Mexican Journalist Beaten Allegedly As Warning from Guanajuato Government

Mexican Journalist Beaten Allegedly As Warning from Guanajuato Government

Look at Mexican news – those two anchors and the victims… all beautiful women.

Karla Silva – a young Mexican female journalist was attacked and had her face cracked from beating in what she believes was a warning from the government of Guanajuato who allegedly does not like her sincere reporting.

According to the Attorney General of the Guanajuato state, two suspects have meanwhile been captured and have reportedly been hired by a director of the municipal police in Silao.

Luckily, Karla Silva is a journalist in Mexico and not in Canada, so she stands a fair chance of her government respecting her human rights, including her right to freedom of expression. In Canada, the government doesn’t just attack journalists whose work they don’t like – they put them under prior restraint, soft detention and subject them to systematic abuses, harassment, intimidation and false imprisonment. Mexico is a bastion of human rights compared to Canada so Karla Silva can recover from injuries and continue informing the public.

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  1. I might have to disagree that Mexico has a better Human Rights record than Canada.
    “Mexico?s National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) said it was investigating 2,443 disappearances in which it had found evidence of the involvement of state agents”.

    1. According to Statistics Canada, In 2010/2011, there were, on average, about 163,000 adult offenders (18 years or over) in Canada’s correctional system on any given day. By my calculations, if you average typical prison time, throughout an average lifetime of a single person, one third of Canadians will have been in prison. In other words – you are a walking prisoner if you live in Canada. It’s typically not a question of if, but when they throw you in prison. And all these are disappearances involving state agents. Just because Canada does it the Tyrannism v2.0 way (wraps it up in lawfulness), it doesn’t make it any less severe.

      1. Shit, I just looked a league table, USA has the highest incarceration rate. 730 per 100.00 population. Second is Chile with 295, now that’s some difference. Canada is 117, lower than the UK, Australia, Spain. But 730, compared to the rest of the world that is shocking.

          1. one time i was pullover by a cop in BC.mexico for speeding and running red lights i try to payoff the cop but he woudent take my money no matter how much i offer him.he took me to the staion .and after 15 min i gave another cop 20 dollers .i was let lose 2 min this day i never seen good cop ever again…

      2. Here in Canada they will make up a new law. just to see you in jail. hence why mark is dealing with this democratic judicial system. now they wanna make it mandatory to vote. but nothing we want is in that ballot. so tell me how is that freedom?

    2. M?xico population is. Over 120 million. compared to Canada 35 million. based on that alone we kill more per 100 000 then other 3Rd world countries that’s shitty, considering that Canada is a 1St world country. And 1 of the g8 members.

  2. Karla Silva, the reporter who lived, star of Karla Silva and the Half-Bloodied Forehead.

    If reporters think they are immune from persecution from the enemies they make, because of some perceived worldwide human rights fantasy to which they adhere, well then they simply haven’t been paying attention to the very world they are covering.

  3. That is not just a simple beating. This woman has a chunk of flesh missing from her forehead. Cut out…. Looks like it was done with a box-cutter. That will be one hell of a scar that will be raised and distorted… Surgeons sometimes call such scars a dog-ear scar as the tissue is both discolored and physically pronounced.

    By Mexican standards, this reporter got off REAL easy… I recall a (beautiful) secretary to a Judge who was kidnapped on the way to work. Her body parts were deposited at the court house at the end of the day with evidence of sexual torture …

  4. This kind of thing rarely happens in my country and not because my country is better and fairer but because my country’s journalists are already bought and paid for hence no need to coerce with violence.

    Journalism in first world countries as been entirely controlled due to almost all journalists belonging to medium/large organisations who pay their wages. These journalists all have mortgages to pay off and kids to raise therefore these journalists are just as much dependant on the system as we all are and with the simple invisible threat that they may lose their jobs, homes and family if they don’t behave themselves they keep in line as instructed.

    Professional journalism due to its financial needs and requirements cannot be said to be free from control and non financed individual journalists such as bloggers tend not to have enough geographical coverage or influence to pose any real risk to the system and if a blogger does gain enough geographical coverage and influence to pose a risk they can be made to disappear, either through accident, suicide or the Canadian legal system.

    Such is life under a dictatorship.

      1. The problem with subtext wicked mama is that most people struggle to see deeper than the directly stated therefore if a media journalist were to use subtext ten percent of the readership at best would understand it.

        Authors sometimes use subtext to create the impression of emotional deepness and this gives their work more life but journalists never should.

        Journalists should just present their findings clearly and concise with included evidence to back it up, if they feel that they have to use a subtext it is only because they feel threatened by the subject of their findings.

  5. People milling around Madison Street Jail, waiting to be
    reunited with loved ones and family.

    Blatant rudeness abounding just inside the building’s doors,
    where officers think they rule the world within.

    Violating basic human rights with their gigantic egos, all
    the while hiding behind their little tin badges.

    Purposefully attempting to ruin people’s lives and hold them
    at bay, tearing apart families, children and moral aspects of

    Every request in met with retaliation from ignorant people
    placed in absolute power in public offices.

    What can the only possible outcome be, except the ruination
    of family as we once knew it.

    RoseAnn V. Shawiak

    1. I love watching Latin American news for that reason. here in Canada we get sausage telling us the news. so I don’t bother. even if he told us the world was coming to an end. I rather have these mamasitas lay it on me.

        1. It was more deception, than it was being “played”. I can’t tell you how many time’s I’ve had interest in a “good” mexican girl just to find out that she has been hoe’in for the majority of her youth, not only that but most of them are not as beautiful as I once thought them to be. They love to party and drink which is a HUGE part of the Mexican culture, and to make matter’s worse they seem to hate exercising so they tend to blow up like a blimp by their late twenties.
          Now i’m not saying that every last mexican girl is the same, but i’d say the majority are similar to one another, which why I’m confused with the statement “Mexican girl’s/women are beautiful”.
          Also those women reporting the new’s aren’t always mexican.

          1. Listen, “reality101”, it is really stupid to lump a certain gender or race as “filthy” and all just because some x of yours obviously betrayed you. That’s just really dumb… I am sure you haven’t met all the Mexican women in the world, you’ve probably met one or two. And before you go cutting them down for living their lives, why don’t you do some self reflection. Just from what you have written on here, you sound pretty hateful, so I can’t imagine your some prize yourself. Youre entitled to your own opinion, and I am full Irish so its not like I am taking it personally. I am just trying to explain to you, it makes you sound like an ass hole. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and just because someone isn’t living their life the way you live yours, doesn’t mean their living it wrong.

  6. Messycan news in America also shows some very graphic news, I remember switching channels during the katrina hurricane and the american tv would blot out bodies or not even show the real devastation, where as the latin based news channels were showing floating bodies and dead dogs, I was like holy shit, I dont understand a word but Im watching this channel all day.

  7. We all know who holds the power in ole’ mejico, that’s where the money is and that’s why certain truth seeking journalists will get targeted. Most people have a price and are therefore corruptible, but every now and then one stands up and says a big ” Fuck You ” to the corrupt in power, and fair play to them for doing so.

    Some, not many, but some, will not be bought at any price, which is highly commendable.

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