Palestinian Journalist Hit in Face by Stun Grenade Defies Jews and Goes Back on TV

Palestinian Journalist Hit in Face by Stun Grenade Defies Jews and Goes Back on TV

Brave Palestinian TV journalist Hanna Mahameed was hit in the face by a stun grenade fired at a press crew wearing PRESS vests by Jewish terrorists in Jerusalem, while providing the world with an important service of exposing Israeli oppression.

But to show the Israeli occupants that they won’t silence her that easily, Hanna Mahameed was back on TV, reporting for Al-Mayadeen within hours after being hit. Not distracted by the defacement, she defied the Jew with her powerful appearance so that the world can get another look at the evil that Zionist racism embodies.

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  1. so now you are “terrorist” if you do something to anybody ?
    if i give a good punch in my neighboor i will be considered as “terrorist” …

    this “terrorist” word is overused today. sound like all the criminal , whatever their crime, are turn into terrorist.

    “once a thief, always a thief ”
    today is “once a thief, always a terrorist”

    1. The United Nations General Assembly defined terrorism as:

      Criminal acts intended or calculated to provoke a state of terror in the general public, a group of persons or particular persons for political purposes.

      So yes, Israelis are terrorists.

          1. if those politician have the money on the bank , yes. also, everything relative to money is close to politic , you know that right πŸ˜‰

          2. Yo guys, and girls! Just registered to post a reply here haha…
            @hollyEat A “simple” heist is not “intended or calculated to provoke a state of terror in the general public …”, think of it as who’d rob if not for the personal profit gained right? So clearly the motive for this is not what has been defined by UNGA to call it an act of terror.

            And in by case if your “simple heist” meant that somehow it was aimed to provoke a state of terror in the general public, a group of persons or blah blah, then yeah call that terrorism. Lastly I’ll tell you that what matters is not the degree of severity in a breach for it to be branded as a transgression. There is a reason why its called an act.

            P.S. @EyeHeartZombieParts,@ladybug_lady2000: not true pea-brainers

    2. @hollyEat,

      Armed Israeli soldiers storming the third holiest prayer site for Muslims, the Al-Aqsa mosque, and barring entry to all Muslims despite the site falling under the legal jurisdiction of the Islamic Waqf is an act of terrorism from a sovereign perspective and yet this is what they did to bring about the protests.

      The Jews of course view the Temple Mount as their own holy site and wish to build the third temple of Jerusalem
      on that very site.

      It?s all very silly though because unlike the modern Egyptians who can trace their genetic ancestry back many thousands of years due to how well they preserved the bodies of their dead the modern Jews are so far removed from the Israelites of those times that there is no genetic evidence to back up their claims other than a book of fairy tales written many years after the fact so even if their book holds some historical truth they themselves have no genetic proof of their claims.

      The above means the Israeli Jews are going around laying claim to things that they have no proof of owning(to the utter dismay of the Palestinians)which is in direct contrast to how they usually conduct their business, ie, ?a contract is a contract is a contract? ect.

      Fucking hypocrites.

      1. maybe, but israeli jew boys won the war in 67 and decided to give the area back to the Arab’s….. I thi nk it’s the jews holiest site…. Just sayin that if the Arabs behave themselves and stop har assing the yamakas their I think things would be quite different. That given, the stupid yids opened it back uo again anyway… fucking hypocrites!

        1. ?If the Arabs behave themselves and stop harassing the yamakas there I think things would be quite different.?

          @hesitate to hate, things wouldn?t be any different because the six day war was about land acquisition.

          The Israeli Jews on purposely agitate the Mussies in order to create the grounds for armed intervention and land acquisition, they have been doing it for so many years it is now painfully obvious to all but the wilfully blind.

          As much as I hate Muslims Palestine is still their land and does not belong to the filthy, brainwashed Jews because if we all tried to acquire land based upon thousand odd year old claims the entire globe would be embattled overnight.

      1. No… what you meant to write should of read, Fuck all jews, Fuck israel and all their baby dick suckers, and fuck their devil god. I shit on the torah.

        That sounds better. Ghonsor you really should stop watching so much jew tube.

