Mishap with Electric Saw Has Gory Results

Mishap with Electric Saw Has Gory Results

You know, just the other day I was thinking that we haven’t had a Best Gore Members Rock Edition for a little while. Lo and behold, the Gore Gods have answered from on high and delivered unto us a doozy! So, today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to us by Best Gore member, Shauno554. Go ahead, Shauno.

Hey Guys,

One of my friends had a mishap with a electric saw at work and this is the result…

Thanks so much for the submission. If your friend wants, he can feel free to show us how everything turned out later.

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        1. No buff its not. It means you’re well adjusted. I however am far too sympathetic. I still watch anything and everything gore related but I omg a lot. I’ve learned that most videos I can watch then there are some videos I just plain out don’t even bother. I can be overly sensitive sometimes

          1. I lurked this site for some years before I even created an account and started following peoples comments on these posts. At first, I could only look at maybe two posts and then I’d be troubled for a few days, but i would always come back. It was after I stopped picturing myself as the victim that I stopped feeling so bad. Death and injury is a shitty thing, but you have to see it as a blessing that you get to just watch it for now instead of being the subject of discussion. one and a half thumbs up for this guy in particular

  1. strangely enuff i with 4 featured posts have no desire to go for #5. i fear if i get another article it will be for something really bad and i can barely still walk around as it is. i’ve lost feeling in my feet and hands from diabetic neuropathy but you can’t see that in pics or vids. it is worrisome to think what fucking diabetes is doing to my insides. oh well, as the Brits say “keep a stiff upper cock and soldier on.”

      1. That’s not a nice thing to say to someone that may or may not be rotund, balding, unable to walk, pisses on himself, is unable to clean the feces off his fat behind and when he defecates, he just leaves his shit hanging there between his big fat thighs.

        How can you be so mean to this man that has diabetes and is as large as a house? How can you call this humongous man fat and be able to sleep at night?

          1. Pills? I usually smoke a blunt of Skywalker and I’m out like a rock.
            Thanks for the secret to be able to sleep at nights after one has publicly humiliated someone that has a life threatening disease. I’m going to start taking pills eight away.

      2. I’ve been one to make fun of fat people on the site – but not members. BG members (especially long-term) should be off limits to such insults and ridicule. HLAM has been kind enough to share his gore experiences with us and tells it like it is. Shame on you if you insult him 😐

    1. Is Amer right Mouse, are you fat?.

      If so, how is that fat manifested?. Are you just fat around the waist?, the legs?, the arms? or is it a combination of all three.

      Does the fat cause any problems for your cock?, does jizzing become problematic as a result of that fat?.

      How about your balls Mouse?, does the fat effect your balls at all?.

      I apologise for all the questions Mouse but I assure you they are necessary.

          1. All I saw in that footage was your arm, but there was definitely muscle sinew in that arm Mouse and so I expect that you were athletic/muscular up until your mid to late 30?s and you chose to relax and enjoy life after that fact culminating into what is today.

            Fair play Mouse, better to live good than to live like a monk and still be full of regrets.

            I may get there myself one day, such is life.

            Your accent is pretty cool though, better than most American accents.

          2. Come-on everybody, Mouse appreciates a joke as much as anyone else.

            There is no point babying mouse because if you do not have diabetes yourself and have not had complications as a result you cannot ever understand mouse and so one either relates to him or they do not and therefore they try to side-step the issue with humour as I do myself.

            Better to joke along with someone than to pretend to understand them I say.

          3. “Better to joke along with someone than to pretend to understand them I say.”

