Nicaraguan Man Slashed Across Face with Machete

Nicaraguan Man Slashed Across Face with Machete

I couldn’t make much sense of this video so I’m gonna rely on our Spanish speaking friends to fill us in. The little I could get is this:

The video is from Nicaragua. Two brothers-in-law got into a machete fight. 23 year old José Sequeira Zambrana took a few incapacitating slashes, including one across the face.

Edwin Brown aka Negro, whose argument with his mother-in-law prompted José Sequeira to intervene, was also wounded with a machete, but managed to flee.

That’s all I got but don’t trust it to be accurate. If you speak Spanish, watch the video and tell us what really happened:

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    1. I can translate this, so apparently the mom told the son to sharpen the machete for her and when she came for it the son told her that “El Negro” had it. The mom then asked him to return what was rightfully hers and when he refuse she grabbed for it, “El Negro” got angry and said he was gonna kill all of them and managed to escape get a couple good chops at the mom and especially son before escaping.

  1. Damn.. he got fucked up..what the fuck is up with that woman pulling on her hand wounds I’m wondering..did he make it?..did they catch the attacker?…have these people ever heard of grease..because their hair is fucked up..almost as bad as his chest and face is…hope they catch the douchebag..

    1. Hahaha, I love reading your comments they always make me giggle. Really though… The fuck was she doing pulling on that loose skin from her wound? Bitch was cracking me up when I watched her head/neck movements while she was talking. Definitely looks like she had some issues goin’ on up stairs for sure

  2. Yeah that’s pretty much right .. started with mom asking son in law for the machete cuz its her sons machete and she was gonna use it in the morning and that’s what started all that he wasnt gonna return it silly fighting over a machete but ok then he threaten the whole family that he would kill all of them n he tryed to go for mom n the son jumped in i guess he had a machete too cuz son in law is wounded too but took off… crazy family drama

  3. Hey all!. Im from Nicaragua. The guy who recieved the machete slashes was trying to defend his mother from the ?Negro?, who is the boyfriend from his sister…. this is like a family Feud indeed..

  4. hmmm…whats up with them wheeling the dude around with a blanket over his head??
    kinda strange…
    apparently he wasn’t a goner cos they wheeled him past his family and they were like, meh..whatever

  5. Family drama and I thought MY fucking family was drama! Ha! Maybe we need to hang a few machetes on the wall for some holiday entertainment! Lol. ALL this was- was straight up drama OVER a machete! “Give me the machete, no the machete is MINE! I’m going to kill ALL of you with the machete! Jajaja! Fucking nicoya’s! Lol

      1. Na for my family it isn’t always machetes its sometimes guns. Id hate to say this but this is the truth my grandpa is a worthless piece of shit that cared more about the money and hookers than his own kid that’s why I fucking hate him so much. Instead of finding a job and working he would send his kids to beg and if that didn’t work he would sell his daughters, I had an uncle he was the youngest of the family he hated him the most I still remember hearing that good old grand pappy used to chase him with a machete because he wanted to kill him and if that didn’t work he used a gun. To make this long sad story short, there is rumors that the old piece of shit agreed to a set up to get his son killed and it was successful the poor bastard was gunned down by the Mexican cops. If you want to compare a shitty life, jobs and family I’m all up for it, but just to make sure do you have an aunt that wanted to kill you when you were younger just because she hated your mom.? and when your mom was pregnant your aunt beat her to the point that the mom had a miscarriage.. I was supposed to have a younger sister she would have been a senior in high school right now but where is she ..? She’s was turned into ashes and kept in a small box above the family closet if you’ve never been threw that well then that probably means your family isn’t fucked up and evil.

        1. @Scholar if you experienced the same shit i experienced when i was growing up you would have stopped giving a fuck about yourself. Those happy positive thoughts i once had turned negative and i would constantly think about suicide and homicide. I learned to control my thoughts and actions the hard way I used to take my dads hydrocodone and Oxycotine pills, I would constantly get a sharp pain in my chest when i would go to sleep i also remember having a near death experience while abusing those pills. i got to realize that I didn’t need pills to cover up my emotions and make me feel good If I’m going to have a crappy life I might as well just take it like a man and find a way to get myself out of this mess. I got to learn from my mistakes and my parents mistakes as well. it’s a Shame that I had to grow up too damn fast and experience this bullshit but it’s whatever’s for me now.

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  6. I favor the Dominicans as Machete warriors. Especially the one’s that use a two handed fighting technique, with the machete in one hand and a plastic pail in the other. Been away for a while due to the little girl dying in the car with her mom. That was the roughest I’ve seen here.

    1. Don’t do that, FD! They can’t even afford machetes and kill each other over them. You would be a poor and broke blacksmith. I say open a blade/knife sharpener’s shop. You stay busy, we here stay busy. It’s win, win.

      1. Hey, there ya go. An even better idea! Less work for me, too! These hot-blooded amigos South of the border get so pissy so quickly. Since I’m feeling charitable, I want to help them kill each other faster. Best kind of missionary work. No religion, or good feelings. Just giving the people what they need. 🙂

    1. @sm It depends in witch country you just are, I work as a roofer.bin in alot of regions around the world, at the time I”m in GERMANY!! drinkin good beer and good babes 😉 The houses here are very damm high, so i hope i never end up on B.G as a bloody splatter…if i ever do hope you all enjoy it 🙂

        1. I work all crazy times and days, the dead don’t take a day off, so I rarely get time off. Heck I had to leave my cousins baby shower to go pick up brain matter on the 5 freeway a while go.

          I post at odd times, cause it’s usually when I got time to sit down and have my phone handy.

          Btw it’s 10:14pm right now and I’m sitting here waiting for the ok to bag and tag a body, damn slow ass cops.

    2. @soccer mom, Best gore is a lifestyle. Anytime is a good time to log in and learn something. Time zones are irrelevant, if someone wants to wake up and log in even before their morning coffee than really whats the big deal? I think your conception of why people frequent this site is a little naive.

        1. @Obli. welcome back beautiful!

          i’ve owned 6 Gen 3′ camaros pushrod’s, all charged / NOS… hehee

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          1. i love you…uh, i mean, i grew up with my mother’s ’69. it was a hideous green with brown racing stripes but it was awesome. selling it was one of the dumbest things i’ve done. also have a ’71 Pontiac Lemans. white, all fucking steel, 350…can’t go anywhere wihout people offering to buy it.

          2. Fuck yes. I love muscle cars. My dream is a challenger, I’m a Mopar guy. All I got is a 98 ram , solid old truck wanna add some mods eventually but bills n groceries come first.

        2. @Obli.
          dont regret selling the camaro.

          70’s muscle’s the sweetest .
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          1. @gunkgirl

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  7. I pictured it like this:
    #1) “Give me my machete’ back or I’ll keel you!”
    #2) “No! It is my machete’ now, so I will keel you!”
    *Danny Trejos voice comes from outta nowhere*
    Trejo) “Machete’ don’t text.”
    #1 & #2) “Ya know what I’m good”, “No no you can have it, I insist!” “Truce?”, “Truce.”
    -Trejo: Stoppin’ shit & savin’ lives every day-

  8. That mama is a tough one ..peeling her skin off like it was freshly chopped cilantro when it sticks to your hands..too bad she isn’t one of those senoras who keep a shotgun handy..I would like to have seen the bad guy get some.

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