Operation on Throat Slashed Through to Trachea

Operation on Throat Slashed Through to Trachea

Here’s an operation to repair a throat which had been slashed stright through to the trachea. The wound was inflicted with a knife. We see the process of stopping the bleeding and suturing the wound. I do not know the ultimate fate of the male victim, but according to the last image, he is still alive.

25 thoughts on “Operation on Throat Slashed Through to Trachea”

  1. I wonder if he’s gonna sound like Carl from the movie Sling Blade now? Or possibly have the horse Marlon Brando type of sound…I bet he freaked the fuck out at the feeling of not breathing through his mouth and nose, and hearing that whistling sound you hear from the guys getting beheaded.

  2. i had my neck slashed can feel the skin pull tight when i move my head a certain way constant reminder of my brush with the blade and close call from the reaper. and it itches years later even though the skins healed. nerve damage for life ?

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