Man’s Head gets Blasted by Homemade Fireworks

Man's Head gets Blasted by Homemade Fireworks

Another reminder why you never look inside a gun or explosive that misfires. How many times have we seen this? People never learn. That’s why we exist, to shove this hard truth in your face. Be responsible or you will end up here at Best Gore!

From what I understand, this man was constructing some kind of fireworks display when it misfired. So, as anyone without proper training would do, he stuck his face in the hole to see what the problem was. And it was the last thing he ever did, because the explosive discharged at that moment and hit him square in the forehead. Ripping the flesh and punching into the skull, killing him instantly. Some fragments of the skull were found as far as 30m away.

The heat was so intense that the powder has been “tattooed” on his face. Medical instruments peeling back the torn flesh to reveal the skull and what looks like a hole. Looks like the cover of a Grindcore album or something.

Mad props to Best Gore member bungle1 for the hook up.

102 thoughts on “Man’s Head gets Blasted by Homemade Fireworks”

        1. I doubt he felt it, but those powder Burns all over his face would’ve hurt like a swift kick to the nuts, but i’m sure that was the least of his worries.. The big ass hole in his head probably take presidenvve

  1. He has the look of Oh Shit What Have I Done To My Self Now!!!!
    No shit dumb ass! You don’t look down the barrel of a loaded gun the same applies to a mortar in pyrotechnics display about to go off for the grand finally! That’s what most likely it was *mortar*. He learned the last lesson in his life…..
    I just love explosions! R.I.P dude & leave it to the pros!

  2. He has that sad, self pitying “why does this shit always happen to me” look on his face.

    I suppose he has a right to feel sorry for himself considering that he looked ugly enough as it was without a firework from hell turning him into the Cyclops from the movie Krull.

      1. @Dre, long time no see, It’s good to have you back here again.

        I did get the impression you were having a break from here due to Bestgore burnout, which is something we all experience every now and then. Anyway I hope you are feeling well rested and ready to go another few rounds on here.

        I should take a mini break myself soon, I could do with the relaxation.

        Good luck with your hand recovery Dre.

        1. As always, your wise words summed it all up Empty. I am slowly learning to not let the agitators get to me, but instead, use my energy to stay calm and help make a change for the better, in order to help inform the innocents in this screwed-up world we live in. Thanks for your kind words brother! 🙂

  3. They fuck’n let off fireworks a lot around here and fuck’n shoot like whenever they fucking feel like at night and shit. I’m temped to peel off a clip in the fucking flower bed, it’s gonna be soon. But yeah you got to let the bomb to become. He fuck up. -951-

  4. But for the grace of God… Look, I’ve done a lot of dumb things in my life. Some of them so stupid that I’ve managed to block them from my memory. So I have to say that we all fuck up on occasion. Paying the death penalty is pretty harsh…

  5. “Baby, you’re a firework
    Come on, let your colours burst
    Make ’em go, “Aah, aah, aah”
    You’re gonna leave ’em all in awe, awe, awe”

    This song… your head
    all day… you’re welcome.

          1. Haha I’m just pulling your leg mate.

            If the gods of pussy allowed you to bang her but only under the condition that she sings that song while you do it… would you do her?

            Even though she’s abit pink for my taste I’d sing it with her doing the chicken dance if it meant I got to dabble my working class cock in that silly bitch.

          2. Haha, it’s a toughy to be fair, definitely not a nailed on certainty. I suppose I’d have a dabble if the song was the one about kissing a bird, yeah, I’d bang her box off while belting that one out ! 😀

    1. @H.Thompson.

      I work with saws, routers and other such dangerous tools. I have also noticed that the majority of the time your eyes will close before your eye is hit by a wood chip or something similar. Your brain seems to react before ” you ” see it. This would explain the indestructible eyeball, although not always.

        1. Imagine the scene @bobcat, bloody awful scenario. All buzzing in excited anticipation, watching with pride as their father sets up the display. And then, that sudden lull when the thing fails to ignite, and then, in a flash…. boooom, he’s for the next life, their lives will never be the same again. Dear me.

          1. Then they can all go gather the skull shreds from 30 yards away. But their thickness will still be there, inherited in the DNA, or surface otherwise through the 100 monkeys effect, wouldn’t it;

  6. Ahhhhh, the memories……….. I remember being an idiot as a teenager in metal-work at school and took a .22 bullet in to pull it apart.

    Got the lead and powder out and started poking around at the primer with a metal scriber and BANG 😆

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