Man from Sri Lanka Attacked and Scalped with Machete in Paris Restaurant

Man from Sri Lanka Attacked and Scalped with Machete in Paris Restaurant

On March 5, 2018, two hooded individuals entered a restaurant on rue Cail, in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, France to attack a man.

The two men, armed respectively with a saber and a machete, made their way to the victim and after inflicting slash wounds to his hand and arm, scalped him.

35 year old victim was determined to be Sri Lankan, and so were his two attackers. The attack, French police say, was a matter of settling issues within the Sri Lankan community.

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    1. Cop an eye full of that tower.

      Last time we were in Paris, my wife was arrested by a Gendarme.
      We wanted to climb the Eiffel Tower, so she asked a friendly policeman where it was.
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  2. I watched it over and over. It’s like one of does nightmare’s were messed up shit is happening to you and it’s in slow motion and you just can’t do anything to defend yourself..but in this one your totally in control like in the movie the matrix and whipping ass! I love how he nocks that fat nasty silver back the fuck out!

  3. Why would anyone want a skanky smelly scalp from a Sri Lankan?

    Dude telegraphed the pending hack-attack by twirling that shit like Shinobi. His money shot would have come like a foot short of hitting anything had the victim not stuck his arm out

  4. Just skimming through the comments – lends one to wonder, did the man deserve such a violent attack? I dare say any one of us could answer that. There are evil people in this world, and a plethora right here on Best Gore. Hell awaits those who have no conscience. Debate that – oh, unless you fall into that evil category.

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