      1. i dont explain shit.

        its not even a conflict, its just kids playing with weapons.

        this “conflict” started before i was born and will continu after my grand-grand-grand-grand-son will born.

        its a bunch of retards who fights each others for no reasons but trying to get attention of the powerful countries of the world, in only objectif to obtain more weapons to continu their kid’s war.

        who still give a shit today about this ? its like 90% of middle east countries. they start random wars just to get attention and more weapons.
        killing peoples is their traditions.

        until a nuke will strike, one day or another.

        1. What you are saying is true. But Palestinians never intend or even try to show any power or being powerful. Isnt Israel the one who does that all time?

          Palestinians are just weak people who got no lands left because israeli occupiers and palestinians have lost hope after the world’s failure of finding a solution to their case, Israel is just a political professional country that tricks everyone for it’s power and the world is just silence after all this years, Only the palestinians are struggling the occupation and the bad condition they live. Bad economy. Poor country. Imagine there is 2 people on 1 land and each people are totally different than another like. Israelis can be World 1 generation high power high technology WHILE Palestinians who are prevented to do any projects as a governmet and have limited abilites because they literally got no land they are World 3 Generation or whatever.

          Do u know what is between the Palestinian cities? Though these cities are in fucked up condition. Nothing is good there. There is hell of Israeli Illegal settlements between every palestinian city and high road is full of stupid road blocks. This aint kids game this is Israel game.

      1. That bandage is, for want of a better term, over egging the pudding.
        Probably served its purpose as far as propaganda goes, and why not ?, it works both ways, does it not ?.
        Still, a feeble attempt in my opinion.

    1. One look and you can make out “its all rigged up or rather staged up ”
      The reporter isn’t hurt a wee bit except for a bit of that soot on her rosy cheeks ;she isn’t bleeding anywhere .Good theatrics there ! though all in all.
      She deserves a pat though for that faked up crash on the scene .

    2. Didn’t even break the skin…a stubbed toe would probably see her in a full leg cast…a few more bandages and might I say she would make an excellent Missus Elephant Man. πŸ˜›

      1. She didn’t even need a band-aid for that. I know girls are all squealy when they get hurt, but that barely called for an “ouch”, let alone a squeal. It could have been worse than what it looked at first glance, but i doubt it was as bad as she made it seem.

          1. The author states “Not distracted by the defacement” ………..
            If she had to get defaced she wouldn’t be back to the studio putting up that brave face which’s no more than a simple bruise . Well in fact my eyes caught none .
            Guys Did anyone notice any defacement in the entire clip ?
            Her wrap arounds are misleading as she hasn’t bled a trickle. .

            To conclude this ” brouhaha”
            Let this year’s “Pulitzer ” be passed on to TV journalist Hanna Mahameed .

            I’ve to admit She sure does have it in her how to take people for a ride .
            She’s a day tripper !

          2. Actually to be fair – a large bruise (hematoma) in a confined space especially, may need to been cut open and physically removed as it has the potential to stop normal blood flow in the area leading to death of deep tissue. I’m sure the israeli terrorist don’t shoot peas from their crowd control weapons.she could have broken bones in her face as well, leading to surgery. Just saying..

  2. I dont know how Palestinians do it, you get your land stolen by mostly eastern european and nyc jews and than are treated worse than a fucking stray dog…this is definitely not going to end pretty. Its only a matter of time when Palestinians start using small drones at night dropping dirty bobs on the illegal settlments to make them flee back to where they came from….it only takes one or two dirty nuke bombs and companies will divest and people will flee…I notice no wealthy smart jews live there…they buy homes in hawaii or Monaco and the smart ones are moving back to jew lead ukraine now where most came from…

    1. how exactly will a tiny “dirty bomb” that a small drone can carry cause enough destruction to cause people to flee? no way it’d cause enough radiation poisoning to caused mass evacuation of the country.

    2. The problem may be that they would have a lot of difficulties getting anything useful into where they live. The tunnels have been blocked, no land or air traffic can get to them and with all the check points I just don’t see it happening. Sure they could probably make something but how could they disperse it?

      Unless someone else has the balls to step in & help them with more than words of support it’s going to continue with the dirty jews playing their game.

    3. @mike
      What do you have against “dirty bobs?” i know plenty of guys named bob, but not all of them are dirty. Some are rather clean but, some I have to admit are rather repulsive. But still good people.

