Mexicans Fight with Belts Till Floor Is Covered with Blood

Mexicans Fight with Belts Till Floor Is Covered with Blood

Two groups of young men were filmed fighting against each other with belts in a subway station in Mexico City. One guy is down on the floor, bleeding profusely and while one group tries to batter him some more, the other appears to protect him from further beating. I don’t have any info on what sparked the fight or who these men were. Whatever happened to the good ole fist fight.

Props to Best Gore member Casper your local Metalhead for the video:

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37 thoughts on “Mexicans Fight with Belts Till Floor Is Covered with Blood”

  1. Odelay, carnal!!!! lol

    Damn, never in my life have I seen a belt fight…Mexico, always innovating when it comes to dishing out pain!!!

    Man I would love to see a mob of Messicans with belts fight a mob of Brazillians armed with nothing but helmets

  2. Didn’t watch the WHOLE video, but,
    fact # 1, 4 on 1, pussies
    fact,# 2, friend coming to take your back, good
    fact # 3, best gore girls would love it if I did that to them, (with a safeword, of course!)
    fact # 4……..

  3. “No mames g?ey”, “No mames g?ey” Really! Dam he said it a million times, I thought he’d never shut up but anyways belts Ouch that guy on the floor sure got SPANKED. Lol it was , a good wake up video!

  4. I’m so tired of beaners! America, where I’m at caters to these people. There draining us daily. I feel it’s an invasion. Beans, blacks, cops & Jews plus Arab scum…. Oh it’s a melting pot certainly. Damn I’m feeling fascist today.

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