MMA Fighter Parrish Hartley Dislocates Big Toe During Training

MMA Fighter Parrish Hartley Dislocates Big Toe During Training

Parrish Hartley is a student of famous MMA coach Miguel Torres – former WEC bantamweight champion, considered to be one of the best light-weight fighters of all time. Parrish Hartley trains in the Torres Martial Arts gym in the Chicago suburb of Hammond.

One day, while Miguel Torres was away, Parrish Hartley dislocated his big toe. He doesn’t even know how it happened, whether it got caught in a mat or in a foot of the opponent with whom he was sparring, he just noticed at one point that his toe hurt like all hell, took a look at it and saw this dislocated stub hanging by a piece of skin.

After the injury, Miguel Torres tweeted this picture – that’s how it made its way out into the wide opens of the interweb. Compound dislocation like that don’t look like a big deal, but they hurt a lot and take a very long time to heal. I never dislocated any of my toes, but I once kicked it pretty badly playing beach volleyball barefoot. I could not walk properly for over a month and to this day, still feel it from time to time.

Many thanks to Greg aka 42 for the pic.

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