Motorcycle Thief Shot in the Leg

Motorcycle Thief Shot in the Leg

This happened in Eustaquio, Brazil. Young man stole a motorcycle but was stopped mid fleeing with a gunshot to the leg. I don’t have much further info, but it is possible that two people were involved in the theft, but one got away.

The best part of the video is the reporter shoving his microphone in the wounded thief’s face while he was in pain down on the ground. Interviewed cop adopted the honey badger attitude – he doesn’t give a shit. He’s probably rightly not too concerned with a thief fucking up somebody’s day by stealing their bike.

Props to Best Gore member jackchan for the video:

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  1. ahahahah the reporter “why were you shot?” “you got shot in the leg, what was the motive, you exchanged gun fire with the police?” “why were you followed, why didn’t you stop when the police asked?” “what’s your name?” “was bike stolen?”

    It reminded me of something I saw a while ago on Brazilian tv Record, the reporter asked a man that had been shot “does it hurt?” ahahahah

        1. thanks for info i will watch it.
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  2. Looks like he has filled his jeans. There’s a bulge around his backside.

    Did you see the phone the cop was holding with the gun?
    Explains a lot about the picture quality from clips we get from there.

  3. “You see this microphone? Do you? You’re going to wish this was the size of the pricks going into your ass instead of the ones that will be really going in there. You just wait! They are going to love you ladyboy!”

    That’s what I got out of the one-sided conversation from the reporter. I could be wrong about that though.

  4. Hahaha…if i was the reporter I would have tried to embarrass him more….what an idiot…what did he think was going to happen?…they don’t throw rainbows and teddy bears at you for stealing shit man…lmao…dumbass..

  5. If I was that journalist I would be taking great delight in asking him questions like
    “‘Do feel like a total mug now?”
    “Are you looking forward to being butt raped in prison?”
    “Are you glad your sweet old grandmother is going to see what a filthy piece of thieving scum you are on T.V.?”
    Hey, I’ve just realized my career potential as an interviewer.

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