Military Policeman Shot with Own Gun, Off Duty in Brazil

Military Policeman Shot with Own Gun Off Duty in Brazil

After a road rage incident in Franco da Rocha, São Paulo, Brazil, PM (Military Police) is shot with own gun.

Officer is hospitalized in serious condition; Criminals are arrested in Franco da Rocha.

The military police officer is hospitalized in serious condition after being shot in the head.

The shooting was given with the weapon of the PM, the private Robson dos Santos Gomes, 36, who was off duty, in civilian attire, driving his own car on the outskirts of the city.

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  1. He stopped the car at around 4pm because they were driving wrong-way. He could not imagine that inside the car were 5 guys, very drunk and high on cocaine. Anyway, he lost control over the situation.

  2. A testicle size two-door car, a few typical shirtless Brazilians (who probably have never worn anything except vernix caseosa), a panic-stricken cop with a gun, and there go our one minute and fourteen seconds.

  3. I was thinking the cop should of said if you come within ten feet of me I will shoot you. And when they do follow through and shoot them within that ten feet. It’s like taking care of kids, if you don’t follow through on your threats of punishment you’re dead meat!

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