Man Suffers Nasty Cut After Running Into Rusty Tailgate

Man Suffers Nasty Cut After Running Into Rusty Tailgate

Greetings. Seeing this latest edition of Best Gore Members Rock, I am suddenly in the mood for pizza. So while I grab a bite, I’ll let Best Gore member, @dphilli3, describe the event.

On August 7th, 2014, in my hometown of New York, USA, me and a couple of my friends were kicking a soccer ball around trying to juggle the ball and not let it hit the ground. One of my friends kicked it too high and it went over my head and past my friends old truck. It had a rusted tailgate. As I was running past the truck I ran straight into the right back end of the tailgate and hit my leg on it and the rusted sharp tailgate got caught on my jean shorts ripping them. As my friend pulled the jean shorts off of the metal, he seen the horrific cut and freaked out it barely bled. I didn’t feel much of any pain. I went in an ambulance to the hospital and waited three hours and they finally stitched me up. Unfortunately it happened an hour before I had to go to work .. Thus they fired me..pricks.

Thanks for sharing, brother. But they for serious fired you?

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        1. ya i dont like when someone brings up old mothers and fathers,for all he knows my mam and dad are dead,their not thank GOD but still Obli what he said was out of order man and if it was me that said it,it would be a differint story,i dont want no wolfs set on me man because if they are,ull be down a couple of wolfs lol

          1. @FI did I not warn you about provoking him? You didn’t listen so what he said is your own damn fault for not heading everyone’s warnings.

          2. So on a serious note @i-dont-give-a-fuck, why can’t you just come here and be somewhat civil? Many members come to BG to escape the bull shit we endure everyday in life and the last thing we want to do is deal with another headache. Joking around is one thing but relentlessly attacking and provoking members is another. Just try to chill out a little and enjoy the community.

          3. ok deadohiosky i didnt think i said anythin too bad to anyone man,did you take what i said to heart or what?this is best gore man last i looked it was full of people that are not so sencitive,jesus will ye relax and slag back or just ignore and enjoy the gore

          4. @FI I don’t play that game buttercup you know damn well what you are doing, calling yourself stupid doesn’t change the fact that in your reply to Obli you know what you’re doing. I know you’re not provoking me, yet , but for real let things drop and chill.

          5. @i-dont-give-a-fuck
            The problem lies in the way you interact with the members. You’ve never really made an attempt to get to know any of us, so to just hop in and start slinging insults isn’t a good approach. I’ve never takin anything you said personally but the amount of respect you show to OG members is lacking. I’m not saying you have to kiss everyone’s ass and not joke, but again, try to have some meaningful conversation so maybe we can get to know you better. So far, all I know about you is that you just like to stir up shit and it’s very off putting…and who knows man, maybe if you try we will just find out your just a misunderstood Irishman 🙂

          6. to tell the truth,i love talkin to ye,slagin ye so much,i dont even look at the gore,i just go straight to the comments haha,i might look at the pic or read the descripsion but i dont have no real intersest in it,its ye best gore fuckers lol,not puttin down the gore its just me,anyway,im off,i love ye all,i might see ye in a hour or two if im still alive,GOD BLESS

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          9. Well I for one am happy. I’ve been wondering for years now “what Best Gore is”, but could never figure it out. Sleepin’ easy tonight!

            On the flip side, I’m gonna have my friend take some pics when she gets here tonight to send in. I accidentally fell asleep on a heating pad for around 8 hours and now have a half foot by half foot square of pure burn on my back, complete with lots of skin bubbling :'(
            Come to think of it, I most definitely will not be sleepin’ easy tonight.

          10. Eh, truth be told @deadohiosky I haven’t been doing too well the last month or so. It’s been off & on but on that night I messed up and was coming off a long binge so I was practically dead to the world ya know.
            Didn’t feel anything for a few moments after waking until I sat up.
            Unfortunately, as I got up, my skin stayed down :/

      1. Yep,,, Go to bed, and hopefully you do not talk shit in your sleep. I have kept my mouth shut, instead of unloading on your ass, also. So listen to what people are saying man, and stop being an asshole bro!!! If you want to go fishing, grab a rod, some tackle, and Fuck The FUCK-OFF ALREADY. Enough of your shit, as i am very tired of it also, Dude.

        1. deadohiosky man i just read over all the shit i was talkin and listen,i was out of order and in the wrong man,your right in what you were saying brother,i do come on and dont try to get to no anyone and joke and slag,its not on for me to do that and think people are in the mood to listen to it,im goin to be differint from now on,not differiint man im goin to be myself and ya man id love to get to no any of ye,i think i do a small bit anyway

          1. and im sorry to anyone else i offended also,it wasnt ment to be nasty or anything and the world doesnt go arround me,so sorry for buttin in on posts and comments,thats all.

  1. It’s a good thing you didn’t have any pain because that looks like it would hurt like hell. I can’t believe you were fired for having to go to the hospital. I hope you found another job. Thank you for the pictures.

  2. You should have know problem finding another job now. If I was a boss, I’d hire you in a second, once I knew this story behind your firing and then you having a cool scar to go with it.

    1. @Atle, I agree to an extent, I try not to ‘argue’ with other members, it still happens sometimes. This Irish fella, well it makes for very entertaining reading I suppose if you are not on the receiving end, but most people are giving back what they get and more! Like Irish said, it’s gore site, it will never be all ‘I love you oh, and I love you too’ not all the time, every post. Humans argue, that’s it. Now most regulars hate this guy so he’s picking/trolling and ready for the replies, now it’s what he’s known for.

  3. @dphilli3…………that looks awful but Its none of your mistake brother , I am gonna say it was rather that unfortunate moment in time where things really went wrong for ya
    it was none of your own fault .
    We all know wherever we may be ; danger lurks everywhere . Life is so unsure and there is no certainty to your being safe and sound all your life but have to be a wee bit cautious though at most times to avoid getting kissed by DANGER.
    Stay safe and let the wound heal .
    Take care .

    1. @atle, I am sooo afraid of bull sharks. Afraid of bullshit? Not so much. Your comment made me laugh as I have seen jaws as small child, and yup, pretty much made me deathly afraid of sharks my ENTIRE life after. Can’t really even swim in a pool if I can’t see the bottom. Too stressful. Funny comment, thanks for the laugh.

      1. It never ceases to amaze me, just how little it takes for people to flip out on the internet.
        I wonder if they’re that angry in “real life” too, or if they just get bigger balls while they’re safely behind their computer screen. 😉

  4. Ouch! I was eating scrambled eggs with salsa when I saw this.
    The eggs are in the garbage now, lol.
    Odd that it didn’t really bleed.
    I’ve had a smaller stab wound that didn’t hurt when it happened. It hurt later though, a lot.

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