Man Slashed with Machete for Having Affair with Married Woman

Man Slashed with Machete for Having Affair with Married Woman

It’s that pesky male privilege again. A woman caught having an affair with a married man receives serious punishment, like getting a free haircut, whereas a man having an affair with a married woman gets away with a slap on the wrist… with a machete.

According to the info I got, this incident happened in Kota Kualasimpang, Aceh, Indonesia on Tuesday January 17, 2017. The man was slashed multiple times with a machete, leaving him in serious condition, allegedly by a man whose wife he was boinking. Both his hands have deep cuts on them, and so does his head. As of this post, he remains in a coma with big question marks regarding his chances of survival.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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107 thoughts on “Man Slashed with Machete for Having Affair with Married Woman”

        1. @llyounghitlerll
          A wife or long time girlfriend to a male is considered his property, his bitch, his sex slave, to cook and clean, and dust his sweaty balls. You take my property, I’ll beat your brains out like the dude who got it with the pickaxe. End of story.

      1. i never understood why you’d kill the guy fucking your wife or your cheating wife. If i was married i’d just leave my cheating wife. why kill someone and ruin your life and go to jail. and even if you didn’t go to jail why kill someone or fuck them up because of cheating. i’d just find another bitch. i think this shit is primitive and based on the idea that your spouse is yours. i don’t like cheating but this is just extreme.

          1. highly doubt you’d even get any satisfaction from it unless you are a psychopath and like to kill people in general. or while sitting in prison for 10 years you look back and think oh yeah i’m glad i killed that bitch. pretty much just ruin your wife. first your wife is fucking some other guy and now you’re in prison eating cock meat sandwiches for dinner.

          2. @persian @dethbyplaster Agree with you both a million times over. It’s the wife that chose to disregard promises and vows made. Give due punishment where it’s due. The best revenge is to walk away, file for divorce, move on, and live your life. No need to accumulate criminal charges over someone who clearly isn’t worth it. You can’t change a single soul on this planet. Perhaps influence, maybe. Given they have a conscience. And remorse.

            Can’t stand cheaters. How hard is it to say “I don’t love or like you the way I thought I once did, therefore I’m calling it quits. I’m moving on and so shold you”. And to have some class and self respect to separate BEFORE ANY cheating takes place.

          3. You ladies are right about this. I hate that. The man feels “wronged” and wants to show the other man “you can’t do that to me.” Male urge is to strike back physically. But it does no good. But in the USA, the female will still walk away with most of the husband’s possessions and kids.
            If anyone tried to have sex with my wife, they would have to dig her up first, and that’s just sick.

          1. You have to claim that you believed it was rape, and that you were defending yourself; otherwise you could still get charged, but most likely wouldn’t have to serve a prison sentence. The best way to solve the situation in the moment, and in time, would be to eliminate all three people.

          1. i don’t plan on getting married anytime soon. majority of marriages fail these days so what is the point of getting married when marriage is supposed to be permanent.

        1. this is the only way to force these whores to respect our fucking dicks, women are cheating more because their feminists husband(vagina worshipers) are letting them get away with it, and the worst thing to do is killing the poor horny man and let your wife alive this is the ultimate pussy worshiping.

    1. Precisely…
      I’ve never understood why guys go after the guy fucking their ol’ lady.
      Did the other guy make a commitment to you, take vows with you, raise kids, etc…
      The one to be angry with is the cheating spouse…

      1. It’s because guys mistakenly believe that having to share a pussy is somehow indicative of their level of “manliness” or lack of…….
        Men use females to validate their worth. When that becomes threatened, they feel invalid and that feeling overpowers reason. They will kill for it. It’s a disgusting mental defect and you can see it all over these comments. These men can’t even understand it even tho Mark FULLY EXPLAINS IT! I come to watch the retards comment, while thinking they are wise and logical. We call these men White Knights or MANGINA. They will do anything for pussy and I mean anything. They are a threat to males and very dangerous. But the fight is in it’s infancy. The psychotic people run are the majority and what they want goes.

  1. Hey, he got fucked up; she didn’t. But the person who made that decision was another man. Men are territorial and that means fighting off the threat. Machete messed up guy was the threat. The territory was the labium of the wife. Maybe he’ll fuck her up later but the threat comes first with most males – in the wild or “domesticated” (if we are anymore.)

