People Comfort Bleeding Street Hawker After He Was Shot by Police

People Comfort Bleeding Street Hawker After He Was Shot by Police

Info I got about the video says that a street hawker (CamelΓ΄) was shot by police who left him there to bleed. He is seen being comforted by passersby while, I presume, they wait for an ambulance.

Blood loss seems quite significant. It would appear that he was shot in the upper back. He’s not showing any signs of life but the people are not ready to give up on him. Whether he pulled through in the end, I do not know.

Nothing good ever comes out of police being too happy to use their little guns.

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          1. Yup, thanks… just watched it. Who tried to take the pepper spray from a cop wielding a gun. The cop actually has his gun pointed at his fellow officer most of the time.

        1. That’s some good acting. I wouldn’t touch that motherfuckers blood. that alone put my hand in his

          mouth. what if he had aids? that’s some crazy karma for stealing.
          I think she did know him. They take the wallet so the cops or ems won’t steal it.

        1. He clearly deserve what he got. I’m not on the police side. But if he can get a hold of the spray, he would probably use it against the police. and knowing how stupid he was, he would try to take the gun and kill 3 officers and be the fucken hero.
          he can’t even be a martyr.
          just another dead nigger video on bestgore!!!

          1. To me it would, hell if it would even give me enough reasons to curse someone… Around 4 or so months ago a girl had called me a jew for whatever reason, and i plagued her and her mother with a nice cancer. πŸ˜† Her mother is in bed now, and shes on her way. Her 3 kids shall remember that one day…

          2. lol I think it’s better that way too. We don’t want some crazy fuck calling you a witch and writing the whole bible in a reply to you or some middle eastern shit lol

      1. The thick blood was from his lungs filling with fluid and there are tons of little bubbles in it. His mouth being completely full of blood is a signature example of him choking and coughing up blood. You can see it in front of him and behind him. I would say he suffocated. If you ever get shot or stabbed in the lung cover the hole and plug it if you can. It will keep air from pulling more blood into your lungs.

          1. Actually @i lovemygramps, you are correct. Use anything to plug the hole. Your finger if needs be. An empty crisp packet lying on the street. Whatever you can find.

            No need to worry about sterilization, the hospital will deal with infection.

            The main object is to plug the wound. Known as “The bucket theory” in British Armed Forces when they teach first aid.

            Fill a bucket with water and if there is a hole in it, the water will leak out. Plug the hole and the water will remain. Simple πŸ™‚

          2. @3rdIrotten
            There is a difference between applying pressure and sealing the wound. I just want to clarify that you do not want any air or bubbles going in or out.

  1. I fucking hate cops!! They act like nothing to see here folks just another lawbreaker getting what’s coming to him. I’m surprised they didn’t arrest the people trying to comfort the guy. Or maybe the Dick cop is proud of his work and wants everyone to see what happens when you fart in the direction of the police. You know, if there was a way to plan a day that everyone who isn’t a cop or a friend of the court to overthrow the police through peaceful resistance V for Vendetta style, the police would be overthrown either becayaw of the bloodbath that followed and that being enough for the rest of America to finally say Fuck the police, or because the cops wouldn’t date try to kill half a city of protesters. Wait, ya they sure would, what was I thinking? It’s going to take a ,imported revolution of the way democracy is done to finally end the police villager. I pray I’m alive to see it.

      1. Maybe we don’t know what he did but the police should have tried to comfort the sad woman and should have kept other people from gathering around the man while they are hopefully waiting on an ambulance to arrive.

        1. I seen one female cop, and when she does appear it seems as she is directing traffic. Also there is so much going on in the scene it self. It’s hard to keep control of everyone if anything. she also has to be aware of her surrounding and protect herself from people who might want to acting against what happened.

      1. Doubt they have any training. In America they wait for the EMT’s who by time for the paramedics. If you get a lung punctured, try to seal it so no air goes in or out. It will keep you alive longer. Your lungs slowly fill with blood and fluid. The doctors will insert a tube and drain it while doing CPR. Every compression will shoot blood out the tube, it is crazy how much fluid there is.

