beverages .

    My bad … I just forgot about his anal lips which too marvel at everything to do with the word. “Gay”. And here is a man with boundless streaks of joyfulness and he hasn’t got no airs about it.

  8. This Full Story Is A Lie ! It’s my mate from Scotland who ever the admin is here email me I’ll prove it this is absoloute bullshit random nonsense , not saying the storys not true but that picture is Not at all who it’s claiming it is lol trey999 talking out yer arse son

    1. First of all I’m not your son and second what’s a “yer arse”? I provide the backstory and picture I was sent simple as. And if it was your mate then why haven’t you posted it with the story? And second why did you contradict yourself in your comment? “This full story is a lie” not saying the story isn’t true” which is it? It’s a lie or it isn’t? By the way. Here’s the story for you. now there’s the story. The image that followed was the Image I received from a source. Simple as. If it’s a wrong picture for the story then please, shed some light, nobody needs to email you, it’s free to post your proof here. Or perhaps you can contribute the image and “real” backstory, contributing would be nice, it is nice when you get to use the site for free.

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