Open Fracture of the Forearm

Open Fracture of the Forearm

What do you get when you combine motorcycles and Brazil? You already know the answer to that. Gore galore and always more and more. Like open fractures of the forearm and stuff… Luckily, this motorcyclist’s his right forearm. He can still give himself a stranger. Video is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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31 thoughts on “Open Fracture of the Forearm”

  1. Wtf is up with Brasil? I mean yeah there’s a reason I don’t drive HERE in the u.s. (for those of you in the u.s. you understand) But good god damn if I did I’d atleast have the decency to DIE in the damn accident. I don’t wanna feel that?!

    1. Usally you don’t have too much contrl in the outcome of a CAR CARASH, dumbass. It’s not as if you can CHOOSE how badly distroyed you will be after you slide to a stop.
      However, in your case, please show us all that in a roll over, you have the presence of mind to stick your head out of the window and pull off a successful Cliff Burton (anybody know what i’m talking about? circa 1984-85 ish?)

  2. Well that doesnt look too bad but I cant really see too good from this camera angle. Do you think the camera can get a littlte closer? OK thats better, well it looks kinda alright but if he would just turn towards the camera a lilltle bit I might be able to see better….AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH..AAAAAAHHHHHHH….AHHHHHHHH…TURN IT OFF ..TURN IT OFF…AHHHHHHHHHHHHH…AAAAHHHHHHH MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!!!!!

    1. Safe to say, he’s an idiot. Safe to say, were greatfull for the entertainment at his exspense.
      I wonder what one of these fuckers would think if, after they survive their injuries, they somehow stumble upon Best Gore and see footage of theselves all fucked up, and see what we have written about them, mocking them, criticizing them…just us being us.

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