Painful Knee Injury Photo

Painful Knee Injury Photo

Best Gore has the best gore content on t3h interweb simply because “Best Gore Members Rock!” and do not hesitate to share their own, private pictures with the community. Props for this picture of a painful knee injury go to the Best Gore member Haithar. In his own words:

It happened on a street in Armadale, Perth, WA, Australia. I fell knee first while sprinting and sliced my knee on the jagged road. It took 8 weeks to heal due to how deep it was and I remember getting 20 inside and outside stitches. It is a 1-2 inch thick, 4 inch purple scar and I have no feeling from the knee to about 5 inches down. I could see my knee bone, shin bone, all of the ligaments and muscles.

Thanks a lot J. for the pic. Looks bloody painful…

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