New York Rapper Shoots His Partner at Bronx Bodega In Dispute During Filming Of Rap Video

New York Rapper Shoots His Partner at Bronx Bodega In Dispute During Filming Of Rap Video

On August 2, 2014 a music video shoot at a Bronx bodega on Webster Avenue near East 170th turned violent after one member of the New York rap duo opened fire and shot his partner, wounding him in the head, legs, and chest. According to the bodega’s owner, the shooting was triggered by a dispute over who was the star of the video.

Even more disturbing that the shooting itself, I think is the fact that after unloading his gun on the victim, the victim was still alive so the shooter felt the need to pistol slap the guy with the gun he had just shot him with. And then, the rest of the “rap crew” just walked over the wounded victim like it’s no big deal.

Now this wannabe rapper is a “G” fer realz. Initiation complete. CCTV video was released by NYPD:

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  5. Seems fake to me. Looks like it was meant to be copy for the video itself. I mean, it look like the “shooter” managed to fire off at least six “shots”, yet the “victim” was seen moving on the floor nevertheless. I think my 65-year-old mom might have better aim.

    1. Not fake, the guy got hit with 5 bullets and is in critical condition at the hospital as we speak. One bullet grazed his head, one in the chest, and three in the legs. The guy who shot him has about 35,000 cops on the lookout for him also.

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          3. I’ve visited my mother-in-law’s relatives in Germany and I thought it was the most beautiful place I’ve been in Europe. And everyone was so nice! Yes there are amazing and beautiful places in the US. just have to watch where you visit. I’d advise doing a lot of research before visiting of course. Best wishes on your travels.

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