Philippine Woman Slashed Across Face by Brother-in-Law

Only Facial Tissue Slashed, But It Will Leave Scars

Philippine Woman Slashed Across Face by Brother-in-Law

In Caloocan City in the Philippines, a woman got into an argument with her brother in law. As the argument heated up, she slapped the man, and he responded by slashing her a couple of times across the face with a blade.

I guess that’s how they deny pussy passes in the Philippines?

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26 thoughts on “Philippine Woman Slashed Across Face by Brother-in-Law”

    1. Maybe her husbands brother…she probably treats the hubby like that and thought she could do the same to brother in law. Hopefully she learned a lesson to keep her hands off others. It’s something most people learn when they are kids. The audacity some people have amazes me every day here.

  1. There’s no way her slapping a man deserves this kind of retribution, just saying.
    I think the man who did that is a pussy. A proper man would at worst have just slapped her back in the face with only his hand. A knife? WTF.

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