Person with Amputated Leg Pulled from Under Train

Person with Amputated Leg Pulled from Under Train

Could this be India again?

The video shows a group of people recovering a body of a young person from under a train. The victim is pulled out alive, but their leg has been amputated and remains attached by just a piece of clothing.

I could not reliable tell if the victim is a man or a woman, but at the 5 seconds mark, it looks like it has boobage. Woman perhaps?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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38 thoughts on “Person with Amputated Leg Pulled from Under Train”

  1. It does resemble that of a woman’s body frame, however; with all these gender swaps going around like the bebonic plague back in the day it is sometimes difficult to say what is 100% certain.

  2. What is it with Indians and trains? It’s not like the train sneaks up on you when you least expect it… trains are noisy and, honestly, if you stay off the tracks, the train can’t get you. And somehow India is where some of the best doctors and mechanical engineers come from…

    1. Obviously you’ve never been in a train’s natural habitat. They are highly stealthy and seek out their prey in a different manner than what we are use to seeing in the animal kingdom. Trains will stalk just about anyone, but they crave those tasty little flip flop wearing snacks the most.

      Once you hear the train it’s too late. They have either eaten you whole or have managed to bite a piece out of you.

      Fun fact: trains are not instigators but they will often finish a fight.

      1. @Hindistaan.
        You’re right. This is suicide for sure. This persons foot couldn’t take even one more day of open toed exposure to the daily grind in India.
        Four little ungrateful toes at home and a big fat toe that won’t get off the couch to clean or cook dinner.
        A calloused heel always up his arch at work.
        Dr Shoal told him that there is no pedicure for his bunions.
        No gout about it. This poor person has one foot in the grave.

  3. What the fuck!!! One more Indian train, one more Indian…! Gosh damn it to the hell…! Its like every Brazilian inmate is likely to be a killer at some point, every single Indian train is a life-taker…! Shite!!!

  4. In Indian railway stations you can always hear announcements telling people not to cross the tracks and use the bridge instead. Bitch thought she’s faster than trains. Now she’ll always use the bridge, no matter how late she’s for the college…

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