Mowing Lawn in Flip Flops Leads to Mangled Big Toe

Mowing Lawn in Flip Flops Leads to Mangled Big Toe

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @XanthicF, whose uncle was mowing a lawn while wearing flip flops:

Toes and lawnmowers do not mix! Dunno how my uncle managed to fuck up this badly. This shit happens when you wear flip flops.

Lawnmowers are evil, so this happens even if you don’t wear flip flops, but flip flops sure make many activities dangerous.

Thanks a lot for the pic @xanthicf.

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90 thoughts on “Mowing Lawn in Flip Flops Leads to Mangled Big Toe”

      1. That toe was jammed… lol. He probably stubbed it… lol He toed the mower instead of pushing it… lol. He had a foot in during the process… lol. He lost his footing (toe)…. lol. He is now a Blade Runner… lol He is sharp footed… lol Please stop me.

    1. HA HA! @Gerry that’s just too funny! Now I’m going to have that stupid song in my head all day. Thanks a lot. Grrrrr….. I ran over a huge toad once with the lawn mower and removed it’s skin. I have also obliterated many frogs into a crimson spray.

      1. Ha stephgw64. My pretty princess.. I am a little worried though with your comment, don’t they say the first sign of a serial killer is firstly cruelty to animals then humans… will we all be seeing you on here aka ‘ one woman and a hammer ‘ ha xx

      2. I got the crimson spray once on a riding mower. Ran over a nest of cute bunnies. The lucky one had only his long ears trimmed. The others got a brain dissection. One was having seizures. I just stared, amazed. Ok, then I might have teared up …. A little bit…

  1. @XanthicF,
    Jesus Christ I have to admit your uncle got his toe mowed painfully bad .But please see that ,we aren’t the ones here , who gotta be suggesting cause your uncle seems a veteran who knew/knows best how its about when a lawn mower needs handled . You just can’t be that aloof not wearing your boots but a flip -flop which has wreaked a havoc for the whole of Brazil(Pun intended)
    That thing ate right in to his big toe but worry not
    he’s gonna heal and feel twice shy using flip-flops anymore

    1. I usually don’t wear shoes I have sandles but even then HOW THE HELL.. either he has one long ass stride or he ran it over fucking hell even I know lean into the handle to keep it ahead of you.

      1. Well, most people drink a few beers doing lawn work. I had a friend who fell off sideways of her fathers riding lawn mower because her father was drinking beer. She was scalped by the suction of the blades. She had hair growing past her waist. I was 12 at the time.

    1. @thedre Damn Lol……… that was intoxicatingly hilarious and funny as hell
      going in to Bed wearing flip-flops …………..but that aunt gotta be wearing one too; if some bad arse fucking has to go on all through the night , Hahahahaha
      BTW What’s up Bro ?

  2. Just use some dutch wooden shoes already. No comfort… alle the safety. Have a custom, pretty design on it if you wish, like “”

    Big toe look really busted up. I do think it will heal up pretty well though.

    Good luck to your uncle

  3. I think he might lose the nail? 😆
    I always mow the lawn in thongs (flip flops) even after seeing this, I know I will still not put on boots or any other foot covering. There has never been a time when I have nearly mowed over my own feet, I just cannot see it happening in future either? The worst thing is when I run over little seeds or small stones or other little berries from trees, they hit your legs at a high speed and it hurts! I always check the lawn for anything I don’t want to run over (toys, large rocks etc.) and I never let it get too long anyway. I always wear safety glasses and a hat though.
    I saw my neighbour with a T-bone sticking out of his leg once, he didn’t check where he was mowing and ran over the dog’s bone, the T-bone! It was stuck in about an inch, too.

  4. Well there I changed my avatar to my upper endoscopy ” my supposedly aggressive cancer “ I think notthing of it I take it as a everyday thing..we all know some doctors are just like mecanics they love to fix shit that just aint not to sure on which is the cancer on my avatar pic..I asome it’s the bleeding part or?the big bubble looking lumps..enjoy don’t feel bad for me comment all you like;-)

    1. surprisingly he’s neither of these although I’m tempted to consider him retarded after managing to achieve this somehow. Totally agree he asked for it, but its fucking funny.

  5. UPDATE GUYS: turns out he didnt stupidly run his foot over while mowing, was wet steep land and he slid and it flipped. Still an idoit for wearing flip flops though haha. Nail gone forever, toe somehow saved.

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