Old Man Fearlessly Fights Knife Wielding Robber

Old Man Fearlessly Fights Knife Wielding Robber

In Zemun municipality in Belgrade, Serbia, a knife wielding robber jumped the gate of a small convenience store, and proceeded to snoop around for valuable merchandise and/or money. Unbeknown to him was the fact that in the store’s backroom, there was an old man. Whether the old man was the owner, or an employee, I do not know.

The old chap fearlessly took on the cockroach, and persistently fought him while giving zero fucks about the robber’s blade. Luckily for him, the robber was not ready to turn himself into a murderer. But as the old man just wouldn’t give up, the robber stabbed him a few times in the shoulder, and hit him in the head with the hilt.

Eventually, the old man grabbed a baseball bat and despite being being weak and wounded, hit the robber with it. The blows were not very effective given the old man’s strength, but the persistence and overall fearlessness the old man had demonstrated was enough to persuade the robber into chickening out and taking a flight.

Apparently, the old man survived and is recovering in hospital where he’s said to be in stable condition.

Props to Best Gore member @SrbijaBgd for the video:

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        1. No idea what you’re talking about. Though I was referring to the way the robber was bonking the old man on the head and shoulder with the knife. He didn’t actually try to stab him, he wanted to bonk him on the head with it,

          1. @Shoah, I’m so glad he wasn’t stabbed badly, out of all the different ‘gore’ we get, stabbing or surgery really makes me squirm! Hope your well, mate, 🙂

          2. @Tas

            Hello lovely, haven’t seen you in a bit here 😉 I can agree with that, what makes me squirm abit or feel uncomfortable is watching someone have their face smashed in on live footage. Extremely cringey ugh. Hope you’ve been well too coping with this oncoming heat wave 😛

          3. Ahh now that’s what I call ” a man with steely great nerves “.I liked the way the oldie stood his ground and didn’t yield in a bit .
            @Shoahshana & @ Judy
            That roach of a robber was gutless so to speak as you can see all through the footage and was trying out some weirdish ways of his to scare the shit outa that old man but must say the old dude really wasn’t the yielding type and wasn’t ready to give in .
            You think that oldie has some deformity cause he wasn’t pretty flexible while turning around.!
            Fuck he tired the funky robber out and made him flee .

          4. @Shoahshana, oooh that too, like that footage of Dnepropetrovsk maniacs, have you seen that video? That poor man, his face was just smashed, *shudder* and the other stuff they did to him.

      1. @Tas

        Exactly that video, I didn’t want to name it however as it just makes me shiver is uncomfortableness watching the hammer smash into his face and it cave inwards ugh…… I can usually tolerate this shit but whenever I watch that I feel vulnerable. I think it’s just the fact that something is happening that is biological NOT supposed to happen, in this case a face is supposed to protrude outwards, NOT inwards. :S

      1. @LimOnGerardo

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        Hey guys, to do it, all I did was go to my gravatar and upload the image of my chosen Israeli “beauty”. Gravatar is linked to your bestgore account so it will change it as well. $halom!

          1. @LF, lol, I think the ‘real’ girl in the pic, photoshopped her own nose to be bigger, then up-loaded it online, all proud of her huge proboscis!

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  1. “And stay out!” I like elderly people and it really shits me that they are often targeted by thieves. This old guy really put up a good fight though, I hope it was worth it?
    Off topic here, I would like to send my sympathy to my German friends on BestGore, esp. @boozer, @Am0ur a young German backpacker died in a bushfire a couple of days ago in my state. He, along with a Norwegian and an Englishman, and a local farmer , died in the fire, trying to save a horse, they were towing a horse float and they lost the road and the fire caught up. 🙁

      1. @Am0ur, I won’t lie, I haven’t been too good the last couple of days 🙁 I usually come good pretty quickly though.
        I agree it is a terrible way to go, in a bushfire, a couple of survivors say they couldn’t believe the noise, just a massive roar.

    1. @tas

      Much respect to them, as they died trying to save the horses…….
      Horses are beautiful. I like the horse. Infect as a youngster I was given a horse, his name was Copper. He was my buddy. My brother and I were made to go to Pony Club on Saturday mornings ( like a 4 hr drive away) so had to leave at 5 am or some crazy shit and I hated it, so Copper and I sort of drifted apart which is a big regret of mine, cause he was magnificent. I then
      got a 100cc trail bike and it got stolen after about 2 weeks by some drifter that worked on our farm, and he rode it into a dam. Cunt……

      1. @Dutchy, that is such an Aussie thing to be part of – Pony Club, lol. Also what an asshole that guy riding your bike into a dam! Your dad gave the prick some work, probably feeling sorry for the bum, and that’s how he repays kindness, shits sake.
        I just wanted to say I always call ‘flip-flops’ thongs, ok, haha, our American friends think its funny because to them a thong is a g-string! 🙂

          1. @Ewe, I think I’m secure enough in my intelligence to admit I have no clue what “affirmation via sympathy” means :/ But it’s a great name for my new screamo-reggae-punk band!

