Partially Scalped Man from Dominican Republic

Partially Scalped Man from Dominican Republic

Partially Scalped Man from Dominican Republic

All I know about the video is that it was filmed in Dominican Republic. It shows a dazzled man with partially scalped head.

I don’t know if he was a victim of a knife attack or a traffic accident, but I tend to lean toward the latter, due to the road rash on his left arm. Maybe that tree next to him is what he ran with his head into?

What do you guys think? BTW, good on those medics for wearing face masks. They wouldn’t want to breathe in some pesky coronavirus while touching some stranger’s blood with bare hands.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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83 thoughts on “Partially Scalped Man from Dominican Republic”

    1. @JXK777. Corona is a straight-shaped cigar with rounded top. 15cm. Oder leck mich am Arsch..!

      Yea dude, looks-like the Dominican-Republic Machete-Gods got him.
      Ya see in Brazil They have The Da-Silva-Gods,,,
      And In The Beautiful (but only on their resorts) Dominican Republic
      Have Machete-Gods. That’s my story, and i’m sticking to it, lol. 😉

      1. Possibility Thedre, but that is an impact wound. Thinking that while he was looking for his machete he fell out the tree, or fell off a bicycle because some monkeys can ride cycles seen it at the Circus when a boy. Either way a dumb nigga that is ONLY injured tut tut.
        Also I know concussion from experience has you doing weird things, which he was.
        What do you think he was looking for on the ground, bag of weed perhaps..?

        1. @JXK777. Corona is a straight-shaped cigar with rounded top. 15cm. Oder leck mich am Arsch..!
          That was/is funny dude, lol. Riding his bicycle in a tree at the Circus, bwa ha, ha dude.
          Or Maybe he was looking for his baggie of weed cause he desperately wanted to roll another blunt since the previous one fucked him up, and then to add insult to injury,,, he lost his buzz because of it? lol,?.one since he lost his buzz when the machete made contact, lol.

          1. @JXK777. Corona is a straight-shaped cigar with rounded top. 15cm. Oder leck mich am Arsch..!

            That he did indeed. But i’m sure that he would of rather of blowing a nut instead of Crack-it yea?? he he.

            Also,,, i have been meaning to tell you that the first time that i read your username, fuck brother i laughed my ass off and hard brother. It was mostly The,,,
            in Oder To Leck Mich Arsch is what got my Wife, And I Both crying man, lol,. 🙂

          2. Hahaha he would rather be doing ANYTHING other than what he was and had done. Foolish monkey but still the most things they TRY to do is FREE entertainment for anyone who isn’t a monkey.

            Also Thedre the JXK777. That’s the bit that the site asked for which isn’t subject to change, the rest of the handle is merely to express oblique bollox I may think of, and is subject to change when I think of something to replace it with.
            But pleases me you get the humor, I do like to make people laff..!

          3. @@JXK777. Corona is a straight-shaped cigar with rounded top. 15cm. Oder leck mich am Arsch..!
            Entertainment For anyone who isn’t a Monkey??? lol, ha, ha, ha dude. Ahh-Man you’re killing me brother, lol. 🙂

      2. Hi Andre.
        Didn’t have anything appear until a few minutes ago, from the one before you went away, haven’t responded to that because you wasn’t here, don’t know any other way to respond to you now Buddy, as can’t find any buttons or boxes to enter anything to you, this account appears to be limited, like I’m on a FUCKING trial or probation, keep checking the mail nothing from BG, been in touch and asked what’s the story but getting nothing back, can’t request friends, can’t start the topic I’ve wanted to for months now, VERY frustrating, don’t know that you’ll see this yet.
        Didn’t know that you can communicate in the way you have, and I’m annoyed that I can’t speak with you NOW FFS…!!
        I hope you are all well and good Mann, just seen that you sent me something thanks, now I’ll go read it but seems I’ve to use the comments from where we were talking before, not directly the way you have..!?!
        Tell you Bud, I’m FUCKING angry with it, there’s people only signed up and all the functions are available to them so, WTF….?
        Maybe I’ve stepped on someone’s toes, or upset the site in some way..?
        Don’t know what else to say…

        1. Hey Jack,
          Well that’s good because sometimes it “the message”will not show-up when it’s acting up. But i am happy to see that you did get it.

