Mentally Ill Inmate on Suicide Watch Mistreated by Guards in Auburn, California

Mentally Ill Inmate on Suicide Watch Mistreated by Guards in Auburn, California

On May 14, 2017, guards at the main Jail in Auburn, California punch and use stun gun on a man on suicide watch. He is initially being held after a minor drug offense.

Two years after abuse allegations at the Auburn Main Jail, a federal judge in Sacramento gives his final approval Thursday, May 28, 2019 to a $1.4 million class action lawsuit which involves claims of 500 former inmates.

The 2017 attack involves mentally ill inmate, Beau Bangert, 28, who suffers from an episode. Four Placer county sheriff’s officials charge into Beau Bangert’s small suicide watch cell with a plastic body shield, smashing Bangert against the wall. Alternately, he is pummeled with fists, knees and elbows, and tased by deputies. Reportedly, one jailer says, “We’re going to put you to sleep.”

Beau Bangert is wheeled back into the cell in a restraining chair. Officials remove the spit mask, and leave the limp inmate staring face up from the chair with face covered in blood.

The northern California county fought to keep the video and images from the public eye. The video of attack results in the firings of three sheriff’s officials.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

Here is Beau Bangert during and after excessive force:

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    1. It should of only taken one to take this guy down these people could not do anything correct
      I am Shocked if that man knew any self defense he could of done a lot of damage to these inexperienced Jailers lol. complete fools I don’t understand punching the young man not once after entry did this man show any aggression Evan after getting hit in the face repeatedly!
      This needs to stop and the ones responsible should be dealt with .

    1. Do we know what he did BEFORE this happened? Seems like a way over the top response, but as usual we are only getting half the story.

      He probably spit on and tried to bite every nurse or doctor that went in to try and help him out.

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  1. Bangert received a separate civil settlement of $250,000, and will get around $50,000 from the class-action lawsuit, his attorney told KCRA.

    But how much does he pay to the attorney and taxes after that? He’ll be lucky to see a quarter.

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  3. That’s what you get when you take away the medical asylums, that lawsuit money could a have been used to properly help people. If he didnt want to off himself before he definitely will now…or just kill your incompetent ass.

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    1. They really are. The guards are more outta control than cops cause once you’re in prison they dont have to explain it to anyone. Not like you have the opportunity to call a lawyer and by the time you do the bruises are gone.

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  8. I am an ex C.O and judging by his stance,coming in with the shield would be the best way to stay safe but the punching (even once) when he never even swung at the C.Os,way out of line and that asshole should be locked up right beside him.

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