            Only sometimes… But I understand what you’re saying…

          4. Great vid Mouse! I’m actually surprised those cops didn’t try and harass you more than they did. What the fuck is up with the officer getting defensive when you said you know your rights. “What so your a lawyer now?” What the fuck!? do cops think only lawyers are supposed to know the law? “I was trying to be a gentleman until you said I know my rights” so that’s the problem then. From the words of this cop they are nice until you start exercising your rights or even saying you are aware of your rights. Then everything changes and I suppose that’s why so many people get arrested and killed needlessly because they opened there mouth to exercise their rights. How fucked up is that? Oh and I wonder how many people have called and harassed that fuckin dumbass who owns that business from your video. Because I can clearly see the number on the sign 3474497201. And you have over 10k views. I think I’m gonna call him a few hundred times over the next week for being such a fucking cunt to you just because you weren’t giving him your business. I gotta give you props though man your really handled that whole thing pretty badass.

          1. Why’s everybody throwing shade at you lately old soldier ?
            Let them just hope they reach the age your Jizz has…then let them talk shit….or Jizz.

          2. Mouse. Diabetes is a terrible disease. You must get control over this. Gastric bypass is risky but even if you do get it you’ll only be able to eat around an ounce of food at the time. I take a vitamin called Geritol it’d be a good look into. Youve got a lot of health overhauling to do but you can do this.

    2. I feel for you mouse. I’m not a diabetic but I had a crippling car accident in “09. I broke my neck in 3 places my back in 5 and was crushed from the waist down when the car rolled over me. My right leg was laying across the left side of my chest. I have peripheral neuropathy in both legs but most prominently in the right (pretty much dead below the knee). That burning needle sensation will drive you nuts sometimes. It’s a daily struggle that I can definitely relate too. Just keep on keeping on and don’t let it drive you crazy.

      1. @deathbyduck87, Jesus mate, I pictured your leg across your chest, you are lucky to be alive! Have you been on gore sights for long? There are pics of busted up bodies, just like you described yourself! Well sort of, still you were lucky not to cark it.

      2. @deathbyduck87
        Jesus I ‘m hating to type it out but I wanna pray for ya seriously the way you’ve come to tell us about ya my brother.
        Let their come a thousand new suns in ya life .
        stay your fittest most is all I wish for ya
        and I know you;re gone walk out a winner

    3. Salute to ya mate @HLAM
      well I’ve this to say to ya

      Worry Not for
      There might be times of wonder
      When you’re on your own
      Tryin’ to find out where Jizz has gone
      It might make a difference
      It might bring ya down
      If you just fight on
      nothing is gonna turn things around

      Jizz the ones who are devoid in their knowledge that they may not know tomorrow it could be them carrying that cross.

      just soldier on mate with or without boots.

        1. I’m a bit lost for words – that cop had tattoos all over his arms !!! Shit like that shouldnt be on Police FFS. Maybe im a bit old fashioned like that, but do you really wants to see your cop, who you are putting complete trust in to do the right & honest thing, with tattoos of skulls and tits and dragons and shit that is traditionally associated with CRIME and PRISON? maybe that is the whole problem with ‘Merican cops, cause there is no way in the world you’ll get a job as a cop if you have visible tattoos in my country. We actually like and enjoy courtesy and respect from our cops. I actually heard a report only today, that Australian Police have only fired police revolvers 8 times in the last 3 years. In the same period, revolvers were only removed from holster on 19 occasions over our entire continent………makes me feel all happy


          1. Before you’s all start hating on me, I’m not anti – tattoos at all – only on Police in uniform. I think it looks unprofessional, cheap, unstable and i really would have to wonder about the mentality of a policeman/woman who is supposed to uphold order and reason, to protect society from kaos and threats that are real or perceived.

            Someone who has tattoos covering their arms just says to me that they have a completely different mentality ( different, not wrong) to a someone who likes order and control. Tattoos scream ‘ non-conformist, uncontrolled, not caring about reputation or others thoughts, not concerned about reduced employment opportunities, artwork, self expression and individuality’.

            That message is not what I want to see coming from the fucking cops. Its an oxymoron and that is a fucking huge worry cause it DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.

