Merry-Go-Round of Death: Worker Smeared into Workshop Floor by Forklift

Merry-Go-Round of Death: Worker Smeared into Workshop Floor by Forklift

Worker is smeared into the workshop floor by his own forklift in China.

BTW New Members or Old Members Whom May Have Forgotten: Older videos are not viewable as they were hosted on ProChan, then abruptly deleted without notice…have gotten a lot of inquires about it recently. Thank you, goodnight!

Props to Best Gore member @jonbonsilver for the video:

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109 thoughts on “Merry-Go-Round of Death: Worker Smeared into Workshop Floor by Forklift”

    1. Holy SHIT! How does someone manage to fuck themselves this badly in three different ways at once. The entire world must have been stacked against this fucker that day. He couldn’t even stack his own shit.

      1. This operator wasn’t the smartest member of our homo sapiens species. Jumping off an active forklift??? I myself operate forklifts and it never crossed my mind to jump out off it while it is active or without the handbrake activated. Well, natural selection got this guy. He deserved it.

        1. Hand brake aside. The foot switch shuts off automatically and the seat is supposed to have a pressure sensitive switch under it so when the pressure of a body is removed the vehicle should stop functioning. If you operate forklifts you know this as well as me.

          1. Yep-decent carnage. This is how God weeds out the weak, dumb, and impulsive Korn holes of humanity. Gator145 is dead on. Simple, inexpensive $3.00 safety switch under seat would’ve stopped lift as he jumped off. Thinning out the herd……. NEXT VICTIM!

    2. What a stupid fucking cunt. i hope he never had any kids. He didn’t follow the rules ,step one – Honk.. then step 2 -jump out and over power the forklift load with your bare hands. He had the right idea jumping out, he just forgot to honk.

        1. @SeraphimSerenata & @brokeback
          Yea,,, i thought that he was either simply having a snooze, or had headphones on while listening to music, or of course maybe texting as it does take some peoples complete attention while doing so.

          1. @SeraphimSerenata
            That could very well been the case brother, as he probably was on his cell phone glued to Best-Gore. And Yes,,, with all of your awesome posts that you entered yesterday my good Brother, i can’t say that i blame him one bit, lol. 🙂

            You, and your hand-picked teammates are doing a fucking incredible job at keeping us well entertained my good brother,,, “”Seriously Dude”” So Major Props & Kudos 🙂

          2. @SeraphimSerenata
            Indeed we are my good brother,,, Indeed We Are. 🙂
            How can we Not Have A Great Time when we share your company, and always get to enjoy, watch, & read Best-Gore on my laptop that is hooked up to our 50 inch Big-Screen T.V. in Me Man-Cave.

            It is an awesome experience to see all the bright reds, in full H-D Quality And Picture. 🙂
            Hope that you and the family are also having a great day/evening together.
            Warm wishes from your *Sincere Brother* The-Dre. 🙂

      1. @GNeveNL
        Lol, that was good, and funny brother. So funny/strange in fact that the Jews might just use it on their next episode of Ancient Aliens, on their History Channel, with that dude with the fucked-up hairdo, lol. 😉

          1. @GNeveNL

            Holy-Shit,,, how the hell did you remember his name brother, lol. I Busted my head all morning trying to remember that odd duck’s name, lol. Well done man! 🙂

  1. Shame on me for the snicker that I just didn’t manage to stifle…NO, double-shame because in the background at the very end you can hear one of the people watching the tape cracking up…

  2. Fucking China wants to be a big big super power in this world, but they cannot even implement the most simple JSA at their crappy work places. Half of the work accident videos on this site come from China. Fuck this piece of shit of a country.

    1. My thoughts too. Assuming there’s no safety standards such as OSHA in Ching Chong territory I’ll bet we only see a fraction of the carnage spilled. If this forklift was battery powered lol, oh boy; just battery alone prolly 1,500 lbs maybe 2k. (Forklift operator of 22 years).
      F-up#1: Gas pedal didn’t default to idle/off.
      F-up#2: Switch under seat didn’t cut power to engine/tranny.
      F-up#3: Slant Ho failed to throw gear shift into neutral upon jumping. Under steering wheel can’t miss & takes a milisecond to hit.

  3. I’ve driven my fair share of lift-trucks. You never get off. If shit falls, shit falls. In the video in my first watch once it started falling it looks like he made a good save, but then you see him get off.

  4. Wonder if that had deadman switches for the seatbelt or seat. We get assholes that hurt themselves or others somewhat regularly when they bypass those. People don’t fear/respect the fuck you up factor with forklifts nearly enough. We had a dude break his arm trying to flinstone style stop his lift coming out of a trailer. On 2 seperate occasions.

  5. This video can’t really be serious…… REALLY???? Having been a forklift operator for over twenty years I think I have a good idea of what I’m offering here. Every forklift I have ever operated have had two safety features to prevent just this exact situation. First, when the foot is removed from the pedal second when the operator exits the seat the vehicle is supposed to come to a complete stop. That’s simple safety and common sense. Not sure what safety measures are required in other countries. If the safety features had been tampered with then this guy got what he deserved.

  6. There’s no way this wasn’t on purpose. No one is that stupid, and if you are, how are you allowed to leave the house without an escort!? I’m not the brightest bulb by far, but I would be sooooo careful with that beast machine out of respect for it. This was murder. No accident.

  7. Un fucking believable. What kind of fork lift allows any operation without a human sitting on the seat? Chinese fork lifts do. Obviously! First Circle Smear I have seen like this on BG. Good stuff! I used a fork lift today at work. Gonna show people this tomorrow at work for comic relief!!!!

  8. This vid reminds me of the one where the dude gets stuck in the thread machine and keeps flipping and flipping till you slowly start to see his blood drip all over the floor. I think that was China also

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