          I Have had something on my mind since the last time that we spoke that i just have to ask you. It has to do with that really bad motorcycle accident that you had, and your near death,,, or in your Case,,, *Your Death* Experience. Now because i have never had an experience quite like your on that unfortunate fateful day. I Never had that Beautiful Godly Music,,, The Smell of Wild Flowers by a small creek type with falls with a gentle breeze,,,
          You know Jack that smell you get (on a warm spring morning) while walking deep in the forest, and off the beaten path, and you stumble upon this beautiful spot??

          I’m sure that the Smell, and the Music that you experienced during that time while hovering over the accident scene, and outside your body, was 100 times more vivid, with no words to even coming close to explaining just how Beautiful & Pure Your experience really was. So “Please Jack” tell me more (if it is something that is not too Hard) or not just to Painful for yourself to relive. As i have been fascinated by your story ever since you first told me about-it.

          Like did it happen in the morning, the evening? Did you leave your body the second that you hit, or made contact with the car,,, minivan,, or a pick-up truck? And if so, was there any pain, for a split second before beginning to raise above it all?? Did you know right away that you were looking at yourself below with all of the accident scene, broken pieces of vehicles scattered all over the road?

          Or were you completely just confused for the first few seconds if you did not feel any pain whatsoever? Jack,,, did you come to realize that you were in fact in a sort of purgatory, or actually dead after a few seconds of wondering what the hell was going-on?? And then how long would you say that you were in this state before the ambulance came and took you away, deciding then that you better get in or else? 🙁 ? 🙁 I Really want to know it all as this is just mind-blowing to be having had a couple of near death experiences, or calls myself. But Nothing,,, Nothing even close to yours.

          And i’d love to hear more of when you were in the hospital. All of your surgeries, and what must’ve been a long time recovering with months, and months of Physiotherapy, as i cannot imagine the pain, and the hell you had to go through to get better. And Jack,,, how are you today, much better i hope being able to live a normal, or semi normal life again? Cause i cannot even imagine the amount of pain, and suffering that you had to endure during this time, wow, it’s mind blowing.

          1. Hi Andre.
            Well aside from you forgetting your meds, you’ve had a grand few days yes..? Was still a break for you and yours hum,
            No Dude, no problem talking about it. I have one of those hard drive brain memories, stores everything can remember being in the womb FFS.
            Sending this quick message, because you’ve to wait a while as I formulate the rest of the experience, as I can recall it frame by frame like in slow motion. Also the Dog will be here soon (that’s me partners pet/nick name) probably sounds bad to some but, it’s because of her laff, she sounds like a dog when she’s excited, and spends alot of time on all fours when she’s around me anyway. Haha. But I’m slightly dyslexic, and have to have one of mine here to correct and proof what I write spell check etc, because people tell me I’m good with words tho sometimes I can say very hum, cutting things but hey as far as I know no one has ever died of it..! Like they won’t let me post what I’ve written here until it’s okayed because some may find offensive what I say especially written word so, also can dictate to her and get it done a little quicker. Hum I digress.
            Now one thing I’d like to ask you is; what did you think of my take on God, the piece called IF..?

          2. @JXK777 Sapere Aude ~ Oder leck mich am Arsch..!
            That’s cool brother,,, so please Jack, take all the time you need, and don’t go rushing, but take care of You & Yours first, and always my good, and decent man, as i would do the same Jack. 🙂

            Furthermore,,, i want to hear the whole story, like you woke up one beautiful motorcycle cruising morning, and so on, as i want to picture it in my head while reading what was i’m sure was quite certainly one heck of a life changing Event/Day for you. So I do not want to miss one single part of it *your story* as i really want to share “what must’ve been” one hell of a ride, and story ( but only If it’s ok with you) that i share your story with other open-minded, or like minded individuals as my misses, a few close friends, and family members.