          2. Hey @Dutchy
            Mate I wouldn’t give no damn how a cop wanna look for as long as he is there for us its alright whether he comes tattooed or soaked in shit .Its just about their and us being for each other and sharing mutual respect .
            Lemme know if you’re a Brit or an Aussie ?
            And I wouldn’t quite agree there with ya as regard visible Tattoos on a person being any hindrance to joining cop brigade .
            But then again mind ya the visible ones being not the flashiest kind just the name and star sign tattoos are no hindrance my dear mate.
            Forget America we only are talking about the UK police and that’s all …….and I’m not knowing anything about the OZ police for now but here’s wishing someone may end up updating us for sure .

          3. America felt that battling criminals required criminals to battle them. the difference is, everything that happens after that badge is rested on your chest is easily pardoned. everything you do, not under the supervision of the monster is considered evil. I know fuckheads that i went to school with who are cops now. The anger issues they had growing up do not disappear after becoming police officers. If anything, it gave them a legally excusable way to express that anger.

    1. Wooden push sticks, simple but can’t say enough about them…if it was a backsaw .
      So many questions.
      What kind of saw was it ?
      Did you smoke your lunch ?
      Did you drink your lunch ?
      Did you space out and saw through your own hand ?
      Shit just happens sometimes too.
      Again man I hope you make a nice recovery.

      1. The Mangler. Machines are so unforgiving on the fleshy viruses. I remember seeing a sign on a mirror above the timeclock at the local junkyard, it read “High? Bye.”

  2. He’s not going to be able to fist fuck anyone with that hand, unless he is a masochist. Masterbating is definitely out for right now, unless he is a masochist. He’s just going to have to learn to satisfy himself and others by using his left hand, unless he is a sadist.

          1. Oh I’m sorry Tas I guess I didn’t understand your comment. Yeah he’s going through the toughest thing possible. My mom weighed at one point almost 400lbs. She fortunately never got diabetes but with all her years she got down to an OK weight without gastric bypass surgery. She went to school for medicine and became a nurse working with people with Alzheimer’s and related diseases. She also was a house call nurse in Georgia. Her weight played a big role in her energy and performance. She ate well and excersised but it took years. I was fortunate to get my father’s skinny genes.

          2. Sorry Obli forgot one more thing,

            Tas we can’t change the minds of people who think there is nothing to change. Ive learned to ignore people like that. But since I had comp!etely forgotten about that YouTube comment I posted, I didn’t read the rest of them. I also didn’t feel the need to read them after seeing one of the first comments. I could’ve gotten upset and raged upon my keyboard in an attempt to stand up for mouse. But what good what that do. The only that would’ve accomplished was to validate why they were saying. I can’t misrepresent a site that I love to come to. I have a duty to behave

          3. @trainwreck, yeah I was referring to your comment on @HLAM, Youtube video. Hey you must be proud of your mum too lose a very large amount of weight. I think taking it slowly to lose the weight, a person is more likely to keep it off. There is only one way to lose a lot of weight – good, healthy food and excercise. Gentle walking or swimming at the start is a good way to go. There is no quick fix, I think even with a lap-band (gastric bypass) you still have to have a good diet!
            Also I didn’t bother to read all of the comments on @mouse Yt video, I would end up getting all cranky too, I can’t be bothered tonight, I’m tired, 🙂

    1. It’s Maximum overdrive time. I don’t know if you’re familiar with that horror movie (book) by Stephen King..came out in the 80’s. If not it was a story that all machines lawnmowers, semi trucks etc became alive and started murdering people. Cool movie. Great concept

        1. do you think we really can lose versus machina ?
          we have human instinc, survival and all that machina never have. sure they have more intelligence and fast action/reaction..
          well, i dont know…
          fuck i dont want to know :p

          1. @Der, some humans are even like your description, serials killers? ‘They’ reckon some of the men or women at the top of the corporate world are sociopaths, too, you know, heartless in some of their decisions.

