Man Slashed Across Abdomen Squirms on Road

Man Slashed Across Abdomen Squirms on Road

Video shows a man squirming and bleeding on a road after he was chopped and sliced with a machete. There appears to be a large slash across his abdomen, through which his intestines are protruding.

I like how most people seem to just carry on with their lives, passing by the wounded man. Nobody seems to be in any hurry to get him medical attention, so his troubles were probably not over anytime soon.

Apparently it happened in Jamaica. Props to Best Gore member @sickjoke for the video:

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          1. Many times we don’t know the backstory here on BG, so I guess this guy deserved it. I.e. Would you help him, knowing, that he raped your 8 year old daughter to death?

    1. @Am0ur i have to agree the way they were acting and pointing and shouting “player” did he cheat on someone, bitch took it bit far if he did , so you gonna cheat on me I’ll fuckin slice your belly out ! Dang

  1. He’s not the only shit laying in the street…them Rasta folks don’t pick up behind themselves at all.
    *Note to self.
    Getting gutted like a fish in a neighborhood that picks the garbage up off the streets greatly enhances your chances for survival.

  2. My Jamaican is a bit rusty as it has been quite some time since I last sat down and watched Seagal?s Marked for Death but I am pretty sure they were calling him a bloodclot and what not which would mean that he be a screw-face and dey be teaching dis bad man a lesson.

      1. I completely meant using some slick intestines for the rope 8)

        Watching it I kept wondering why the fuck he keeps writhing on his side – seems if he rolled onto his back gravity would help keep things where they should be while he screamed at an apathetic death-cheer member to grab a staple gun from the hardware store haha. But hey, can’t blame the dude for not having spot on logic through his predicament…seems the urge to return to the fetal position was too strong lol.

    1. Lets replace “God” with “Common Sense”, cause your connection doesnt add up if you observe all the religious nutters. Still, you?re right, if people live up to their reasonable ideals of a religion, that provide prosperity, progress and peace, then there might be a chance for evolution.

    2. @Xizang, hard-line Islam destroys that argument.

      Western based Christianity appears to be peaceful now but was once just as cruel and self-absorbed as hard-line Islam.

      How then did Christianity get pacified?, the science, philosophy and art movements gained enough momentum among the masses to put them in continual check and so they chose neutrality in order to remain relevant and survive.

      It?s the same in the world of business in that competition creates change whereas lack of competition creates monopolies and monopolies give rise to extremes.

      Islam has a monopoly in many parts of the third world hence the common extremes exhibited there whereas in America and Europe they have to play it neutral due to the opposition putting them in continual check.

      It?s the same in politics in that politicians unopposed will follow extreme agendas because human beings themselves are often extreme in their views and will only follow the middle ground when pressured to do so.

      So, all in all, religion is merely a tool just like politics and it is us human beings with our many, many weaknesses who are self absorbed and cruel.

    3. @xizang, ?? I bet if you asked any Jamaican they would say they believe in god. Just about every black person believes in god, they are always superstitious. I bet every one of the people walking past in this video has been or goes to a church, regularly.

      1. They believe in God as far as is convenient for their own gain. Most religious people do. The moment the gain doesn’t match the devotion, they’ll toss the rules out the window and wait until claiming religious status is worthwhile for pardoning their character.

        1. @Siniko, have you noticed all hip-hop, rap singers, black entertainers in general, always thank ‘god’ first, if they win an award. I don’t think many black people are atheist or non-believers. Many certainly don’t behave like Christians or whatever. I have a book on Texan death row executions, tells their last words, last meal and description of their crime. Every single black murderer says “I’ll be with god in a minute” or “Jesus I’m coming home” type stuff, ALL of them. Many of the whites and Hispanics too, but not all of them, like the black people.

          1. I agree with you. I think it’s more noticeable in blacks because they lack identity and so everything they feel connected to, they tend to boast it in the forefront much louder than other types of religious people. Hearing a black person praise Jesus is worse than the thousand allahu ackbars that preceed and follow one single act of the muslims

          2. @Siniko, what I find frightening is the spread of Islam like a cancer through the black African countries, or communities in other countries. I used to love boxing as a young girl (watching it! lol) and I really loved Muhammed Ali, I remember when I found out why he changed his name. I don’t know why but I felt let down, he doesn’t like whites at all, he just tolerates them as fans and a way to wealth etc. Well that was before he got p-p-punched in the head too many times!

          3. I think they tried the Muslim route after finding burning crosses in their yards. That’ll turn their taste off for Christianity pretty quick.

          1. You know, on the one hand its fun to watch some stray lost and confused while I show them the sinister aspects of this existence that I?ve reached so far, but on the other, there are some that hate and fight me for loving to live in such realms, that provide me insight and comfort. But the real poisonous are those, who pretended to love and understand me, and although cautioned, they were too afraid to learn more about themselves and this reality. Finally there are those, who completely avoid anything “negative”, those are the floaters, which dont belong anywhere, neither “good” or “bad”. The dualistic worldview is a wrong conclusion anyway.

          2. Understandably so… To be honest, i gave up trying on that aspect and only bother with those that i actually understand that they have true intent to care to see how the world is… it makes things less… “forced” on them. And even if you have a large selection of those people, you can allways chose those you wish to call “friends” anyways. Its a matter of selection.

  3. In Slavic countries in good old 80’s, people were instantly running to help. Getting out from car, run to catch thief, defending weak being molested or anything else.
    My fear is, while we continue our crawling to western “Integration” we will became zombies overtime. We becaming right now, rapidly fast.

  4. And the Damn Marxist Socialist Nazi Democrat Party wants to turn the States into a third world system…. They’re bringing in Mexicans by invasion …thank the fucken democrats Nazi mfrs!

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