      Just joking in case you didn’t know.

  3. Btw after doing hours of researching and reading I have come to a conclusion that Putin is definitely a crypto Jew himself just playing the rigged jew central bankers game….first of all both Lenin and Stalin’s corpse would be thrown in landfill and the central bank wouldnt be raping russians with 24% interest rates now…inflation to deflation whenever jew central bankers want it to end up owning most of businees and property…its amazing how even the retarded sheep in america are allowing a private bank to have full control over our economy…henry ford said it best, if all americans understood our monetary system we would have revolt by tomorrow morning….the dumbing down of america has succeeded… πŸ™

    1. The most important thing every aware person should keep in mind at all times, is – don’t trust anyone, but yourself. Which essentially means – question everything, and never take someone else’s explanation that something is a certain way for a fact.

      So yes, Putin could very well be a crypto Jew. Accepting the possibility that it could be the case is the only way to prevent them from indoctrinating you. Always question everything. Regardless of how strongly you want it to be a certain way. The sheep don’t do the questioning, so everyone else who doesn’t, even if they took the first step and shut off the TV, is themselves still a sheep.

    2. as a writer and poet, i’ve found it shocking how easy it is to control people’s thoughts and emotions with mere key strokes. this is why governments consider bloggers and journalists much more terrifying than anything else.

      when a journalist who gives his opinion is treated worse than a serial killer who mailed out body parts to a school, that is when you know there is a serious problem.

      1. @Obli, maybe you should create a BG poem contest, much like the ?caption this? contest, wherein people post a short poem relevant to the theme of death that you specify.

        I know you previously wanted to do an art contest but very few people were interested and so it got shelved but the reason why it did not takeoff was because people are lazy and do not like having to put in the extra effort whereas the caption this contest allows for them to just post in the same regular way which encourages them to give it a go.

        In the above, a poem contest where people can just post their short poems in the same regular way would likely generate interest and activity and using a BG related theme would make it fun whilst maintaining it?s relevance to the BG community.

        1. Excellent idea, brother Empty! I would love to join in, with a few poem,s of my own about my favorite people, lol,he,he. I,m sure you guys, and gals would find them quite amusing, to say the least!

  4. Its so much easier to fool people than it is to convince them they have been FOOLED….

    Aka globing warming bullshit to climate change…its only been changing for millions of years and its the sun cycle that affects climate the most…god damn there is way too many fucking stupid and gullible people in this world…:(

    1. C’mon bro that dressing is disproportionate to the wound.
      A Hello Kitty Band Aid would have taken care of that.
      Oh and Mike the old lady is 7 years younger than me and we got 5 kids…if she is faking it I appreciate the extra effort on her part. πŸ˜›
      I love ya bro…no homo.
      I do agree with your core statement even the heavily edited ISIS videos I believe end in the death of the subjects.

      1. As it is a flash grenade it is a chemical weapon that is accompanied by chemichle burns if you are unsure of how your face would react to white phosphorus might i suggest trying it out to solve the debate?:)

  5. the damage didn’t look too bad but maybe she had broken bones in her face. on this site there are pics of way worse damage to a face when shot with a police grenade or tear gas. And that bandage wrapped all over her face does look like it is for show. what is the point of covering half her face with it? i could be wrong. lucky she didn’t get shot in the eye.

  6. That didnt look all that bad to be honest. 😐

    But its foolish of them to think that wearing a “press” vest, or being a child, or being pregnant, or whatever will prevent them from using you as targets… wild animals like the jews are attack and kill everyone equally.

    1. Dan, hitler just wanted them the fuck out of germany and even helped most transfer to Palestine with the Havarra Agreement that isnt taught in history…Hitler was the best thing for the future of Israel after the war especially with Israel stealing billions from Germany using their made up Holocaust victim card like the jews were the only people that died during WW2….

      1. Damned right they weren’t the only ones to die.
        You make a good point, because many seem to be of the belief / opinion that Jews were the be all and end all as far as the Germans were concerned. Not the case at all, there were many more aspects to Hitler’s plans.
        People talk of Dresden being a travesty, and I’d have to agree. But, Dresden was pulverised in retaliation to the Germans flattening Coventry. Such is life in WAR.
        No, the Jews weren’t the only ones whom copped for a spanking in WWII.

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