        1. You are so foolish with your typical, absolving females of accountability nonsense. Plenty of women have and do kill men for far less than cheating. I am the only man who will call you out because I don’t care if you have a vagina. I treat PEOPLE the same, regardless of gender.

          1. Fatty Arbuckle used to enjoy cramming champagne bottles into slutty chicks. I kinda think I could get into that, I will just have to be careful not to cram them too hard like he got in trouble for doing.

          1. @deathbyplaster “I live in the States so you -can’t- kill someone over an affair.”

            No one is immune to being killed, for any reason. It’s also a misconception that all murderers are captured and face justice. Yes, hypothetically, you can be killed over an affair, and the person who carried it out can potentially get away with it.

        1. Yep, exactly, a vagina can’t get your wife pregnant, a penis can. Evolutionarily speaking, if your woman goes out with five other women but you’re her only man, your genes will go down for the next generation, and all of her children will be your children, but if she has only a single man besides you, you risk being a cuckold.

        1. @suraj-adh Curry: But adultery is adultery. I don’t care. It’s just when someone like Hindu, not you, carries on about adultery, there shouldn’t be exceptions. But whatever.
          (Telling you this cuz it drives me nuts: spammer guy posted 56 times in a row on that cop shoots other cop post. Did I count? Yes lol Why is this tolerated? It pisses me off.I can’t help it lol.)

          1. The only problem you have is that you take shit too seriously. My believes are that you should be loyal to your partner whether you’re straight or homo.
            And yeah that grope guy is fuckin annoying.

  2. Anybody heard of Clara Harris? She lost it over her husband’s affair and when he came out of a hotel with the other women, she ran over him 3 times in her Mercedes. It was 2002.
    She knew he was having affair for months. She didn’t want to lose him. Her husband had made a list of the things she needed to change in order to be good enough. She had been a beauty queen but was getting older. She lost weight, got a boob job, a facelift. But when she found out he hadn’t ended the affair, she snapped. She’s still in prison. She really tried to keep him. I don’t feel bad that he died.

    1. @deth I read exactly one page about Clara Harris at your suggestion. I’d say “snapped” is right on the money, lol. She had investigators following him, and when they notified her that he was in the motel with his ladyfriend, she hopped in her car and went over there. Ran his ass over 3 times that same day she was notified WITH HIS TEENAGED DAUGHTER FROM A PREVIOUS MARRIAGE IN HER PASSENGER SEAT. Snapped indeed. Bitches be crazy

    2. I see he had children, she had the right to confront him if she thought that he was absent from home and not providing the children with education and resources, instead of spending it on bitches, although I don’t know what happened for sure. He also should have known, or maybe knew, that this could happen to him when he married a Latina, for Latinas are an impulsive bunch…

    3. I found out my ex was cheating, he told me while I was driving, I LITERALLY saw red, when he got out, I hit him with my car. I was not in control at all. “I saw red” was a statement I never understood until that moment. So I get why Clara did what she did.

    1. Even Ancient Rome had laws on adultery, Augustus passed moral legislation in which the husband was allowed to kill the cheater if he was caught in the act of adultery, and the pater familias could kill both his daughter and the cheater, or at least had to exile his daughter, this at a time when the empire was still strong. I wonder if the laws over time were enforced, which could explain the moral decay and deterioration of the empire with time…

  3. if your wife is cheating say nothing and get your hands on blood infected with hiv, obviously stop fucking her then systematically poison her (and her lover should also catch it) then calmly walk away from the relationship/marriage and watch her rot from a distance.

  4. I’ll never forget a similar post on here where two elderly men with machetes turned each other to hamburger while fighting over some wrinkled, graying coochie. Some guys remain simps until the day they die- literally.

  5. Women get catty about this shit but if her man is fucking around it’s the man’s fault just as a woman fucking some guy on the side then it’s her fault. The guy should have gotten his ass kicked, not sliced up by some machismo who based his decision on emotional reasoning. She’s the on responsible for that mess she should have kept her panties on. Stupid cunt. Drop kick her out the door, she can go find some other fool to put up with her shit. I really feel sorry for the victim on this one big time. He might not have known she was married.

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