Best Gore Members Rock – Booze and Deep Cut in Arm

Best Gore Members Rock - Booze and Deep Cut in Arm

I would like to take this opportunity to give props and thank the many Best Gore readers who keep sharing their personal pictures and stories with me so they can be published on the pages of this website. It takes balls of certain size and hardness to prop up the courage and take the step towards sharing what is so personally yours, yet you still do it and for that I fucking salute you! You guys ROCK!

I am 30 and have been a gore fan since I was around 10, watching VHS stuff sold at the local movie store way before the internet. I saw some similar posts so I figured I would offer up one of my gore accidents.

What happened a few years ago was I was recently laid off and on a crazy winner, beer and modern warfare 2 binge. I was so drunk, that (I am very good and serious at fps mind you) upon getting my ass handed to me time and again because of my crappy ping in my area, I jumped up pissed, ran to my Ontario Spec Plus combat knife that hangs by the front door and I guess in a typical dumb ass fashion like all my life, for the fuck of it, was gonna no biggie cut my upper arm in rage. Ya so emo…

It was a brand new knife and I was totally not mechanically inclined at the moment and apparently pushed way to hard and fast. Realizing what I did, I plopped back down in the recliner and called out to my wife in bed. Smiling as she came in I said: “man I really fucked up babe. I messed that one up”. Not only was it a serious cut. I have hemophilia (blood clotting problems) which makes even medium priority trauma serious.

She called 911 and after getting to the trauma room in ER I was in great spirits, but all the nurses and doctors despite all the gore they have seen, they were set back. My story as to not raise any questions was that I was drinking, I grabbed my knife to cut a string of the sleeve of my shirt as I was walking into kitchen and ran into the door way, and wallllllaaaaahh…. Not the most gracious, but yeah.

Turns out, when I popped up on the other side of a nice surgery, the operating doc came to my room and was saying how crazy deep it was and I said: “man I wish I had pics”. And he kinda proudly yet reluctantly drew his flip phone out of his pocket and said: “I can tell you are cool and trust you won’t tell… I just had to snap some pics for my wife and friends”. He sent them to me and the rest is history.

Do you have your own gore pics with a story involving you? Why not man up and share them too?

Pictures sent by a Best Gore reader from the story above are below:

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7 thoughts on “Best Gore Members Rock – Booze and Deep Cut in Arm”

  1. “It was a brand new knife and I was totally not mechanically inclined at the moment and apparently pushed way to hard and fast.”

    know the feeling mate, did something similar myself. tried looking after it without hospital care or stitches and all that and near shat myself over possible septicaemia at times. all good now tho.

  2. Thanks for sharing, that knife rocks. I want one.

    On a different note, I wish I had a vid from the hysterectomy. It was exploratory, so my guts were on a tray next to me. I did ask for pics but the doctor looked at me like I was nuts.

  3. I lost a testicle when I was 14. Twisted them, went three days without seeing a doctor out of embarrassment and telling myself that it was nothing. (They were engorged by the time I actually went to ER) The stitches went halfway down my scrotum, And it was crusty with blood and iodine afterwards. I couldn’t shit for 4 days cuz I was constipated from the Tylenol 3, and my doc had told me that if I pushed really hard I could rip the stitches and sploosh… Nuts in a bowl. I really wish I took some pictures now.

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