Guy Gets Nose Chopped by Friend Attempting Sword Trick

Guy Gets Nose Chopped by Friend Attempting Sword Trick

Guy Gets Nose Chopped by Friend Attempting Sword Trick

At some kind of party, a pair of guys attempted to entertain others with a sword trick. One put a hot dog in his mouth, while the other took a swing with a katana type sword in an apparent attempt to cut it in half.

The swing was a miss, and the blade chopped the sausage smoker’s nose. What a party!

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    1. I actually had a ‘street tick’ ask me for EXACT change today…

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      I proceeded to give him two quarters…

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      The best thing about Washington, D.C. is leaving it…

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  1. He should’ve just put the tip of it in his mouth. Instead he tried to deep throat the thing like it was his boyfriend. Old habits die hard. Maybe they can fix his nose up with some spare hot dog.

  2. Why would someone ever think this is a good idea? When you’re that drunk.. there are no good ideas. And thank you @MikeyGraves for finding this video yesterday and making me watch it 5 million times last night. πŸ˜‰

  3. Geez they are almost as dumb some idiot I saw testing out his supposedly bullet vest. Bullet went through and just missed his heart. Vests are bullet resistant against certain types of bullets depending on design. Dumb fuck should have used a dummy for the test instead of himself.

    1. I saw that video. The one where they punched him in the chest afterwards. Before they knew he was shot. I saw a follow up video in which he was interviewed and he said that he had just applied to be a police officer but was turned down when the video surfaced. Head cop said he didn’t want him due to his poor decision making. Haha.

  4. What a dumbass! Swords and booze and party trick are all bad words to have on the same sentence….at first it looked like he split his nose but it hacked it to one side, could have been much worse.

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