Man Stabbed in the Eye, Knife Buried Deep In His Skull, Only Handle Sticks Out

Man Stabbed in the Eye, Knife Buried Deep In His Skull, Only Handle Sticks Out

A man was stabbed in the eye in a village called Barreto, in the state of MaranhΓ£o, Northeastern Brazil. Whoever stabbed him, buried the knife’s blade deep in the man’s skull – it went in all the way to the handle. I wonder if the eye made it.

The police officer who is interviewed by the reporter says he thinks the stabbing was drugs related in some way, and that they will proceed to the village to conduct further investigation.

There are two videos of the incident. The first one shows the man being brought to a hospital. Despite having been impaled through the eye, he still can walk on his own, although his feet are a bit wobbly.

The second video was filmed inside the hospital, but is of very poor quality. Probably filmed on a low resolution phone camera.

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          1. It probably did touch the back of his skull. Good thing we don’t use a big part of our brain (estimated we only use around 15% to 20% of it) or else he’d be dead. He got blinded from that eye, obviously, but survived.

            From an article I managed to find he owed some drug dealer money, and payed the price.

          2. We use all of our brain, just certain areas of the brain for certain things. Although if some areas are damaged other parts of the brain can “adapt” to undertake the needed tasks hence “neuroplasicity.”

            I’m just interested in what parts are the brain is damaged and how it affected him.

  1. What’s up with the woman in the yellow shirt? If I could understand the language I could follow what happened. Since I can’t understand my imagination goes something like this (translated into English, of course)…
    “Whew! Lawdy… Sum one jus’ done put uh knife in muh pimps head! He ain’t gots but one eye left! …ah knows they din’t jus’ do dat… Why day go an’ do dat? Uh, uh… No! Now who goin’ te pay da child ‘sport on mah chirren?”.

  2. What’s sad is that the sheep in America refuse to broadcast such things on the news because “its offensive”. No wonder people in this country are so ignorant. Thank you BG, and thanks for the video ate.

    Also, its amazing that guy was able to walk.

    1. @silver wings… Agreed. I have been to many countries and watched the news. The brutal hard truth is shown and the people are informed of the reality of life. Here in the U.S. we’re treated as if our sensitivities would be destroyed… So, they censor everything. What a crock of shit… That’s why I love this site.

  3. I mean…I guess that if I lived in Brazil, I’d hang outside the hospital too. That way I could watch all the victims of violence come in AND when someone decides to stab me in the eye, I’ll be in the right place.

  4. He should have seen that coming….. Woaaaa lol

    I loved the hospital occupants reactions. Looked once then turned then went for the conformation on what they thought they seen hahaha brilliant.

  5. Some people will give an arm or leg for the drugs. This gentleman gave an eye.

    He best take good care of his remaining eye and eyesight now. Cause we all know he’s not gone quit with the drug crap.

    Oh well smell, another day another limb or eye in this case.

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