            **she sounds like a dog when she’s excited, and spends a lot of time on all fours when she’s around me anyway**????

            And as for your comment above about you calling you misses The Dog, well let me tell ya that you had us both in tears, and so much so that My Wife because she was laughing so fucking hard,,,that,,, lol, lol,,, She almost pissed all over the carpet,,, just like a young & super excited little puppy would do Bwa, Ha, Ha! 🙂

            Fuck Jack you’re too much dude, and i mean *In A Good way*, as my wife has also been reading your comments and loves them, as she says that it’s been awhile since she’s read somebody comments that so darn so witty, and coming from a genuinely very nice guy. She says he’s alright that Jack guy, her way of saying that she really likes you dude.

          3. @Thedre

            Hi Andre, how’s it Hanging..?
            All good for you and yours I trust, here’s one for you; Two old fellas sitting having breakfast in the check out lounge, one sez to the other, how you sleeping..?
            The Second fella replies, oh grand like a baby, Jaysus been so long since I have, remind me what’s that like..?
            First fella answers, well I’m Bald, Toothless, and couldn’t stop Shyting meself,..! Ta Da…

            Still working on the other thing, another couple of days, maybe after the weekend, depends how busy I am, should be ready because we’ve a Wank Holiday Weekend so.
            Also still waiting for your appraisal of my take on God, you know, the piece called IF. No Hurry Murray.
            For me that would be interesting to see…

          4. @JXK777 Sapere Aude ~ Oder leck mich am Arsch..!
            Awesome witty joke brother, lol. My wife just walked away herself still wiping her face. After she read-it,,, we looked each other in the eyes, and she exploded in laughter dude. 🙂

            I Cannot wait to hear your near death experience, ad in detail as this subject fascinates me after having my episode as a 13/14 year-old boy as it happened in the summer. But was it before my birthday in July, or After,,, i just cannot remember, my good man.

            And just knowing how well spoken, and explicit you, are i don’t mind waiting, as it will be i’m sure something that will stay with me forever worth-it in the end. So yea,,, take your time and no worries Jack. 🙂

  1. Good ol Motorcycle accident and nothing more except he probably didn’t have a helmet on in first place. Its amazing however, The skull & scalp look very fresh and intact, Consider how it must got peel off with a full concussion like that.

  2. If a guy starts losing his hair then a No 1 close crop or a zero crop is acceptable. For all other men the Elvis short back and sides (a No 1 at the back and sides) is the only other haircut which is permissible in my book. Long-haired hippy guys just look lazy, dirty and smelly. Grungey guys just look lazy and smelly. But I can accept their right to exist but wouldn’t allow one in my house or car. Or piss on one if their hair was on fire.
    However the fucking total shitslurpery and clusterfuckism of this cunt… he has decided to annoy people with his fucking stumpy, knobbly stupid fucking “look at me” hair. I mean it has a little patchwork for any passer-by to grab one of his stumpy wee bunches and run their blade along the four sides. What could be simpler? I mean I would fucking cut myself off a scalp square just to relieve the fucking rage it was costing my soul. I don’t need this kind of annoying behaviour being directed at me at my age. He was fucking asking for it with his attention-seeking stupid haircut and twattish styling like that. What even IS that?

  3. In India they will tie a monkey to a table, cut open it’s scalp and eat it’s brains alive. Didn’t know they also did this in the Dominican Republic. Learn something new everyday.

  4. This is exactly why barbers need to swap to a university education and do away with on the job training. Those cut throat (cut scalp in this case) razors are very dangerous and require much training both theoretical and practical. Let’s just hope his ‘barber’ doesn’t do backyard abortions on weekends for extra cash……….

  5. Those lines in his hair told the tree (I suppose it was the tree) “cut here”, he just did what he told him to do xD

    This is why I love nature and you should protect the trees, so we can have more gore videos like these. NATURE LOVES BESTGORE!

  6. Went to dom rep, punta cana, i fukin, hated it, ignorant rude not helpful people, worst holiday ever, don’t know why people recommend it, or go back every year, hope covid wipes all of them out, truly…

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