    2. my mother get all his finger cut by an chainsaw whe she was young (cut by my father , she keep the wood in place when he cut , you see?)

      too bad she didnt have any pictures of this, well, that make old time i wasnt even born, but if she have pictures i glady share them with you all here.

      today she have her fingers (thanks medical shit) but still have heavy scars on all of them.
      she say she didnt have feel anything at the moment she was cut, its my father notice that and tell her, she just see her fingers in floor and blood pop out.

      damn that would be an crazy situation. very sad to not have pics to show 🙁

          1. actually (until possible thai vacation i guess :p )

            i m still a men, and french.
            cant turn women as for now i have some ultra specific sexualized job.
            and yes, english is not my first language, even not second, i never have learn english at school, i have learn on internet by speaking with others peoples around the world. thanks i appreciate somebody didnt consider me as grammar nazi ue to my poor english grammar XD

      1. @holly How horrific. You described it well enough that video wouldn’t be necessary. I cannot fathom picking up my fingers or the fingers of someone else off the floor, then rushing to seek medical attention.

        1. that put the shit out of me everytime my mother remember me and talk about this…
          i can imagine the situation , my mother is ultra relaxed and my father is crazy more than before his childs born.
          as my parents have say, they were more scared about possible infection, due to the chain, oil used for chain and the wood . but everything was good , in a sens

  3. My dad once had an accident with a saw several years ago. It wasn’t anywhere near this bad, but I sat with him in the ER and watched them stitch the cut up because I wanted to see all the blood. I was always a weird little girl, no wonder I ended up here 😛

  4. Having had a wound just above the elbow an inch wide and right down to the bone and sinew / gristle, and thinking oh fuck when the nurse initially said I needed plastic surgery, to then having stitches which didn’t look possible, and now you would hardly know. I have faith this injury will be OK.

    This looks damned nasty mind you. Fucking hate saws and what not, they’re unpredictable as hell.

  5. In my 35+ years in construction (about 20 of those were as a framer), I have been fortunate enough to have never had a serious injury or fall.
    These pics really make me think how lucky I have been over the years….

    Losing most of that thumb is the worst part. It going to be hard for him to do a lot of things with most of his thumb missing.

    1. cant do anything. even with constan vigilance and all, one day, accident shit happen. we are all like that.
      big or small, we all make stupid thing that sound nothing to us (like : just 1 seconde to do this) and bam !
      35+ years, shit, you got some medal for the job ? (if you win medal in your country for job time)

  6. My buddy had a similar accident a few weeks ago. I haven’t seen any pictures of immediately after the accident but I can assume it looked very similar.

    At least this guy doesn’t have to worry about trimming his thumb nail anymore, that shits a pain in the ass hahaha

      1. Yeah he should heal alright. He didn’t take any digits off like this but he hit some pretty important nerves that the docs told him he may never get back to have full 100% feeling and function. My friend certainly faired better than this guy.

  7. I have a new remedy for when I’m feeling down or in pain. I watch that foreskin chopping video on my 55″ TV through the surround sound with the volume cranked up. After that I forget what it was that was troubling me.

      1. Whoops, that didn?t come out right, I wish I could un-see the abhorrent part of that briss video where the bearded shit sucked that baby?s little dick. The circumcision was as brutal as the video from Africa.

    1. Play the shots game too. Every time you hear a *twack*, take a shot.

      Then you can invite people over, have pizza, make it a real event.

      Then phases like, “you going to Brokeback’s cock choppin party? The last one was awesome,” won’t be odd.

  8. @Shauno554

    May your friend endure his suffering as a good soldier and live to be twice shy the next time around when handling these sorta power tools.
    May he recover and heal soon. … and go bouncing back at his place of work again.

    Bye Bye

  9. @Shauno554

    Question. Is your friend a leftie ? They are 16 times more likely to damage themselves (counting hospital visits, not counting being stitched up by the local doctor). And 60 times more likely to die from an accident.

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