Man Stabbed in Eye, Mexico

Man Stabbed in Eye, Mexico

Man Stabbed in Eye, Mexico

This is an aftermath video from Veracruz, a city in Mexico, which begins with a man walking up to the gruesome scene of an argument that had escalated to a stabbing.

The video shows a man standing between two cars in a parking lot, ranting, with a knife sticking out of his left eye. In the video he is basically calling his opponent a hoe for “fighting dirty” and he just can’t believe it.

Two men, Armando and Domingo, both 47, we’re trying to park in the same spot when Armando chose to cut Domingo off. Domingo then got out of his car and the two began to fight. Armando realized he could not take the man and decided to grab his hunting knife and jam it right into Domingo’s eye.

Police broke up the fight and detained the stabber. In the background you can see Armando’s bitch nagging at him as he is handcuffed.

Domingo was taken to Veracruz general hospital to have the knife removed although they could not save his eye..

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