      1. @boozer! I didn’t think you would know her (19 year old girl) Europeans love to come to Australia and work on farms, to get a real feel for the bush/outback. Some fruit growers say they could not continue on their farms if it wasn’t for the tourists who come to pick the produce, not enough Aussies want the job – lazy!

          1. @boozer, well the farmers say they can’t get Aussies to pick the fruit for what they’ll pay them. The backpackers will pick for cash, without a real risk of trouble (paying cash means the gov. can’t tax wages) cos they are on the move, state to state, having fun, good on them I say, earning a bit of cash on their holiday. 🙂
            Thanks for concern about my eye @boozer, it’s still quite sore, today I can actually see (haha with my good eye) the scratch across the eyeball, which I hope means it’s healing? I’m furious though, how DARE someone damage my eye when I’m so vulnerable.

    1. Also can’t help thinking of BG member @Stagedoor Jonny being robbed 8 or 9 times and still having the big balls to show up at work everyday afterwards.
      Wish this old man and @Stagedoor had concealed carry and could blow these pieces of shit away.

      1. I see your point @rayf, and agree with your sentiment.
        Can’t help but wonder what might have happened had the robbers been carrying themselves though. If that had been the case, there would likely have been one single robbery of @stagedoor Jonny, which he didn’t come back from, which hardly bears thinking about.
        I’m sure you understand what I’m getting at buddy.

        1. Yes sir I do…@Stagedoor say’s when they come in crazy high with a knife he just starts putting shelves and aisles between him and them…shame though what an honest person has to put up with to earn a living.
          Lack of gun violence is definitely a plus bro…but you know were too far gone here in the states for that to be a reality here ever…it’s a shame but with criminals having guns you have to as well…vicious circle.

          1. The pit falls of earning an honest crust mate, it is indeed a crying shame.

            True bud, no good pulling a baton out when there’s a gun in your face, I totally get that.
            It’s the path your country took, for one reason or another, so no, it really couldn’t be any other way than to arm yourselves to the hilt.

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  3. “fight naked girls street”? Whoever searched that to land here was seriously disappointed.

    As for the video, old man was lucky he was dealing with a halfway crook. We’ve seen more than our share of videos on here where there were criminals who took it all the way. Too bad it wasn’t a younger guy in the shop. I would have enjoyed watching the would be robber get his skull crushed like a Gallagher watermelon.

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  4. looks like the shopkeeper got one good bonk on that guy as he was trying to jump back over the gate.

    i was really hoping the ole guy would of beat the living shit out of him with that bat, but it seemed he was staggering from all of those knife wounds and his swings were weak.

  5. At the end of the video, the star of the show says to himself……

    “I’m going back to my porno, thanks very much!, It was almost at my fav part where that sexy bitch lets one squirt over his head! He he he he !!……….”

  6. frankly, i think this is pretty cute actually.
    lovely to see this thief , fake to use his knife on the me multiple time, hit im on head wit the hilt.
    i dont know if this thief is an pure amateur or someone who didnt wanted to create some big shit and just hopeless needed some money or shit.

    pretty cute to watch.

    easy to imagine what can be happen if this guy would be pretty bloody movafuka, destroy the old men by hit him with blade on body, arms, head and etc..

    but no… not this time. ^^

  7. ‘The Old Man In The Shop’ is the latest psychological thriller by horror master Wes Craven. The movie is actually a prequel to the movie ‘The Cabin In The woods’.

    An unsuspecting innocent scumbag cockroach thief wonders into a storeshop to spread the word about some mythical jewish hero who has brought peace and joy to the world.

    Just as the scumbag thief begins to talk about the rapture, he is savagely attacked by the knife wielding psychopath.

    The helpless scumbag quickly realizes that he will be the next victim of this sadistic old man and quickly bails out.

    I recommend this movie to all Bestgore members.

  8. The old man was brave but stupid. He was lucky that the robber was not willing to kill him, because he easily could have done so.
    The robber was trying so hard not to really hurt the old guy that he ended up getting beat over the head with the bat instead.
    These kinds of robberies are common in USA, with the robber typically trying to get money for drugs. Getting between an addict with a knife and his next fix in this manner would likely get a guy like the old man killed.

    1. Yes, my friend true enough. Khyphosis can make people look a lot older than they really are! But like you said, too bad he did not have enough strength to level him with a nasty melon smash! But hey,,, at least he managed to get that low life outta-there without too much damage to himself. He should be proud. 🙂

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  10. GIANT ‘Kudos’ to this guy. He gave as good as he got (if not better) and didn’t stop fighting. Knife or not there was a ‘100% DRIVE’ to fight off this Mutha Fuckin thief.

    This middle aged man deserves a medal.

    He needs that gate to have razor wire along the top along with the ‘poison of the beetle’ coating the sharp bits. (San men/bushmen use it to kill animals 4 food in africa by blowing a needle dipped into the ‘beetle poison’ and blowing it through a pipe) That’ll sort out any robbers and it works just the way you need it to work… if you get my drift. It’s slow.

    Or perhaps just get the bars fitted to cover any open sections better.

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