        1. I can’t believe what I saw. Oh hell no! I felt sorry for that pick pocket bitch. The kindness was too good to be true. It would serve her right if she got aids from all that blood she was touching. It can get in through tiny cuts that everyone has on their hands.

        2. They have training. These people don’t live in huts anymore.

          would you put your mouth on that guy with all that blood coming out?
          and still have a crowd around, always checking if someone else is gonna try to step and take your gun.

          I wouldn’t help him if I was the one the shot him.
          I would go home and watch f?tbol on TV.

    1. I saw this shooting a couple of days ago but without the link you provided I wouldn’t have put the two together, damn good eye for detail bro, plus the video I watched was not as clear as the link you provided. Very foolish of this fellow to have done what he did. Again good catch. πŸ˜‰

  2. I found out reading through the comments on the other site that this happened on the 18th. Both men were street vendors. The guy who was shot, was actually shot in the face (mouth) and died, being as he never made it to the hospital. Riots ensued etc etc…

  3. still disguisting for this fat little pot bellied bastard to shoot a kid like that knowing it will be at a lethal range too. they really should have lynched that dirty cop fucker and then dragged his body around the street because its time everybody started turning on these vile human beings that think they can murder because they have a silver fucking badge on their chest. you pathetic little worms and if theres any police here reading this i hate you and i hate you so much that you dont want to know how much pleasure i would get from seeing this murdering fuck get lynched in the street because you are disgusting and think you are above the regular guy and we are the people you are paid to fucking protect. why not a leg shot on the kid? why not fire into the air? nah you kill because you enjoy it you are the biggest and evilest gang on this shithole earth,well maybe except IS but your not far behind them. murderous scum.

    1. Cause their priorities are backwards. They’d rather focus on bringing the other guy to “justice”. Im surprised they didnt hit the dying guy while he was on the ground screaming “stop resisting!!!”. They are a waste of time, space, air, flesh and the rectum they were born from.

    1. Police in the states are poorly trained and panicky. How many actual shootouts do we see here as opposed to the numbers of video showing police emptying six or more rounds into an unarmed civilian? The second amendment is a beautiful thing. All citizens should own guns and be trained in their use. Start stock piling ammo, seriously.

      1. Obli,

        I like your avitar. Very nice. I saw a female police officer walking away. Were they too afraid to stand by the dieng man and prevent people from stealing. It seems like the police would have taken his wallet for identification.

  4. This happened in my city, S?o Paulo. This event took place on September 18 and that police officer (Henrique Bueno de Ara?jo Dias) that killed him had killed another person six months prior to this fact during police approach.

  5. thanks for those angles. Asshole totally deserved to be shot. Brazilian police don’t play, and they were definitely under attack. Kudos to them.
    These mulattoes and mestizos are like apes when they get excited.

    1. A street vendor. They often sell cheap knock-off of pricey merchandise (such as fake gold or diamond jewelry, imitation Rolex watches, shit made in China of little value – but they sell it saying it’s genuine, and stolen merchandise). They often get arrested for stealing stuff to sell – possibly to pay for drugs.

  6. I fucking hate guns. They’re quite possibly one of the most cowardly weapons ever invented. Only cowards would use a gun to dominate an unarmed victim, in my opinion. It’s all well and good if it’s self defence against someone who is much stronger than you and wants to harm you. But against someone who is smaller and/or weaker, with no weapon and no means of defence; that’s cowardice and unacceptable, as far as I’m concerned. Disgusting, even. Thank fuck I live somewhere where guns are unlikely to be used, unless it’s a member of the IRA…

  7. Fucking morons. Sure, he’s lost a commendable amount of blood. But not enough to convince me that he died of blood loss. Not one of those zipper heads appeared to have checked for vitals and administered CPR.

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